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  1. It is a common question we are asked at tastings. Every major suppliers bottle in 1.75 L.
  2. Yes, I'm referring to bottles larger than 750 ml. Thank you for your responses.
  3. I want to talk about an issue that's putting NYS craft distilleries at a disadvantage when competing in the marketplace against the bigger distilleries. Governor Cuomo and his administration have been invaluable for the craft industry. They have lifted restrictions that have been placed on the craft industry since the days of prohibition. Most importantly, raising the proof gallon production from 35,000 to 75,000 annually. Unlike craft breweries, who are allowed to sell in multiple packages, like bottles, cans and now growlers, craft distillers cannot sell in bottles bigger than a quart. This is a big disadvantage when we compete with the bigger distilleries in off premise accounts (retail stores). I understand, as craft distilleries, our licensing fees are lower than our Class A counterparts but allowing us to be able to sell in bigger bottles would not affect our production cap. The seventy-five thousand proof gallon limit would still be in place. Is there any talk that would allow craft distilleries the opportunity to use bigger bottles?
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