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  1. CDI - Starting now

    Hello my fellow Canadian Craft Distillers! We have worked with the ADI to create an new Canadian branch called the CDI. (Canadian Distilling Institute). Please call my cell at 647-628-6261 to get involved. Our mandate will be to support provincial associations with their efforts and promote craft produced product in the Canadian Market. Cheers eh!
  2. distillery equiptment

    I work with North Stills on some of my gear. Dylan is available at 1 (416) 371-9239. Please tell him Scott sent you. Also AO Wilson can sell you pumps and other gear. 1 (855) 857-1511
  3. Pot still and equipment

    Please contact me about the still unit. 647-628-6261
  4. tanks, mill, bottling line, grain handling, etc.

    Actually also interested in fermenters etc. Please call me so we can discuss what is left unsold. Much of this is of interest to us.
  5. tanks, mill, bottling line, grain handling, etc.

    Please contact me at 647-628-6261. Interested in the gain handling unit and possibly others.
  6. Calling all Canadian Distillers... We are using ADI as a great chance to meet for a drink and get to know each other. With such a big country and so few of us it doesn't happen too often. http://evite.me/uqMzYJvuDh All are welcome and feel free to invite anyone you know in the Canadian Distilling space! Cheers and see you all at ADI!
  7. Kannuk from Canada

    Hi there Kannuk. I am in the Collingwood area and setting up a new distillery. Have you gotten involved with the Ontario Craft Distillers Association?
  8. Trademark for new gin distillery?

    I have been in marketing / advertising for 26 years. If you hire a lawyer to do a preliminary search they can tell you if the TM is worth pursuing. However, based on what you have said I would consider another name. As well, beyond the TM itself you need to take into consideration the marketing end like the .com etc. If you can not secure a URL it is pretty hard for someone to find you. Just a thought.
  9. Startups?

    Hey there Stock. Reach out to me at 647-628-6261 anytime. We are starting one now.
  10. Hello everyone in the ADI. I want to introduce the Heretic Spirits distillery, coming summer/fall 2017 to Collingwood, ON. We have made some great friends so far and look forward to meeting a lot of you at the ADI convention in Baltimore in a few weeks. Cheers - Scott Morrison (Heretic Spirits) Please check out our splash holding page at http://www.hereticspirits.com.