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    White Whiskey

    Can you submit an unaged "whiskey" as a "Distilled Spirit Specialty" and then have it labeled as "Moonshine" or "White Dog"? I know i've seen things labeled as moonshine, but there is no statement of identity for it.
  2. I use bakers yeast to finish my mixed ferment rum. Even if I only get 1 extra bottle of yield, it is worth it foe a 4$ brick of yeast. I haven't noticed much of a difference in flavor from doing a mixed ferment as opposed to ale yeast only. It would be hard to to do it all in 4 days as the OP wants to though.
  3. Some brewers and cider makers will pitch champagne yeast towards the end of the ferment to dry out the beer or for super high alcohol content. I've done something similar with rum to get a better yield. One yeast for flavor the other for good attenuation.
  4. I'm no expert and usually restrict myself to answering questions on fermentation, but if it come through early I'd be suspect of heads as mentioned, and the lighter botanicals. Just some ideas, Any pith on your citrus? Are you over grinding your juniper?
  5. Is the astringency coming through at a certain point during your run? Odin has a great post called odin on gin that describes when in the run different botanical flavors are more pronounced.
  6. adamOVD

    Soapy taste

    I've yet to take anything off the still under 170 that would taste any good without some serious aging time. I usually try to design a mash high in flavorful esters though and ferment it on the warm side. I'm also using a column configuration of some sort for my final or only pass. Are you pot stilling? How many passes are you doing? I would think "soapy" would be tails.
  7. Maybe corn syrup as Budweiser would have us outraged about.
  8. @distillingcraft any progess on your guide? I do think you did a great job putting all this information together, and it should be super helpful to new distillers. Listened to what i think was one of your podcasts on sugar ferments recently, and thought it was fantastic. Any chance youll put out any more podcast content?
  9. This is amazing. Had to make sure it was real. Looks like a far superior grain bill than actual pbr.
  10. adamOVD

    Column dynamics

    Thanks for the recommendations @foreshot I read Whiskey-tec-prod a few years ago but it's probably time for a revisit now that I will understand a lot more of it.
  11. adamOVD

    Column dynamics

    Thanks @bluefish_dist for the feedback. Glad others are thinking along the same lines. Guess i'll keep it at two plates. It comes off with a good balance of flavorful and clean.
  12. Ive finaly reached a point where i am making a handful of products, all made very differently, on different stills, from different fermentables, and at different proofs. I am very happy with the flavor of each. Now Im ready to focus more on improving efficiency in my ferments snd while distilling. Unfortunately i dont understand the inner workings of a column still as well as i would like. For example, Im running low wines for a whiskey through two plates, and taking spirit off at 170P. If i added a plate but kept my take off proof at 170 by running it faster, would the spirit taste basically the same? Would this save time? If so would it be better to run the still faster by increasing heat to the pot, or reducing reflux with a hotter deph? So far ive tried to "listen to the still" and find the sweet spot of where it wants to run with a certain amount of plates, but im sure if i understood things better, i could make the still "work for me" instead. Are there any books or resources that would help a layman understand the inner thermal dynamics of a column still better? I know theory only goes so far, and sometimes you just need to jump in and try things, but i rather work smarter if possible. Thanks. Sorry if i ask too many questions on here, but i dont have a whole lot of other distillers in my area to run ideas by.
  13. That all sounds pretty logical, but I think making a down payment 1/4 to 1/2 on large orders is pretty standard way of doing things as far as brew houses and stills go. The vendor needs to protect themselves too. Seems like the best way to protect yourself is to check out vendors head to tail, and talk and visit recent clients of theirs.
  14. Hey Paul, this is the thread I had mentioned in the email I sent the other day. Thanks.
  15. Id try to pitch nutrient (FAN) in the next batch. I don't think unmalted wheat has enough for a healthy ferment. I would guess the high acidity is coming from the acid being produced by the lacto or whatever infection that is souring your mash. Your yeast still seems to be active at 3.5 though.
  16. Thanks, It never really made in any sense to me, but I've always refrained from mixing a mash with a drill anyways. I probably still will.
  17. I heard a few years ago someone was badly burned because he was mixing his mash in the fermenter with a drill and the ethanol in the head space caused an explosion. Is this true?
  18. Can you use cooling water in the jacket in conjunction with your OSPM?
  19. Is your wheat malted? If not are you using nutrients? That could have something to do with with the low attenuation, but I'm not sure why your Ph would finish so low. Most grains work pretty well as buffers just by themselves. 4.5 after day 1 seems right to me. Does the fermented mash have any lactic acid sourness to it? How long is the ferment active? Where does it finish?
  20. Super interesting. Guess my agitator is not placed ideally. I definitely get a vortex, and now I know what the side fin that makes cleaning such a pain is for.
  21. Thanks for chiming in! Its just a distilled IPA from a local brewery. By the way what would you use the "other" line for? Ill send an email to the TTB, but replies have been pretty slow even before the government shut downs.
  22. I decided to report it under 'Alcohol under 190". Maybe someone like @dhdunbar can set me straight, but I'm pretty sure the TTB has bigger issues right now than where my 30 proof gallons gets reported.
  23. On the production report would you report a distilled specialty spirit that was distilled under 190 proof Under the "other", or "alcohol and spirits" and then "under 190"? Thanks.
  24. @Florida Cracker. It's just a cheap burr grinder off ebay. Supposed to be for coffee. Mills super slow. Will see how how long the motor lasts. But it can mill wheat and barley and to almost a flour in a single pass, and is way cheaper than a roller or hammer mill. Mills about 100#s an hour. My custom stand works bitchin though.
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