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  1. I have a full 150L distillery package available or individuals pieces; baine-marie oil jacketed 5-bubble plate copper & stainless steel with Gin-Basket, agitator & all Electric Still System, baine-marie oil jacketed mash-tun all stainless Steel with agitator & false bottom all electric system, fermentation system including 2 Fermentation tanks internal chiller/heater and agitators all electric system. Let me know if you have any interest in my custom equipment.
  2. Barley

    Distiller - Sagamore Spirit Distillery - Baltimore, MD

    Hello do you have a direct email I could correspond through ?
  3. Barley

    Distillery Control Center Extender

    Are you still selling these panels?
  4. Barley

    Head Distiller needed in Scottsdale, AZ!

    Can you send me your direct email?
  5. Barley

    Master distiller

    Could you send me a direct email address?
  6. Barley

    Distiller wanted,

    Are you still seeking a distiller? If so could you provide an email address to correspond to? Thanks