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  1. Once you make all this tax free alcohol, how do you report it? is it under "HOSPITAL, SCIENTIFIC, OR EDUCATIONAL USE", or does it even go on the production report?
  2. That makes things easier. Looks like we can now use different barrels and combine the aging times to one age statement. Also they aren't going to define a barrel as oak and 50 gallons like they proposed. Those where the highlights to me. Seems like the TTB is trying, in its slow bureaucratic way, to accommodate the influx of small distilleries.
  3. Be right there @DrDistillation We do have to check IDs, I guess I'm being generous by calling it contactless. These are all brand new temporary allowances in CA, hopefully other states will do something similar in conjunction with any mandated closures. We can sell directly to wholesalers, do transactions outside the tasting room, and all sorts of crazy things at the moment. https://cadistillers.us20.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bdd5626039a95e60853a13fde&id=f7587c728a&e=5716db5319
  4. Last couple weeks have been very stressful and I definitely am not happy about anything covid 19 related. Thought I would share something positive that might help people stay in business though. This weekend we started offering curbside pick up and contactless home delivery of bottles, to go cocktails (a new temporary allowance in California) in 12oz bottles, and a very, very basic food menu. We got hammered. Our sales were 30% higher than the same week last year. I don't know what next week will bring, but i hope if distilleries can be flexible and creative they stay in business, and retain their staff. People, at least where we live, want to support small businesses, and many aren't affected in the least financially by what's happening so far.
  5. Where does it say this? Im looking for it but cant find it.
  6. I got a batch of sugar wash started today, but even sugar is getting difficult to get these days. Locally I'm only allowed to buy 100#s at a time, if they have any, and feel a bit guilty for buying them out repeatedly.
  7. I've got gallons of 5-star santizer, and of glass sanitizer. Why not just make santizer out of sanitizer? Just add water.
  8. Been waiting for someone else to start this, as it's a bit alarmist, but no one has, so... We're in California, and we got hit with a huge punch to the gut yesterday. Most of our sales are through a tasting room, bottle sales and cocktails. I'm sure even people with more of a distribution business model are also very concerned, with many bars and restaurants closing. We're closed the next few days regardless, so we have some time to figure out a game plan. Probably just do bottle sales with reduced hours, and additional precautions. Curious what other people are doing. Are you worried? is this a short disruption, or a real game-changer? The ADI news letter also mentioned this being impetus to the politicians to make FET permanent, which could be a silver lining to this mess.
  9. Thanks for all the insights @dhdunbar. You're a great resource for the distilling community. I would have done the exact same thing as @JailBreak. I make my own neutral, but have done similar things when changing classification of spirits. I don't think I realized the full scope of the Processing account, and was just using it as a bottling account. In the following situation, does the sample sheet I've attached look right? 100 Proof Gallons of neutral are produced, or purchased. 50 proof gallons are filtered and bottled as vodka. There is a .3 proof gallon loss in filtering, and a .1 proof gallon loss in bottling 50 Proof gallons are re-distilled into gin. There is a 1 proof gallon loss in "heads and tails cuts" and a .1 proof gallon loss in bottling example.pdf I'm still not quite sure if I understand how to change the class correctly, but this is much simpler than "juggling" spirits around on reports to do so.
  10. i deleted a post because it was non-sense. I searched everywhere for a leak and nothing was leaking. Turns out the filter cylinder was just clogged. Works fine with a new filter. Also works if I crack the valve on top of the filter. Might do that for a while to get a little more life from my filters.
  11. I had some time to call the TTB today. Mary Was delightful and informed me that line 22- "other losses" on the storage report is indeed the place to to report angel share losses. An audit would only be triggered if the losses were much higher. Her example was 50%.
  12. I pull from the top and do not stir up. I figure that if there are any residual sugars they are dissolved though out the liquid. If you are very concerned about it you could try both ways and see if there is a difference. I don't focus too much on gravity readings, and pay more attention to my yields to determine the success of a ferment.
  13. Yeah 49%, sorry, numbers are hard, and as always, comments from @dhdunbar are way more insightful and detailed than anything I'd ever say.
  14. @Dallas To be honest, I got distracted by actually running a distillery, and never called the TTB. I've continued reporting barrel losses under "loss" on the storage reports and on my personal barrel logs. Its the only thing that makes sense to me. If you find anything to the contrary please let me know.
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