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  1. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    It says competitive salary
  2. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    Trust me guys they are not paying anywhere near close to minimum wage.
  3. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    Not at all guys. I interviewed for this company. Fantastic company ran by top of the line professionals. The Master Distiller is expert level. The facility is a marvel. Really good benefits and compensation . I really can't say enough good things about Bently. If you do a simple google search for Bently Enterprise, you will quickly realize they don't do things halfway. Not just the run of the mill start up.They are looking for high level candidates. In my opinion you need to have 4 years working experience and knowledge of a distillery to move from Assistant Distiller to Distiller. No elevator to the top!
  4. Head Distiller-Upstate New York

    Hello, I am contacting you in regard to the Head Distiller position. I have approximately 5 years distillery experience and I am looking to relocate to my home state of New York. I am currently located in Colorado. I tried to attach a copy of my resume but I could not get it to work. If you email me directly I will send you a copy. Thank you -Greg gregguerra129@gmail.com