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  1. Agitation During Fermentation

    We've recently started noticing a bit of a wet, old grain funk coming out in our latest on-grain fermentations. I'm not sure poor sanitation is the issue, but I'm not ruling it out, either. It started when we went up to 2.5 lbs/gallon grain bill. I'm thinking periodic agitation during the 5 day ferment might help make the yeast more mobile and able to out-compete the bad bugs? Does anyone have experience with this issue? Our fermenters are closed to the atmosphere and vent through a blow-off tube. Thanks!
  2. Odin on Gin

    Silk, have you used much fresh citrus peel in your gins? How would you scale fresh vs. the dry quantity listed in Odin's post?
  3. Proofing using Gauging Manual Table 6

    Classik, that's exactly the process I'm trying to use, but what if the spirit to be reduced is 191.X proof, instead of a whole proof value? Table 6 only gives water percents for whole proofs. What is the appropriate method to perform the interpolation with a starting spirit proof that isn't a whole value?
  4. Proofing using Gauging Manual Table 6

    Hello, I'd like to interpolate Table 6 in order to figure out the component parts of alcohol and water in spirits at fractions of whole proofs. I've imported the table into MS Excel but can't seem to get an equation that works for this data set (water content vs. proof)... Are we supposed to interpolate the data points similarly to how the Gauging Manual goes about handling fractional proofs in Table 1? Has anyone successfully developed an equation for this relationship? Or, alternatively, am I over thinking the problem of "How do you reduce 166.2 proof spirit to 80 proof?" Thanks,
  5. Odin on Gin

    Hello Odin! After reading this thread over half a dozen times, we're ready to start our gin trials soon! The information you've provided definitely has me feeling more confident in our starting point. I hope you are doing well and we're looking forward to your posts regarding herb bills and barrel aging! Regards,
  6. Resting White Spirits After Distillation & Proofing

    Thanks very much for the reply, Michaelangelo.
  7. Hello all, I was hoping to get some guidance on the resting period for white spirits. Is it common to allow a period of rest in steel or plastic after distillation but before filtering/proofing for GNS/Vodka? As for gin, I've read that a couple weeks of rest can benefit the final product prior to bottling. Again, are their two resting periods for gin (after distillation, after proofing)? Thanks for the help!