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  1. I applaud innovation and all this is potentially workable. At the same time, as I read through the posts, I am struck by the complexities and costs for a gallon of vodka a week, which probably will not be much better than a mid range shelf vodka (as already stated). If it's single malt then the complexity level increases quite a bit. It can take years to master a good grain recipe. So who is the market aimed at? Amateur home hobby distillers who do not care about time or costs seem to me to be only market; (and it well may be a valuable market). But I suspect that part of the home distillation hobby is not just for the liquor but for the "craft" value. Taking too much "craft" away diminishes the challenge and resulting satisfaction.Times are a changin', though; and this old bearded farmer knows better then to say never to any innovation. A younger, more tech hungry (and fast food trained) customer may be the niche. I don't know. I do know that your dialogue could be brought down to earth a little so we "simple" folk can better envision the product. Remember, some of your costumers are going to be looking their wives in the eye and listening to "YOU PAID HOW MUCH FOR IT??? To make WHAT??? You're going to put it WHERE??? WHY??? Science speak won't mean much then. Anyway, good luck.
  2. We are located in Tulelake, Cal., in the Cascades NE of Mount Shasta.
  3. We grow soft white currently and hard red in the past. The taste characteristics are similar but the hard red is higher in protein and has a stronger gluten. Plus it mills quite a bit harder. I can't say for sure but the soft white, being higher in carbs and breaks down easier, may yield better. It's the grain of choice for a local dairy who's cows eat and convert it much better than hard red. (and remember...cows are good methane producers)
  4. Tried your wife's hair dryer yet? Most of 'em put out 1800 watts. May or may not take the duty cycle.
  5. I'm pretty new also. Welcome to the community.
  6. Ryefarmer

    Raining Aprictos

    This article may help a bit. It's about peaches but probably similar to apricots.
  7. Ryefarmer

    Raining Aprictos

    Possibly butyric or isovaleric acid??? Many seeds have trace amounts and it doesn't take much. Just a guess.
  8. We raise cattle and have used fuel ethanol stillage in the past. There are several reasons we like it dry. First, we bought it by the semi load and didn't want to pay for water. Second, we mixed it with dry feed in a ration and the dryer it was the better it mixed. Cows can bloat fairly easy with wet product where-as pigs have a better time digesting it.
  9. Bump. No California craft distillers sell in Oregon?
  10. I understand with the new California craft distilling law spirits may not be sold directly to retailers in California but can be exported. This may sound like a stupid question but can anyone clarify whether we can sell directly to Oregons OLCC? We are right on the California side of the Oregon border and may have an easier time marketing in Oregon that California. Thanks
  11. Dangit. I guess our wine must suck....we haven't received one yet. You guys that got one sure are lucky. Guess we might-as-well nix the distillery plans
  12. I also thank you Paul. You show great class. We will certainly put your company at the top of the list for our needs.
  13. Hi Justiin, I'm just a newbie here too but doing abut the same thing you are doing. We have a vineyard and winery as well. I don't have much seniority to welcome you on the site but I do anyway. We are also looking at the same time frame. Good luck.
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