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  1. yeah he has been doing it for years and swears by it.
  2. i recently visited a vodka distillery here in the Great State, and the owner was telling me they put their foreshots and heads in their cold water tank in place of glycol. Anyone else out there doing this? Recommended? i really don't see why not, but i will let the more experienced chime in
  3. too complex for me i was more curious if anyone else was doing this
  4. See email below i received following a phone call. Basically they will have lavender fields and want to harvest them and distill them in to oils. As this is a special needs community they are looking to contract out to a distillery. I dont know anything about it, is this something that will harm my still? last thing i want is lavender smelling bourbon thoughts??? George, Thank you so much for speaking with me this morning. I really, really appreciate it! First let me tell you about myself. I just finished my masters at A&M where I studied plant breeding. I accepted a job back in May and have been here for 3 weeks now! Wow, off to a running start! We are looking into branching out into agrotourism. A lavender field has been a dream of our founders for some time, and it is my goal to bring that dream to reality. Our citizens are eager for a new project and I believe that this is a good route to take to broaden their horizons. We are hoping to grow and harvest the lavender with help from our citizens, to then have distilled by a third party so that the citizens can then in turn make lotions and soaps to be sold in our gift shop. We are dreaming big here, I know this can be done, I just need a great support system to help make it happen. Please let me know if this would be possible, with your facility being so close, this is a very reasonable solution for us. I would love to meet and be able to talk about this more in dept. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
  5. So my findings, we charged the still with 600 gallons of low wines from our fermenter and heated still to about 202° F and our copper column which is 18" in diameter and 5 plates. We used all 5 and it was slower than hell. We did not use the deplagemator. Our initial runnings started to come out around 180 proof after about 6 gallons it dropped to about 160 proof and over about 6 hours we stopped collecting at 110 proof. This was a very long distillation but product came out with desired taste but not volume.
  6. Silk City so what you are saying is run the dephlag all plates then shut off deflag and bypass the plates for pot still whiskey helmet only? Curious how long do you run the refluxing for when you go this route? i mean how do you know when it is time to switch over to pot? i been experimenting with my still to see what she's got. i ran batch bypassing column, ran one with 1 , 2, 4 and today will do five plates. i am not good at the dephlag refluxing part. not a lot of information out there. i trained on one but did not get as much out of the training as i would have liked.
  7. i have a 600 gallon still made in china with a whiskey helmet and 5 plate column. it is steam fired
  8. correct, i meant collecting hearts not heads i will see if i can change the topic.
  9. At what proof do you stop collecting your heads to insure no tails are collected. We have always collected down to 80 proof. However, when we trained at a commercial distillery in VA the head distiller recommended we stop all heads collection once we hit 100 proof to avoid collecting tails. For specs 600 gallon mash 8% wash initial running's coming off at 170 proof. Everything i read says to collect till you get down to 80 proof. What do you seasoned guru's recommend? thanks
  10. so Kris and Hudson do you strain the grain out of hydrometer tube before reading or fill as is? the reason i ask i visited a distillery that takes readings grain in and says it makes no difference. With refractometer it makes no difference as you only need a drop. For my snap51 i strain as well.
  11. Curious what do most of you use out there? A ATC refractometer only requires one drop and you get an instant SG or Brix reading, with a hydrometer if doing a grain in mash you have to strain the grain to get a good reading. in the beer world most used refractometers, quick and easy. But even with hydrometers breweries have false bottoms on mash tuns so wort is strained to liquid unlike grain in fermentation. I have refractometer and hydrometer and take readings with both to compare. but i also have an anton par snap 51 which will give me density in g/cm3 which is the same as SG, heck it will give me SG if i set it up to do so. So again just curious what you other guys do Cheers.
  12. Does anyone have a diagram or automation / video of how you use this thing? Am i wrong in thinking you will need two pumps to make it work? one for cooling water from chill tank and one for the mash from mash tun?
  13. I still enjoy making beer from the hobbyist level. I make 10 gallon batches. When i chill after boil i use a blichmann plate chiller (no grain in mashes with beer) i pump to the chiller and back in to the wort in a loop until the entire batch is at pitching temperature. This being a 60plate chiller it will bring my wort from boil to ground water temp + - 2°F. I dont have to recirculate it back in to the hot wort but it does help reduce cold break plus aerates the wort prior to pitching. Problem for me is ground water temperature in texas is about 90°F just about year round. Yeah for about 2 weeks of winter i may get ground water down in the 70's and man i brew a lot of beer then. This technique is the same as the local brewery i use to volunteer at did theirs and it worked well for them.
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