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  1. adamOVD

    Packing and Plates

    When using both packing and plates and aiming for 190P, which is better to have on top? I have a 4" column with 5' of packed, and five plates, using a dephlem. to control take off. I've been running with the plates on top, but read in a post recently the advise to pack the top plates to someone having a hard time reaching neutral. In my mind it seems like the plates would more easily flood if on the bottom. Thanks.
  2. adamOVD

    Agitate or not to agitate

    Been making a couple different types of rums lately. I 've been doing it on the molasses in a single pass though plates. Since it is a jacketed still, and there are no solids, I can run with or without the agitator running. With agitation helps to stop the surging, which one of my rums struggles with (I think because of the type of yeast). Without seems to make my hearts cut smaller and my heads cut larger, but I haven't played around enough to be certain. Any advise on when you do or don't agitate? Thanks.
  3. adamOVD

    Agitate or not to agitate

    Thanks for the feedback. When I have run without the agitator, I do run the agitator until the plates begin to stack, then turn it off. Then very carefully turn it back on when I hit tails, as it wants to send a surging flood of spirits through the column when turned on.
  4. adamOVD

    Reporting Low Wines

    Would line 17B of the production report (Physical inventory of unfinished spirits) also be where you report any feints on hand during inventory?
  5. adamOVD

    Reporting Low Wines

    If you do a stripping run, but do not complete the spirit run before the end of the month. How are you reporting the low wines? Is it as simple as reporting them on line 17(b) of the production report (Physical inventory of unfinished spirits). Or, do I need to enter them into the storage account, and then receive them back into the production account the following month when I do the spirit run (line 15 of production, and line 18 of storage)? If so, how do I classify them the first month? Other (line K) and then write in low wines, or what the final classification will be? So far I've been fudging the numbers a bit on my reports, and entering them all on the same month, but should do it the correct way. Thanks
  6. adamOVD

    Kothe K900N vodka production

    Plates are a whole lot sexier, but running a long column with packing material in it is a whole lot cheaper if the budget is tight, and can have an even higher theoretical plate value. You can still run the plates on top to keep things sexy looking.
  7. adamOVD

    Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    @Silk City Distillers I think I've heard this before, but don't remember why people felt that way. What is the reasoning? Interesting note on counter flow heat exchangers, I recently read that a certain duck's vascular system serves as one, to help isolate the cold to it's legs when standing on the ice.
  8. adamOVD

    Canned Cocktails?

    SlickFloss makes some good points. Having just got out of the brewing industry, going back to endless packaging days, and measuring dissolved oxygen levels isn't so appealing. Cleaning the residual flavors of cola, ginger beer, or other sweet syrupy mixers out of your packaging lines is going to be terrible as well.
  9. adamOVD

    Canned Cocktails?

    Thanks dhdunbar I was pretty sure it would be a no go. It would be cool though.
  10. adamOVD

    Canned Cocktails?

    I was thinking of having a crowler machine in the tasting room, not the dsp, and mixing cocktails to go in it. Haven't researched the legalities yet though.
  11. adamOVD

    Reporting Low Wines

    Awesome. Thanks guys, that makes life way easier.
  12. adamOVD

    5110.28 Processing Report - partial case

    If I understand your question, and the form correctly, anything you bottle should go under the bottled column whether it goes into a case or not. The packaged column is for something else. Look at package under the glossary of terms. All filled bottles stay on line 46 until they leave your DSP and you pay tax on them. Hopefully that helps.
  13. adamOVD

    Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Awkward... Are they taking gravity readings during the fermentation? That will give them a more definitive answer if the fermentation is working while closed, and if there are any sugars left, instead of just observing bubbles from an airlock, which it sounds like may be the case. Thanks for all the replies, if find I learn a ton from these trouble shooting posts, even if the answer isn't the solution of the specific problem.
  14. adamOVD

    Craft is Not a Commodity

    We weren't planing on making a vodka for sale as a bottle, but wanted to make some, bottle it, and have it for cocktails in our tasting room. So, we made some from the feints off of one of our rums. The result was fantastic. People are always commenting on how unique it is, probably because they are so used to drinking the same GNS. We don't have a huge line up yet, but it is one of our top sellers, and we have to do dedicated runs of it now.
  15. adamOVD

    EZDISTILLING.com need ideas

    With all the recent explosions at distilleries, anything on safety protocols may prove to be life saving.
  16. adamOVD

    New tax reform

    https://whiskycast.com/distillers-cheer-part-of-gop-tax-reform-changes/ Surprised this news hasn't blown up here already. Any idea when these changes go into effect?
  17. adamOVD

    Pulsing Still

    Also recently had a terrible surging problems on a run for reasons I won't go into detail because it probably won't really apply to anyone else, rigging this up with what I had on hand, before the parrot allowed me to at least get through the run.
  18. adamOVD

    Pulsing Still

    Could you elaborate on ceramic rings. I'd like to try the same thing, but don't want to have to fish them out whenever I cook mash in my boiler, and also a little worried about the agitator hitting them. Thinking of just cutting some short sections of copper pipe, drilling some tiny holes in them, and dropping them over the shaft of the agitator. Anyone see anything wrong with that?
  19. adamOVD

    New tax reform

    Money well spent it seems.
  20. adamOVD

    Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    These guys are very well financed, and aren't afraid to use their money. The family owns a lot of farm land in the area, and are able to grow their own grains, and i believe they also planned on having a malting floor as well. They are located in a very cool old flour mill they've been building out for years now, and have some beautiful equipment. Wouldn't be surprised if the "assistant" position payed very well, and had some nice perks. I know they've been sending their other distillers all around the world. I'd apply if I wasn't already neck deep in another start up. Minden is a nice spot too. Pretty quiet, but close to Reno and Tahoe.
  21. adamOVD

    Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    Interesting. I was thinking the solids of the mash might be the problem. Most experience I have is sending wort through a heat exchanger. The channels are only 1/4" or so, but do eventually build up deposits of any hop and trub particals that get through, and has to be occasionaly taken apart and cleaned proper. I was hoping to get a bit of feedback on cleaning from people who use a tube in tube without getting too off topic of your OP, since that seems to be the most popular alternative to your idea.
  22. adamOVD

    Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    I don't know if there is any truth to it, but in my own search for a cheap effective mash cooling solution, I've heard a tube in tube system is very difficult to clean. Seams to me that you could just do a back flush of caustic on a loop as part of your CIP of the boiler, but I've never used one.
  23. adamOVD


    I am not the guy with the most knowledge here either, but this is how I understand it, when making beer, and repitching for multiple generations, the yeast needs oxygen for 2 reasons. So the yeast can reproduce, and also produce sterols and fatty acids used during fermentation. One time at a brewery we ran out of oxygen, and overpitched yeast and added a little olive oil to the wort. Sounds really weird, but apparently they are an easy to find source of sterols. Dry yeast is grown in a oxygen rich environment, and is rich in sterols, and most distiller's mashes are rich in fatty acids, so if you pitch enough, no oxygen needed. Correct me if I'm mistaken. If in the real world it smells better, I guess you can't argue with results.
  24. adamOVD

    Odin on Gin

    Fantastic thread Odin, thanks so much for all the information. Are synthetic bottle tops also appropriate for the bottling before the 5 week rest time? I know some synthetic wine corks allow even more diffusion of oxygen at a more steady rate than cork. Thanks.
  25. adamOVD


    While working at a brewery, we also oxygenated through an inline beer stone so the wort is oxygen rich before you even introduce the yeast, but it would have the same effect if you did it in the fermenter before pitching. You can control the time and flow rate for better consistency that way. I believe yeast only requires oxygen during it's reproductive phase though, so depending on what you are pitching, and the rate, oxygen may not even be necessary.