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  1. Northeast Louis

    Smells and waste water composition

    Hi everyone, We're currently moving forward with our project to launch a distillery in a village and they have some questions for us. First, we plan on working with two 300 liter stills and a 600 liter mash tun with two 600 liter fermenters. At capacity we'll probably always have the fermenters working and will be running the stills 5 days a week (mostly producing gin). The place we're looking at is close to a residential area and we want to be good neighbours. First question is should we be concerned about smells getting to houses roughly 100 feet from our roof exhaust? If it's the case, are there solutions to the odor problem if it occurs? Second question is regarding the waste water from the stillage. We plan on distilling on the grain and give the solids to a local farmer. What about he waste water? Is it hard to process at the water treatment plant or we should not be too concerned with this? The same question goes for the waste water from the GNS stillage we would use to make the gin. If anyone has any insight on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Louis
  2. Northeast Louis

    Bonjour from Portneuf

    Hi Odin, Hopefully you'll find time to visit next time you're around. I've been to the Netherlands a few times for work and for a bike trip (easiest bike ride ever!) and loved it. Got a serious addiction to kip kerrie sandwiches. Louis
  3. Northeast Louis

    Bonjour from Portneuf

    I'm glad you enjoyed Quebec City! Even though I don't live in the city anymore, that's where I grew up and I love it. We'd love to work on brandies (I'm very fond of Calvados), but it is a declining category right now in the province. We will have to sell all of our product through the state owned Société des Alcools and they are cutting brandies from the shelves right now. So it seems risky to have a brandy as our launch product.
  4. Northeast Louis

    Bonjour from Portneuf

    Hello everyone, I'm from Portneuf, a rural region on the North shore of the St-Lawrence River, somewhere between Montreal and Quebec City. My three partners and I have been researching about distilling for about a year and we're currently working on our business plan in the hopes of starting a distillery by the end of 2017. We've been lurking around here for a little while and already learned a great deal from all of you. As you have probably noticed, English in not my first language and while I can generally make myself understood, my sentences tend to drag on forever. Sorry about that. Louis