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  1. Chip

    101 questions

    Thanks Indy, Silk and Kinky-- Marketing, Distilling, negotiate/manage distributors, (reconsider still size-- thx silk), reverse engineering, have fun. Chip "enjoy the journey"
  2. Chip

    101 questions

    Thanks Jeff, Indy & Odin-- I appreciate the answers/suggestions/input. We are at the threshold for making these decisions so we can continue to move forward. A quality GNS will be our choice, perhaps flirt with making our own later. We have money, of course we want to start ASAP, but want to start with a firm direction to avoid too much adjustment once producing. We are open for any direction/suggestions you may deem important for a start up. Thanks again for the input-- we will keep you posted on progress...and of course ask more questions! Cheers
  3. Chip

    101 questions

    Cheers All-- I have enjoyed perusing through many topics, I'm on "information overload" just now! Great topics and answers/discussions. I/We are starting a small batch gin distillery this year-- presently shopping locations, submitting license applications, etc. Our plan is to start with one 300-500 gal still and grow from there, we may start with two. Q. What are the pros/cons of copper/stainless per a Gin Still? (whiskey=copper yes, but gin?-- stainless ok?) Also, what type of stainless, 304 or 316? (keeping Gin in mind) Q. How long to distill Gin? (I know let it rest for 5-6 weeks after distillation/bottling)-- correct? Q. We will infuse a couple indigenous botanicals-- pros/cons for basket, basket placement inline, (ever use 2 basket placements?) Q. Type of Still "Set-Up"? Continuous . . . other? I have many other questions, however, I will continue to search here and else where-- thanks for your assistance. Chip "enjoy the journey"