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  1. i was giving you the benefit of the doubt being this is really high price for these bottles.
  2. still have these? how much? how big?
  3. still available? do you have video of it working
  4. yeah , not thrilled about using the snap for this either, but so thick and soupy i dont know how to get a good reading otherwise. even after running it through a mesh filter it is still really thick. fermentation has slowed way down but still bubbling about every five seconds. i wonder if i put it in a fridge would it help solids to drop to bottom for clearer check?
  5. thanks Silk City, i remember reading you writing that rye lies once before. i will try turning off the agitators in the fermenters but they only go about 5 rpms not sure how much difference that will make. i do have a snap 51 digital hydrometer that also measures density just not sure it is correct, but showing 1.008 cm3 which i would say is about done been six days
  6. Just did a 600 gallon mash of Rye whiskey last week. i checked the gravity with my refractometer and got an OG of 1.065 which will give me a better than 8% ABV when it ferments out all the way. Question, Refractometer is only for OG and not FG, this shit is so thick and syrupy, how would you check the gravity to insure your starting abv?
  7. cool to 80 is where i plan to maintain fermentation, pitch yeast at 90 is highest temp safe to pitch ws6 but i continue cooling. thanks for the advise you posted above. Rye is a workout, very sticky but i got what i feel was good conversion we have bypass valves that allow us to pump cooling water in our mashtun jacket need to invest in a tube in tube chiller oh and mistake above, barley is added at 150 °F
  8. So yesterday we did our first rye. Grain Bill 1,080 lbs un-malted rye and 120 lbs of distiller's barley totaling 1200 lbs of grain for a 600 gallon mash. All in all it went pretty well. Just one long F*ing day. 1. Add water to mash tun 2. Heat to 130 F, add rye 3. Bring to 185 F, and if using high-temperature alpha-amylase add now (Add Hitempase) 4. Hold (Hitempase rest) 60-90 minutes. pH should be 5.5-6.5 5. Cool down to glucoamylase temp 167° F and add Amylo 300 then add Barley at 150°F. Hold 60-90 min 6. Bioglucanase step. Cool to 140 F and add Bioglucanase. Rest for an additional 60 min if glucans are an issue) 7. Cool to ferment temp 80° pitch yeast at 90° maintain fermentation at 80° Enzymes: Hitempase Dose: 450-500 mL Amylo 300 Dose: 500- 600 mL Bioglucanase Dose: 60-80 mL Yeast: SafSpirit USW-6 500 gr – dose 2 bricks per 600 gallon batch we ended up with 1.065 final gravity with a potential abv of 8.58% so all in all not bad. Problems: 1. Clumping, played hell pumping to fermenters. we split the batch in to two 600 gallon fermenters to allow for foaming head space. 2. took all day, cooling is an issue for us as these damn vessels are so efficient. , Did not have much of a mess inside mash tun i think was a successful brew day with exception of clogging our hoses. Question: is there a better way that would take less time?
  9. so not sure i understand, do you put anti foamer in your mash, if so at what point? do you put it in your fermenter? Do you add it to your still? Thank you again
  10. slickfloss what size batches are you doing? do you use fermcap s and if so when do you add and how much? directions say 1-8 ml per hl which in my case is .5 cup to 600 gallon batch. But is that added to the mash or the fermenter after cooling?
  11. are you using malted or unmalted rye? what are advantages / disadvantages of each?
  12. I have done 21% rye whiskeys not true 51% or higher. i am aware of the foaming and planned on using antifoaming agents. We will be using unmalted rye so will be adding enzymes. As our mash tun does not have a false bottom we need to liquify the grain. it will not liquify if just cracked in a roller mill, at least i dont think it will.
  13. Contemplating a 100% rye whiskey first has anyone done one and what do you like or dislike? so from my past life as a beer brewer i have done many rye beers and mashed at 150°F for 60-90 minutes for full starch conversion to fermentable sugars. This is the ideal temperature and time it takes for roller milled grain to convert. Know in my distilling world and equipment i do grain in mashes like most of us. When making a bourbon after high temp cooking my grain i chill down my mash to 150° and add my 21% of rye and 4% of barley. i liquefy really well and hit my numbers i am targeting. But with a 100% rye grain bill that has been hammer milled to a rye flour, will it liquefy at the 150°F temp ? Do i need to convert sugars first at 150° then raise the temp? Will i need enzymes? Anyone willing to share their mash schedule for an all or very high rye? thank you again in advance
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