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  1. Georgeous

    Hammer Mill For Sale

    can you post pictures?
  2. Georgeous


    what volume are these bottles 750ml?
  3. Georgeous

    Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME For Sale

    newb question, what does it do exactly?
  4. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    Tom, that is a lot for me to digest and learn. I really appreciate this explanation. i really need to test my system once finished hooking it up. Just need to finish glycol lines and electric then will see if i can make all this work as well as it does on my 50 gallon system So back to my original question is there a program that will do this for me?
  5. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    so according to https://www.rackers.org/calcs.shtml 's can i mash it, this will not fit in my 600 gallon mash tun at 1.25 qt/lb . 1800lbs of grain at 1 qt/lb would require 594 gallon mash tun capacity. A grain in mash is thick, will it be ok to do 1 qt/lb???
  6. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    So before my 600 gallon system i was doing a 75/21/4 ~ corn/rye/barley on a smaller 50 gallon system. My background in mashing came from the brewing industry where we mashed at 150°F for 60-90 minutes. i used promash to calculate my mashes. so now that i have moved into the big boy world i am having issues scaling with this. Knowing this grain ratio, having it hammer milled, and wanting a target of 600 gallons: 1. what specific gravity should i target? previously i been targeting 1.076 OG after mash to get to a 10%ABV after fermentation 2. What do most of you target for your mash for whiskeys 3. How would you design this above? Promash and Beer Smith is for Beer. Is there something similar for Distilling. i use HoochWare and they have a recipe section but no calculators to help me with mash design. In beer we did not mash corn only grains. there is a grain entry in promash for flaked maize, flaked rye, and flaked barley; is that the same for target specific gravity calculations? 4. See my attached screenshot from promash based on 3lbs per gallon with these potential specific gravities at 75% brewhouse efficiencies i should be at 11%ABV Any help advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    so let me ask it like this, i have a 600 gallon mash tun. i am told the standard for a 10% wash is 2lbs per gallon. That said i will need 1200lbs of grain correct? now with a quarts per pound ration of 1.25 that will require 375 gallons of water according to rackers.org can i mash it, my 600 gallon fermenter can handle 1500 lbs of grain and at 1:25 qts/lb i will have a 588 gallon capacity. now the question is. What would target OG be of that mash?
  8. Georgeous

    250gal Totes of 5yo Bourbon for sale

    what is the grain bill and how much per tote? is this aged?
  9. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    So how do you calculate how much water? i get the 2lbs grain per gallon. But lets say you want to make a 600 gallon mash. how much strike water to start with? if you start by heating 600 gallons then you add 1200lbs of grain , you will have much more than 600 total gallons in that tank. in the brewers world there are calculators for this. i have not found one for mashing corn, rye and barley. Am i missing something?
  10. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    curious, how do you calculate how much and what types of enzymes to use? is 21% rye and 4% barley not enough to do the trick?
  11. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    so with this 2lbs per gallon formula; using mgpi's famous 75/21/4 Corn/Rye/Barley as an example. In order to yield 100 gallons you would need 200lbs of grain. So 150lbs corn/42lbs rye /8lbs barley, is this correct? Also, barley is vague term, what is most common barley used in making whiskey?
  12. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    So to address video part 3, it ends with the sample to be tested. So basically as I understand it by watching you are distilling out the alcohol from your product then taking a reading of the distillate to see what proof or abv it is? Am I correct? So a laboratory still, any recommendations where to buy what I will need?
  13. Georgeous

    20 Barrels of 3+YO MGPI 21% Rye Bourbon

    what size barrels?
  14. you have any videos of the process this thing does?
  15. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    Meerkat, thank you again and I will communicate via the support address going further. Thank you for all your help, I am sure all reading greatly appreciate it.