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  1. Who Makes the Hornito's Bottle?

    Anybody know how I can find out who the company is that manufactures the bottles for Hornito's?
  2. How Much Does/Did Your Glass Cost You?

    I was about to post this same question but I see the discussion is underway already. Are these stock bottles we're talking about here? We were quoted $1.56 per bottle (plus $500 shipping) based on a pallet of 750ml bottles. These are produced and shipped domestically. Does that seem high or in the ballpark?
  3. American Based Bottle Manufacturer?

    Looking for recommendations on an American owned and operated bottle manufacturer. "Made in America" is brand-centric to this particular product, so it carries through to the bottle. I'm new here, so any help is appreciated!
  4. New England Greetings!

    Acting as marketing director for a fledgling whiskey product. Looking forward to sharing and learning-- particularly about packaging, marketing, social media, etc. I participated in the launch of an artisan potato vodka (Cold River Vodka) back in 2007.