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  1. Our cooperage is planning on doing another run of new 30 Gallon barrels this Spring. If you would like I can email you our list of stave/barrel options. Zach.Zimlich@gmail.com
  2. At ZAK Cooperage we are always taking on new customers and we welcome additions. We offer standard 53 & 30 gallon barrels with craft options including 2 year air seasoned white oak, stave grooving, etc. Currently we can get most orders delivered within 2 weeks notice. Feel free to contact us at Zach.Zimlich@gmail.com or 502-475-1600 or come meet us at our ADI booth 1024.
  3. ZAK Cooperage, located in historic Athertonville, Kentucky just 10 miles south of Bardstown, is now offering promotional products in addition to our line of 53 gallon barrels and soon to be released 30 gallon barrels. Bar Barrel Display Cases come with battery operated display lights. Excellent for displaying merchandise in a gift shop, tasting room, etc. Currently on sale for $360. Custom Engraved Barrel Heads make great wall hangings and brand displays. Currently on sale for $75. These along with other items can be found on our Promotional Products webpage: https://squareup.com/store/ZAKCooperage More promotional items are in the pipeline to be released, and we would be happy to hear what you would be interested in us offering. We can offer discounts when ordered with our 53 gallon barrels or in larger quantities. Contact Zach.Zimlich@gmail.com or go to http://www.zakcooperage.com/ for inquiries.
  4. Hello, I am Zach Zimlich with ZAK Cooperage and we are new to ADI! ZAK Cooperage is a 3rd generation, family-owned business that prides itself on producing expertly-crafted new 53-gallon white oak barrels. In 1991 we opened our stave mill in Athertonville, Kentucky and expanded into a cooperage that has supplied distilleries both locally and internationally for over 17 years. We strive to provide distilleries with the best product at a competitive price! Please feel free to check us out at www.ZAKCooperage.com or reach out to us at Zach.Zimlich@gmail.com. We look forward to building relationships with ADI members in 2017, and we hope you all enjoy the holidays! Best, Zach Zimlich ZAK Cooperage
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