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  1. Distillery needs distiller - Atlanta

    What’s your direct email?
  2. I have a full 150L distillery package available or individuals pieces; baine-marie oil jacketed 5-bubble plate copper & stainless steel with Gin-Basket, agitator & all Electric Still System, baine-marie oil jacketed mash-tun all stainless Steel with agitator & false bottom all electric system, fermentation system including 2 Fermentation tanks internal chiller/heater and agitators all electric system. Let me know if you have any interest in my custom equipment.
  3. Distiller - Sagamore Spirit Distillery - Baltimore, MD

    Hello do you have a direct email I could correspond through ?
  4. Distillery Control Center Extender

    Are you still selling these panels?
  5. Who built the computer controller/panel?
  6. 2 - 30 gallon recipe/training stills

    Are either of these stills available still?
  7. Head Distiller needed in Scottsdale, AZ!

    Can you send me your direct email?
  8. Master distiller

    Could you send me a direct email address?
  9. Distiller wanted,

    Are you still seeking a distiller? If so could you provide an email address to correspond to? Thanks