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  1. Hey party people, yes Dogfish Head has been distilling since 2002! We are seeking an awesome new Head Distiller to lead our distillery production facility and r&d stills. Below is a brief summary and website link on where you can apply. Cheers, James Dogfish Head Distilling Co is seeking a passionate, technically gifted, quality focused, safety driven, and team oriented Head Distiller to join our Off-centered team overseeing both our Milton production Distillery and Rehoboth R&D Distillery. In this amazing creative role, you’ll actively participate in all of the distillation and packaging processes alongside your amazing team. The Head Distiller is responsible for full distilling operations from identifying and ordering raw materials, maintaining output schedules to hit budgets, reporting for regulatory purposes, scheduling coworkers and hand packaging bottles…note to the reader this list is not exhaustive. You’ll put the spark of innovation goodness in our spirits, building enthusiasm and loyalty for the awesome beverages you produce through staff engagement and education and interaction with our parched patrons. While there is intense creativity in every bottle we produce, you will develop and adhere to recipes and SOPs to achieve the best possible consistency of taste and experience for our spirited beloved fans. You’ll also be leading and coaching our talented Distilling Team while promoting greatness among them. You’ll do a lot of other stuff and have fun doing it all in the name of hand-crafted, delicious, Off-centered innovative spirits. This is righteous work, people! https://www.dogfish.com/careers?p=job%2Fogom9fwT Dogfish Head Distilling.pdf
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