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  1. Hi there, We use a mathematical formula which approximates the amount ethanol and water contract when mixed for diluting our spirit pre bottling. This assists us to bottle spirit in an efficient manner and without recourse for spending money on software to do the same. However, our method is not quite right as at times we need to adjust our spirit prior to bottling to ensure the ABV is in the right tolerance range. This can be time consuming so if anyone knows a fool proof method we would be very grateful ! Cheers
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    Fractional Distillation

    Hi there, We are in the final stages of completing our process for our fractional distillation column. We are using it to distill wheat wash into 96% vodka. Does anyone know of any experienced consultants in the UK market that might be able to assist us with this? They would need to have worked with craft sized distillers /copper fractionating column. Cheers!