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  1. 750ml mason jars with lids

    I need a source for 750ml mason jars with lids for our corn whisky moonshine product. Any recommendations / pricing ?
  2. Finally ~ New 750 ml Mason Jars for Moonshine

    where to get more information on these?
  3. Reverse Osmosis or Deionized water

    so you only use RO? what brand and make did you go with
  4. Reverse Osmosis or Deionized water

    We are a new distillery in Brooshire, TX and hopefully be pushing out product in November 2017. I need to decide on a water treatment for proofing water. I am very familiar with RO water but lately been hearing quite a bit about Deionized water, Any comments or experience out there to help me make my decision would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Vendome Mash Tun 500 Gallon

    with heating coils inside the mash tun like that does it get a lot of baked on corn or grains from the mash? how is cleanup on this unit?
  6. Hello from Brookshire, TX

    Hey Ryan, heard a lot about you guys haven't made it out to your place yet. Do you all do tours? Our distillery is Shire Distilling, LLC in Brookshire, TX we have both our ttb and tabc permits just waiting to get some upgrades in place then we will get our occupancy permit once fire marshall and health inspectors do their thing. Look forward to meeting you cheers George
  7. Hello from Brookshire, TX

    State permit was cut the same day as the federal, just took a week to show up. Amazing both permits in 2 months and 15 days. I so thought since I did it myself without legal help I would have many back and forth with both agencies, only two things ttb asked me for that I missed returned it same day and next day got my permit.
  8. Fed Permit For Sale

    first of all bob has to be a corporation or llc to sell the permit otherwise TTB will not acknowledge it neither will state most likely. you sell corporation or llc and change members in company docket. I was looking at purchasing a distillery in round rock, tx but he was sole proprietor and could not be done. but be advised if you buy a corporation or llc yes you will save time but you buy all liabilities as well. I filled out all my own paperwork for TTB and TABC without the help of an attorney it took me 2.5 months to receive both permits and no assumptions of someone else's liabilities
  9. Centrifugal Pump-2HP

    Is this rated for pumping high spirits? is motor explosion proof?
  10. 50 Gallon Copper Still for Sale

    Hey Roy, great meeting you and your wife today, got that bad boy to my warehouse set it up and turned her on. I cant wait to run a test batch through her thanks again and keep in touch cheers
  11. 50 Gallon Copper Still for Sale

    PM sent
  12. Hello from Brookshire, TX

    Got my TTB permit today for a distilled spirits plant. I submitted on May 10th and it got approved today July 25th; that's 2 months and 15 days. No legal counsel needed I did it all myself and Bam nailed it first try. I am stoked. Now the wait on my Texas permit they say 37 days, lets see
  13. New-Make Bourbon for sale

    so $16.50 per wine gallon which is US gallon in 54 gallon drum or 270 gallon tote? so no price reduction from drum to tote?
  14. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Just got my DSP today, filed on May 10th I did the app myself without any attorney help, took 2 months and 15 days I am stoked now waiting for TABC which would not submit my package until they got word that my TTB was complete. Just talked to them and paperwork has been sent off to the state. Getting real now !!!
  15. two more questions: is it low nox? is it tubeless?