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  1. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    curious, how do you calculate how much and what types of enzymes to use? is 21% rye and 4% barley not enough to do the trick?
  2. Georgeous

    Mashbill in pounds

    so with this 2lbs per gallon formula; using mgpi's famous 75/21/4 Corn/Rye/Barley as an example. In order to yield 100 gallons you would need 200lbs of grain. So 150lbs corn/42lbs rye /8lbs barley, is this correct? Also, barley is vague term, what is most common barley used in making whiskey?
  3. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    So to address video part 3, it ends with the sample to be tested. So basically as I understand it by watching you are distilling out the alcohol from your product then taking a reading of the distillate to see what proof or abv it is? Am I correct? So a laboratory still, any recommendations where to buy what I will need?
  4. Georgeous

    20 Barrels of 3+YO MGPI 21% Rye Bourbon

    what size barrels?
  5. you have any videos of the process this thing does?
  6. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    Meerkat, thank you again and I will communicate via the support address going further. Thank you for all your help, I am sure all reading greatly appreciate it.
  7. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    Meerkat, so you say if I add 15.19 lb of 135 Pf spirit and 0.85 lb sugar you will finish up with 51.66 gallons at 70 Proof. what if I don't add any sugar? how much spirit to add to get to 70proof? this is tasting a little sweeter than I wanted? so I really don't want to add more sugar. Trying to learn the alcodens but new at it thank you again for your help
  8. either corrected or I misread it, sorry all. So how many complete cases do you have? and is it 12 per case?
  9. I am having trouble with your math. you have 460 bottles and you want $2,000.00 that is $4.35 a bottle not .50
  10. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    So if TTB comes out and wants to check your product how would they spot test proof on a product that is proofed with sugar?
  11. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    Meerkat, thank you again for all this information and explanation. I will watch video 3 again. I guess there is just no hydrometer for measuring final alcohol in sugar sweetened spirits. Odd as so many are making this. I don't understand why a density meter would not work. Anyway I greatly appreciate your help. thanks a million
  12. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    Meerkat, Thank you very much for this. Best help I got. So question still remains how do I actually check the final proof to know I am at my target? Below are my actual numbers, I proofed a 135 True Proof bourbon distillate to 70 True proof then added the 25lb of brown sugar. So I have three dilemmas now. 1. what is my current proof; how to know? 2. How to proof up after the fact back to 70 True proof 3. How to measure this to report to TTB? My target was 48 gallons of 70 proof thank you again and in advance if you can help me salvage this batch Cheers
  13. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    I did and don't find the answer can you cut and paste the portion you are referring to? thank you
  14. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    thank you both for your reply but how do I determine what the alcohol abv or proof is after the fact. I thought that the dilution was based on the liquid proofing. hypothetically I started with 140 proof 25 gallons and diluted with 25 gallons of deionized watter now normally that alone should bring it from 140 to +-70 proof correct (see attached) ? all things being 60°F. But now how do I calculate alcohol if I ad 25lbs of brown sugar to the mix and stir it in? Will the 70 proof go down? What do you use to measure this correctly short of forking out thousands on an alcolyzer?
  15. lets say you have a distillate that is 135 proof, and you want to add a simple syrup to proof it / sweeten it , how do you measure your abv? Will a hydrometer give you an accurate measurement or does the sugar throw it off?