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  1. A little late to the question, but for DSP/TABC specialty I'd recommend Bill DuFour. He's here in Austin, and the "former TABC prosecutor and assistant attorney general in the Tax Division of the Texas Attorney General's Office." I just had an initial consultation with him this past week. The man knows his stuff. https://www.billdufourlaw.com
  2. Yeah, but I can produce "Agave Spirits," and not have a problem. I would guess that the TTB would also allow "Agave Tequilana" on a label as well, because it is technically true. Putting "Sotol" on a restricted terminology list, is akin to putting Agave on it. I can just imagine the labels now "Distilled spirits from an arid growing succulent plant that we can't mention."
  3. Personally I find this problematic for Sotol. First off, there is at least one producer of Sotol in the US (Desert Door Sotol here in Texas). Other items in NAFTA and here, are locations or regional names. Sotol is a plant. Is this effectively saying that spirits made from sotol can't be distilled in the US?
  4. Here's the important part... United States-Mexico Side Letter on Distinctive Products
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