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  1. TIB Bottles?

    Gordon - Transfers in bond are only for bulk spirits. Federal excise taxes are accrued/due as soon as bottled product leaves the bonded premise. Once tax is paid on bottles, those bottles can not re-enter a bonded premise.
  2. Labelling Questions

    I have had this same issue before and it was because the stock was too thick, hence it would not roll to the sides of the bottle. It wanted to be flat. We had to change stock for it to work on our bottles. There are so many label companies out there. Find one that does alcohol labels and is close so that shipping does not cost an arm and a leg.
  3. Labeling D.S.S.

    Roger - You can ask that the pending COLA be reviewed be a QC or QA analyst (I don't remember what they call them). I believe I had to send an email to them and ask for a review based off of a prior label approval. Of course, as with any TTB questions, you pose the risk of them coming back with differing answers and then possibly both labels having issues and being rejected. In the email, be nice and detail all of your concerns and specify IDs for both COLAs. Good luck. alfd@ttb.gov
  4. Bottling Equipment

    I used the Xpressfill, volumetric, and was very pleased. It replaced an enolmaster. The Xpressfill was easy to use and fast and their customer service is great.
  5. You might be surprised at how complex wine can be, well good, dry wine. Just an FYI, good wine is not meant to be drank alone, have it with a meal or some snacks and see how the food affects the flavors of the wine. Try it with and without food to test this. I find that some foods are actually enhanced by a good wine pairing. But beware, you may become a pretentious foodie after this, if you aren't already.
  6. I have used the wine aroma kit during a WSET class. https://www.wsetglobal.com/ I do not think the kit made me a better sensory person; experience with many different kinds of alcohols did. And was fun! Wine is much easier to nose than spirits, so if you want to "exercise" your nosing abilities, I would start there first, then move to spirits.
  7. "GRAS" but not listed on the GRAS lists?

    I had to do this with a winery ingredient. I went to the FDA and spoke to a scientist (this took a week to find one who 1.) would call me back 2.) knew what I was talking about) and showed them the GRAS from the manufacturer. They agreed that the ingredient could be used in beverage alcohol, wine. I then went to the TTB formulations via email with the FDA contact info, GRAS from the manufacturer, and quotes from my conversation and noted the FDA on copy agreed that this item could be used. No idea how this ended as I was laid off soon after...but there is my story.
  8. De-labeling Services

    You may want to ask labeling at the TTB if this is kosher. I know for wine, if you want to label over, they have to approve a variance before you can do it. For example, you put the wrong label on the bottle and you don't want to remove it.
  9. American Based Bottle Manufacturer?