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  1. 30gL barrel racks

    How many do you have left I am in need ?
  2. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    thanks Hedgebird
  3. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    newbie question what is MGPI?
  4. Pumps for High Proof Alcohol

    what are the requirements for an electric high spirits pump in the US? I notice most distilleries use diaphragm. I trained at a distillery in Virginia that used and electric pump for high spirits and it looked no different then their wort moving pump. I see them the electric ones for sale from china but why are more not using them?
  5. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    ultrapure ships gns in plastic totes and barrels no issues whatsoever.
  6. Forms Question

    Question for the veterans out there. If I get a tote of beer from a local brewery what form do I need to fill out to transfer to my DSP?
  7. Jimmy Lee bottles for sale

    pictures please and tech drawing of bottles with dimensions thanks
  8. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    were any enzymes used in the mash conversion?
  9. Super cheap bottles

    a picture of the bottle will help
  10. any photos of the system and where are you located?
  11. Speedy Barcodes

    So MGL who did you go through to buy your barcodes? did you do all directly through gs1?
  12. Speedy Barcodes

    Does the above include actual barcodes? I don't get it $250 Barcode Service Fee then $750 GS1 Membership Fee, so what about the actual barcodes? This is for 100 barcodes
  13. Speedy Barcodes

    (100) UPC Assignments Total Fee: $1000 Price: $250.00 Note: The total fee for 1-100 UPC barcode assignments is $1000. The GS1 Barcode Service Fee ($250) is due now and the $750 GS1 Membership fee is paid directly to GS1 US during application processing.
  14. Speedy Barcodes

    MGL, I was thinking that but GS1 is $89 each plus annual maintenance seems pricey compared to speedy where I can buy 100 barcodes for $63 and may not need gs1 codes for several years. I am thinking a lot along the line of Huffy2k above if I get to that point then I buy them. I just want to know what most are doing and if any problems going this route.
  15. Speedy Barcodes

    Has anyone purchased barcodes from them? https://speedybarcodes.com/ these prices seem really good.