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  1. Hey ADI users, I'm having issues with sedient and haziness with the whiskeys Im filtering at barrel strength (123 pf), and the product diluted to 100,90,and 80pf. In BOTH rye and bourbon whiskeys. I chill the whiskey down with stainless steel jugs that are filled with water and frozen. I can get the batch of 240 gallons down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit withbthis method. I let the whiskey settle for an hour at the 38 degrees Fahrenheit and proceed to filter after. Currently im running the whiskey through a 3 cartridge canister with 5 micron filters, a single cartridge canister with a 1 micron, a single cartridge canister with a .45 micron, and a single cartridge canister with a .22. The whiskey comes out looking very clear and has no evidence of haziness or sediment but about 8% of the finished bottled product becomes hazy and settles over a few months. The other 92% of the bottled product has no issues with sediment or haziness. Any suggestions or proposed alterations to this method would be appreciated!
  2. We had this still custom made by Allen scientific glass. It comes with all pieces and is fully functional. Asking price is $22,500
  3. Tank is still available. Been busy launching new whiskey brand with few employees. I apologize to everybody for the late responses.
  4. The tank is still available. Sorry for the late response, holiday season is a busy time for our distillery. Any questions you may have about the tank feel free to ask.
  5. I am looking to sell a baldor industrial motor (product pump) . has only been used once. spec. 34-1297-283 rpm 3450 volts 208-230/460 HP 1 1/2 THIS THING IS POWERFUL. looking for 1200$
  6. I have a 1000 liter stationary tank, the brand is letina. There are no dents or any issues with the tank Also has a gauge. I am asking 1800$. We are located in Aurora Colorado.
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