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  1. so it seems to be a "headspace" issue as suggested above. as such the slightly vented T top sat a lot better, and am going to try with the shrink sleeves to keep them in place. it's really a bottle headspace issue: and since our marketing was all done with said bottle, doesn't look like we'll be changing it anytime soon. Non-synthetic corks seem to stick a lot better, the synthetic stuff really pops out unless its a slightly larger size than what I'm using. for instance, I used the Tapi ones i got as samples and they're like a mm larger and seem to stick same as the non synthtic corks. cheapest option for us so far? shrink sleeves
  2. So i'm having an issue with my T-top (bartop) corks (closures) Once I got my liquor in the bottle, I shove the cork in... and lo and behold they eventually pop up... I find that I have to fiddle with them individually to get them to finally sit tight and snug. Is there something I'm doing wrong? are these defective corks? My supplier has suggested that perhaps I get corks with a small vent on the side (never seen other producers use that before) Thoughts? ideas? random insults?
  3. hmmm... that's a fair answer... I guess I'll have to poke and prod at it in use and see exactly how it works with my still. when typically is the dephleg used? near the end or throughout the disillation? or is that part of the "beyond the basics" stuff.. which is also fair A
  4. Hello! we’re a new distillery up in the montreal area... we’ve primarily been using our machine in a pot still mode... Now, i figure I should probably figure out the basics of this deflegmator when do you use it? How do you use it? You know, the basics. i couldn’t find a thread on it, so I’m asking here but please redirect me if I’m just blind and unable to read Many thinks in advance!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Andre of "Distillerie Pirate du Nord" up in Quebec. Been distilling for over 8 years now. Started on an old 1950's Pot still in the Hills of Podravina (Croatia) where my Wife's mum taught me how they make their Rakija (Types of brandy). Let me tell you, when your source of heat is sticks... you learn to really control your fire opened up a distillery about a year ago, finally have all the permits and such this year and have started producing. Gin, Rum, Whisky. the old classics. Already have put this forum to good use, ya'll are really knowledgeable and patient! Andre
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