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  1. We just made a run of moonshine (corn whiskey)

    we have a recipe for Apple pie moonshine that involves Apple juice concentrate, we did a 50/50 mix of concentrate and for round numbers say 150 proof moonshine. I cannot get my hydrometer or my Anton Paar to read an alcohol content. Is there a different tool for proofing something like that or do I need to do something different? Not sure 

  2. Good afternoon,  we are going a different direction from the pot stills we have been using.  These stills were originally direct heat electric heated.  All stills are 20oz, 22 gauge Revere copper.  

    Stripping still: $7000

    Whiskey still with thumper: $8000

    Vodka still with column: $15,000

    Please see following link for the pictures and descriptions.  Shipping can be arranged, or may be picked up locally in West Michigan.



  3. Good afternoon,

    We are weeks away from getting our MLCC license, and have been learning/trial and error/testing for 6 months or so.  We are at the point where we would like to consult/contract some help from a master distiller to show us how we could be getting better yields with our equipment and processes..  Located in the Grand Rapids, MI  area.  Email me at zack@blackowldistillery.com if you are interested in helping us out!


    Zack Van Dyke

  4. Sorry to bump this and hijack, but It think it may add to the conversation.  What is the best way to label small plastic barrels for fermenting?  These barrels would only be used for the fermentation stage of test batches on our test stills.  Can a sharpie be written on the side?  Or is there a specific way the TTB would prefer to see the serial number on the barrel?