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SWASG Welcome Presentation 2017.pdf

I am an industry professional and an avid connoisseur of wine and spirits (mainly spirits).  My work history started humbly, in the service industry waiting tables and bartending in Restaurants and Bars across Philadelphia, PA.  I started my career with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board about 11 years ago where I was able work through the ranks to my most notable position of Spirits Category Manager; essentially I was the spirits buyer for the entire 600+ Fine Wine and Good Spirit Stores in Pennsylvania.  I met and visited with many brands, wineries, and distilleries over the course of my tenure; also developed many lasting relationships.  I helped to usher in the "Made in PA" section of the FWGS stores which allowed small, local PA distilleries to gain a shelf presence in local stores and offer PA consumers more selection.

I left state employment in 2016 to pursue my own ambitions within the wine and spirits industry.  I began to use my formed relationships to help small and deserving brands understand and better prepare to gain entry into Pennsylvania as well as other control markets.  As time went on, I met other freelance industry professionals who shared in my passion and we formed a network in the pursuit of building brands.  In 2016, we decided to give our venture a name, Synergy Wine and Spirits Group.  A partnership comprised of people who have worked in top positions for notable companies (Brown Foreman, Diageo, Bacardi, etc...) and have been top idea men and women for brands such as Jagermiester, Tullamore Dew, Stolichnaya, and Glenlivet, just to name a few.  More about SWASG can be found at www.synergywineandspiritsgroup.com.