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  1. adamOVD

    Trub from running beer

    I'll ask the brewery if they use anti foam during their boil as well. Their beer might benefit from doing so, or boiling longer to remove more of those proteins.
  2. adamOVD

    Trub from running beer

    I recently ran some ipa from the local brewery. It was fined and looks pretty clear, but wasn't filtered. I was pretty shocked how much trub was in the still after the run. From about 100 gallons there was maybe a total of a football sized chunk. It mostly looks like long strands of protein. The proteins seem seems to work it's way up the column while I'm running tails as well. I just have perforated plates in my column. I'm a little worried about then getting clogged somewhere. Anyone else have experience with this?
  3. adamOVD

    Trub from running beer

    I think you're on to something. If I do this again I'll try without the anti foam, and hopefully the beer won't be carbonated.
  4. adamOVD

    Trub from running beer

    I did. The beer was carbonated so I thought it was necessary. I have heard it assists in more protein precipitation though.
  5. adamOVD

    Still design - copper heads/domes

    The debate on still head shape and lyne arms goes back thousands of years. My personal thoughts are that unless you are using your still like a pot still for making whiskeys and whatnot it doesn't matter that much. For a gin i'm sure it makes a difference, but not as much your botanical selection and infusion method. Probably not even as much as your heat source. If you are only making gin from GNS there is no need for a column as your alcohol is already separated to over 95%. However, I've been thinking lately if you could increase your yield at the end of a gin run by using reflux just at the end of the botanical run to hold back the too earthy botanicals in your "tails" cut.
  6. adamOVD

    Ace Rotomold Fermenters for sale

    Sorry to hear that. Thanks for all your input on this forum. Hopefully you'll still be around.
  7. adamOVD

    Sourcing bacterial strains for rum fermentations

    Does the butyric acid not come through in the distillation? That stuff is seriously disgusting.
  8. adamOVD

    Trub from running beer

    Thanks for the replies. I ran the rest of what I had with no real problems. The first run out of 5 runs was the worst for some reason.
  9. adamOVD

    Trub from running beer

    Here's a pic. Looks more like protein than hops. Same stuff is always at the bottom of the kettle mixed with your hops after boiling beer, they call it the trub pile, or the hot break. Think it has something to do with hops making proteins precipitate out of the beer. I should know more about it as a former brewer. I do think I'm getting some hop particles puking up into the final spirit though. I was going to try to filter them out before I barrel.
  10. adamOVD

    first time rum

    I'd try just adding heat and nutrient first to see what happens (as long as you pitched the recommended amount of yeast), then repitch yeast if nothing changes. That's just my opinion though, and I don't know your entire process.
  11. adamOVD

    first time rum

    That's pretty cold for any ferment. Id add more nutrient and try to warm it up, and see if it takes off. Aquarium heaters work well depending on your fermenter size.
  12. adamOVD

    first time rum

    What was your starting gravity, PH, and fermentation temp? A lot of people use bakers yeast for rum, and it likes it pretty warm. I use about twice the nutrient, along with DAP, but that will change depending on what kind of sugar or molasses you are using. I'd try to get the ferment to finish out before running it, and use it as an opportunity to figure out what needs to change to speed up future ferments by adding nutrient, heat, or repitching yeast.
  13. adamOVD

    first time rum

    How much yeast nutrient did you add?
  14. adamOVD

    Distillery Floor Treatment

    We used an aliphatic urethane. It looks fantastic on the bare concrete and goes down easy. Only been a year, but it is holding up great. I did have an overnight slow dripping leak of peracetic acid once though, and it did not react well with the urethane.
  15. adamOVD

    Dewatering on the cheap.

    What does alchohol made from taro root taste like by the way?
  16. adamOVD

    Spirit Storage Vessels (Small Volume)

    I cut the top off 15.5 gallon kegs and welded wheels and a 1" tri clamp fitting into the bottom.
  17. adamOVD

    Ultimate New Distillery Guide

    High tech gadgetry like Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry I'd imagine. If there's more that 5% fusil oils or other "tails" found it's not a true neutral. I'm just guessing though. Also if you were going to add more information with your guide, I really struggled with the TTB reporting. There are guides on the .Gov sights but they are pretty cryptic at first. Possibly short a section on proofing as well as it isn't really mentioned.
  18. adamOVD

    How to make cuts in moonshine distillation

    It's going to be very difficult to make cuts with that small of volume, as they will be happening so quickly, and nearly impossible to do it in one pass on a pot still, as the cuts will smear into each other a lot. You'll be able to get a lot more helpful information for a new distiller on a small scale on a home distilling sight like homedistiller.org than you will here.
  19. adamOVD

    Ultimate New Distillery Guide

    I just scanned some it pretty quickly, but I think you did an excellent job covering a ton of key of information in a very concise way. Best guide I've seen so far. Think a lot of people will find this very helpful. Couple points I found especially interesting- n 2017, testing was done to all of the spirits submitted to the ADI spirit competition and 80% of the vodka submitted had chemicals in them that indicated that it had not been distilled above the 95% alcohol required to call them vodka As you can see, those two rules of thumb illustrate the vast difference between the two distillery models: a distillery bar will need to sell 13 times less booze than the distribution facility.
  20. adamOVD

    reusing feints

    Any opinions on how many "generations" you reuse your feints before the fusel oils start to over accumulate and you dump them or reprocess them into a vodka or something. Alternatively do you find doing a hydro separation or shallow tails cut every once in a while is enough. Realize it's gonna be pretty dependent on the desired product and equipment, just looking for a very broad opinion if you've tried different things and prefer a certain method. Thanks.
  21. adamOVD

    reusing feints

    @PeteB Some people dilute their faints or low wines to under 30% alchohol so fusil oils and whatnot separate and float to the top. They then skim them off the top or pump from the bottom, and leave them behind.
  22. adamOVD

    Ice Machines and "Cold Mold"

    Yes. I've heard it is a problem for anyone with a distillery, brewery, bakery, Kim chi factory, or any other fermented or yeast using product. I've also recently discovered the same mold that wants to grow in the ice maker, and requires a regular tear down of the machine, is also growing in the swamp cooler. It's pretty disgusting.
  23. adamOVD

    Dunder Recipe

    Volume of dunder will replace the volume of water from the last batch. Be careful of your PH though. The dunder will lower the mash PH, and your yeast will not like a PH that is too low, which will also drop during fermentation.
  24. adamOVD

    reusing feints

    That's awesome. Congrats. By saying "all feints", i assume you don't do hydro separation on them? How deep do you go into your tails? I realize you may need to protect your trade secrets now that you are hot s**t now and all ?, so feel free to decline to comment. Thanks for the reply.
  25. adamOVD

    Mixing ethanol and water

    +1. when you add up how much time it saves, it pays for itself pretty quickly. At the very least, try the free trial