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  1. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    These guys are very well financed, and aren't afraid to use their money. The family owns a lot of farm land in the area, and are able to grow their own grains, and i believe they also planned on having a malting floor as well. They are located in a very cool old flour mill they've been building out for years now, and have some beautiful equipment. Wouldn't be surprised if the "assistant" position payed very well, and had some nice perks. I know they've been sending their other distillers all around the world. I'd apply if I wasn't already neck deep in another start up. Minden is a nice spot too. Pretty quiet, but close to Reno and Tahoe.
  2. Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    Interesting. I was thinking the solids of the mash might be the problem. Most experience I have is sending wort through a heat exchanger. The channels are only 1/4" or so, but do eventually build up deposits of any hop and trub particals that get through, and has to be occasionaly taken apart and cleaned proper. I was hoping to get a bit of feedback on cleaning from people who use a tube in tube without getting too off topic of your OP, since that seems to be the most popular alternative to your idea.
  3. Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    I don't know if there is any truth to it, but in my own search for a cheap effective mash cooling solution, I've heard a tube in tube system is very difficult to clean. Seams to me that you could just do a back flush of caustic on a loop as part of your CIP of the boiler, but I've never used one.
  4. Aeration

    I am not the guy with the most knowledge here either, but this is how I understand it, when making beer, and repitching for multiple generations, the yeast needs oxygen for 2 reasons. So the yeast can reproduce, and also produce sterols and fatty acids used during fermentation. One time at a brewery we ran out of oxygen, and overpitched yeast and added a little olive oil to the wort. Sounds really weird, but apparently they are an easy to find source of sterols. Dry yeast is grown in a oxygen rich environment, and is rich in sterols, and most distiller's mashes are rich in fatty acids, so if you pitch enough, no oxygen needed. Correct me if I'm mistaken. If in the real world it smells better, I guess you can't argue with results.
  5. Odin on Gin

    Fantastic thread Odin, thanks so much for all the information. Are synthetic bottle tops also appropriate for the bottling before the 5 week rest time? I know some synthetic wine corks allow even more diffusion of oxygen at a more steady rate than cork. Thanks.
  6. Aeration

    While working at a brewery, we also oxygenated through an inline beer stone so the wort is oxygen rich before you even introduce the yeast, but it would have the same effect if you did it in the fermenter before pitching. You can control the time and flow rate for better consistency that way. I believe yeast only requires oxygen during it's reproductive phase though, so depending on what you are pitching, and the rate, oxygen may not even be necessary.
  7. Barrels and Aging / TTB Rules

    Sorry @Squarrel Square Barrels, didn't mean to misinform.
  8. Barrels and Aging / TTB Rules

    I recently the opportunity to talk to them at a beer festival, and try some whiskey aged for 4 months. It tasted pretty similar to something aged in a 5 gallon barrel for 4 months. They said they are currently working on getting approved by the TTB to be able to use age statements.
  9. My experience with Corson Distilling

    I've had no dealings with Corson, but I'm glad the moderators have decided not to delete this kind of content anymore. Unfortunately I think it is necessary. I'm sure any serious still manufacturer is on this forum regularly, and can defend themselves If needed. Heck, look how many posts @Southernhighlander has and it's not even complaints against him.
  10. "Greenest" distillery?

    @Southernhighlander Should've seen it this winter. It was insane. Using one of your boilers. Working with Dave in Bishop Ca. Sorry to hijack the post. I'll stop the small talk now.
  11. "Greenest" distillery?

    @Southernhighlander Wow guess I'm showing my ignorance. Super interesting though. Thanks for educating me on the marvels of syngas.
  12. "Greenest" distillery?

    Brandy Peak in Medford Oregon had two wood fired stills. Might be a source of info for you.
  13. Determining mg of solids

    Thanks. I never watched that video thinking it was something else.
  14. Distillery for Sale - Texas

    Does Chuck ever drop by for a taste, and break some boards with his head?
  15. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Perhaps what we actually need are more small distilleries. If people have a local distillery they are stoked on, and a connection will the people who run it, then they will seek out new distilleries when they they travel or as they open. Especially if they can go there and try a flight of there products without dropping 20-80$ just to try it. Think we have a lot to learn from the craft beer model, and cooperation between distilleries. It doesn't work if everyone is trying to take away business from everyone else.