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    Adjusting Proof in Liqueurs

    Hmmm. OK, but you know that 1 gallon of 100 proof liquor has 1/2 gallon of pure alcohol in it. So if you add you 1 gallon of water and it equals 1.9 or 2.1 gallons you would know that 1.9 or 2.1 gallons had 1/2 gallon of alcohol in it. So it would be either 46 or 52 proof depending on which it came out. Which is it, by the way, does it come out with more or less than you add?

    Adjusting Proof in Liqueurs

    I think I may have a simple solution but it is untested and I am new, so I could be wrong. Why not make a solution? Why try to figure all of that out when alcohol is measured by volume? Seems to me like you are making it much more complicated than it needs to be. It's like when they wanted to figure out the volume of the crown jewels and all of the scientists were coming up with these huge mathematical problems until someone just put the crown in a tub to see how much the water raised. If instead of adding sugar you add a mixture of sugar and distilled water, you would only need to treat it the same as if you were proofing neutral spirits. For example if you wanted to make a gallon of 100 proof into 50 proof and wanted to add 2 cups of sugar then put the sugar in a gallon container, add water to fill the gallon container with the sugar already in it, mix it up and the solution add to the liquor.