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  1. Georgeous

    Distilling equipment for sale

    Pm sent
  2. Georgeous

    Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    I had same grainbills with and without enzymes and blind tasting non enzyme always wins in my group of tasters. But just may be us. I say why use them when you don't have to
  3. Georgeous

    Barrel Racks

    yeah I took a shot I need one rack as don't do much in the 53 gallon but I figured at that price I would take some extras
  4. Georgeous

    Barrel Racks

    do you have any left
  5. Georgeous

    Distillery For Sale

    what make model and size of boiler and is it lo nox?
  6. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    so those who use staves only in a blending tank, what can you call it? According to this thread it aint whisky? But many sell that as whiskey that I have seen.
  7. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    no offense taken MGL as I have read them cover to cover. it is just that what is written, what is approved, and what is interpreted leave a lot of room for ambiguity. Which are the points I am trying to understand. TTB labeling person on phone tells me all it has to do is touch oak, well that aint what the BAM says right? These are the points I am trying to raise and get clarity
  8. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    so filling a used oak barrel then emptying it is ok? I don't get these regulations
  9. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    so why is it ok to run it through a oak trough and say aged
  10. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    why not? I just spoke with ttb and they told me if I poured through a trough from one vessel to another it has touched oak and I can put an age statement on it. She recommended aged less than 1 minute. So what would be different of a trough or a stave for that matter? Hell what about an oak stir stick my wife calls a mop handle?
  11. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    So does sticking a stave in my blending barrel for a day count as aged 1 day?
  12. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    so what would I put on the age statement in that case? Aged 1 day ?
  13. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    See below, house spirits white dog whisky , they don't show an age statement on their bottle, how do they get away with it?
  14. Georgeous

    White Whiskey

    So I want to release a white whiskey, I submit my label to ttb and they come back with: Your product requires an age statement to appear on your label. It must include the length of time in one of the following formats: 4 years old; 6 months old; Aged 4 years; Aged at least 4 years; Aged a minimum of 6 months; Over 2 years old; Aged not less than 2 years; 60% whisky aged 4 years; 70% whisky aged 2 years. 27 CFR 5.40 I want it to be a white whiskey shine product I don't want to age it, that takes away from the point. I cant call it corn whiskey as it is less than 80% corn in mash how do I address this?
  15. Georgeous

    Barreling Question

    ok that sounds better thanks