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  1. Hello Distilling Community! This is Remington Riehl here, and I handle all client relations for Atlas Barrel. I am sure that I have met up with many of you in person or at least spoken with you over the phone. To clear the air, we are 100% a working cooperage out here in Watertown, MN. I posted a video below from the guys at the factory hard at work today. We are open M-F 7:30-4pm, and welcome anybody who's interested in a free tour of the shop, and an opportunity to link up with our founder while you personally char a barrel yourself! I know that our Owner reached out to you Avonak and came to a delivery agreement. Separately, Red Pine, I've responded to your PM you sent us on our Facebook page directly. And no...we are not tied to the Russian Federation. We are a hard-working bunch of individuals here in middle America, trying to supply a unique cask, made from 100% Minnesota white oak to interested distillers in our community. I've requested to take down a duplicate profile page on Facebook to mitigate confusion. It was created at our companies inception by one of our founder's kids and never managed FYI. This is our current page https://www.facebook.com/atlasbarrel/ Ping me or give me a shout anytime, and I'd be more than happy to chat with you. -Cheers, Remington Client Relationship Manager remington@atlasbarrel.com 612-424-5700 (ext3) http://atlasbarrel.com/ Atlas Barrel Factory 7-26-2018.mp4
  2. Thanks @Foreshot! We will make smaller barrels at request. It isn't in our daily wheelhouse of production per say. Although, I totally understand where the smaller distilleries are coming from. 53's are a big time investment & spirit investment at that. Ping me at remington@atlasbarrel.com to inquire!
  3. Greeting from the Atlas Barrel Company! Cooperage in Minneapolis that makes 30 & 53-gallon barrels with our local MN oak. Just wanted to introduce ourselves to the growing distillers market. Excited to have joined the industry in 2014, and looking forward to partnering with distilleries to make better spirits together for years to come! Check us out if you have spirits that need a temporary home. We have thirsty barrels that happily await the day to meet your barrel houses. Cheers! http://atlasbarrel.com/
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