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  1. sure absolutely, like i mentioned before our small system was 50 gallons with a thumper. This new system is 600 gallons with a 5 plate column after the whiskey helmet. So a bit of a learning curve but we are getting it. We got our mash and fermentation down packed now we need to get the fun part down thanks Glisade
  2. well we needed to have at least 50% volume in pot so that is reason for dilution. Yes i probably did not need to use the column but just wanted to try it out. I am still needing to learn how to use a deflag.
  3. well we added it back to the still along with about 30 gallons from another batch topped it with water to bring volume up to 400 gallons. Pulled a sample and tested with my Snap51 and it was 17.87%ABV distilled it using two plates and no deflag for refluxing. and pulled off about 5.25 gallons of foreshots and heads stopped collecting at 80 proof. We ended up collecting 490lbs / 64 gallons of 118 proof sparkling and crystal clear. Question, how many of you actually use deflag for making bourbon?
  4. well, when i got in to this i was looking at Corson. i started looking in early 2017. I saw no warning flags here or anywhere i really liked the look of their equipment and they were one of the only ones i found that had agitators in their fermenters as standard equipment. It was Kris Bohn at that time from Still Austin that warned me about them and his experiences with them. So i started digging deeper and asking alot of questions. Finally tory corson called me and wanted to secure a deal. By that time i was too leary to go with them. Thank goodness. Jake i am sorry what you are going through. i notice their site is down. hopefully you will get something out of this
  5. i have no idea how to do this. my dephlegmator is stainless and has an inlet and a return.
  6. Roger, what do you mean by running the dephlegmator at different heights?
  7. I ended up using Leracid from Loffler chemicals that's where we buy our caustic sanitizers and cleaners for our Distillery. it is used to clean the inside of copper stills I literally wipe this on and rinsed it off it is amazing it did not polish but it just totally took off all the tarnish in seconds
  8. So again let me post the only question I still have remaining when I re-distill this and I decide I only want to use one two or three plates do I turn them off from the top down or the bottom up?
  9. Roger, it funny you wrote this, it is almost exactly what we discussed this morning internally. We are going to experiment with the different levels to see what we can do / produce. Ideally we want to distill to 135 p that is the taste profile we targeted with small system and liked the results.
  10. so again i am coming from thumper to column in my expansion. i watched literally 20+ videos this weekend for column distillation. From home distillers to pros. i seen and read a lot of mixed thoughts like silk city wrote he used to do 45 minutes in the column before turning off the dephlegmator and going to column and thus adjusted his schedule. So i watched a real boring video but really educationally done that basically says it can only rectify so much then will pass to condenser on its own. We have 18" column with 5 plates. going foward will avoid stripping runs and use the column and adjust the plates as needed. So before i charge my still with water and my low wines, my questions: 1. how many plates to use knowing i am starting with 100 gallons of 37.7% + 200 gallons of water 2. which plates to turn off if using 2 plates, the three from the top of column or the three from the bottom? 3. How long to rectify, or just let it go? Thank you all for your responses. i read every word and am keeping a journal of process hopefully one day we will be the ones paying it foward to new distillers graduating to big systems
  11. i was planning to do 2 plates maybe 3 but the ones i bypass should they be at top of column or at bottom? i am wrestling with the logic as vapor rises
  12. well that was our idea, stripping run collect to 20%ABV with no cuts as a stripping run should be. But i didnt take in to consideration or calculate correctly what i would end up with and now it is not enough to fill my big ass still. so i will have to take my 100 gallons of low wines and charge with 200 gallons of water and redistill this time as a spirit run low and slow making cuts. Question now is how many plates to use? If i use all five on my column i will likely strip off all flavor. So will start with 2 plates and see how it goes. But here is what i am not sure. Do i turn off the three plates from the top of column or bottom for this?
  13. i appreciate that Adam and most likely the avenue we will take with this batch when we redistill it. As for the brewery consultant we have been talking with a consultant distller to come out and familiarize us with the workings of our column. We got the pot distilling down fine, but need to master the column. i have 5 x 18" plates in this beast and yes on a spirit run would probably be over 160 proof. we will take this batch and add 200-300 gallons of water and start with two or three plates and see what we get.
  14. Also, had i had used the column instead of stripping run as 51 gallons out of 600 was potential 100% ethanol i guess that would have been ok to run all five plates?
  15. thats exactly what we should have done, dont know the column yet still researching it. How many plates would you recommend starting with? Also as we come from a thumper world how long to rectify? At a certain point it can only rectify so much and the vapors will pass to the column, right? So lets say i only wanted to use 3 or 2 plates , since it feeds from the bottom up the column i guess we would have to by pass the upper two or three plates?
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