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  1. Loss of abv while carbon treating

    can you provide reference to this requirement?
  2. Anaerobic Digester

    I am looking into getting a Anaerobic Digester for our distillery for our mash waste. Does anyone have any experience with these machines and could you point me in the direction of a contact to talk to about getting one. Thank you!
  3. Agitation in fermenters

    What kind of Air operated pump do you recommend. We have the same issue of transferring mash (100% corn mash) And what size compressor do you guys have? Thanks!
  4. What to do with spent mash??

    Thank you! That's great information!
  5. What to do with spent mash??

    Thank you! We will look into that.
  6. What to do with spent mash??

    We are a distillery that is going to be opening in the next couple months in North Carolina. I wanted to ask around and get some good ideas of what other people in the industry are doing with their used mash. I have a pretty good idea, but to make it better id love to hear some other techniques that people use. it will be 100% corn mash. Thanks in advance!
  7. 350 Gallon Stainless IBC Totes

    Same question as above? Are these still available?? and How many?