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  1. Thediamonddistiller

    200l column still

    Reduced to $10,500!
  2. Thediamonddistiller


    Our distillery is working on a Bourbon Blend. Looking for bourbon 2-10years. (Already talked with Indiana distillery). Looking to start with 5-10 plus barrels depending on the quality and price! You can email me at diamonddistiller@gmail.com
  3. Thediamonddistiller

    Distiller Wanted

    New Jersey seeks a Distiller in a historic property.The distillery is located in a historic town that is located 30 minutes from Philadelphia, 45 minutes from the jersey shore and 90 minutes for NYC. Currently we have 3 brands preforming great and we are getting ready to launch more products in the new year! The distillery is open for any ideas that make sense! Responsibilities include: Run the day-to-day production. Keep the production schedule on line with the orders and distribution schedules production, fermenting, and distilling spirits, as well as bottling, labeling and packaging spirits TTB reporting, record keeping, and maintenance cleaning Representing our distillery locally. Help with tours Requirements: •2 plus years in distillery experience. • Multi-tasking abilities. •Strong attention to detail and records •Must be prepared to work longs days when needed. •Trustworthy and loyal to brand/distillery •clean driver’s license ****Potential relocation assistance for the right candidate.**** If you are interested in working in a small distillery with great growth potential and strong managerial support, contact us diamonddistiller@gmail.com
  4. Thediamonddistiller

    200l column still

    Reduced to $12,000!
  5. Thediamonddistiller

    200l column still

    the still is heated by 2 heating elements.
  6. Thediamonddistiller

    29 Different size stainless steel food grade tanks

    Marked tanks are sold. Still alot available!
  7. Thediamonddistiller

    200l column still

    200l 4 column still. We have grown out of this still. This still is capable of making great whiskeys, bourbons, rums ect. Comes with control panel and agitator! The still was only used a few times before purchasing a larger still, no leaks works great! Asking $13,250 obo. Call or text 609-313-8886
  8. Thediamonddistiller

    29 Different size stainless steel food grade tanks

    Some tanks sold, We still have alot of tanks left! Call or text if interested!
  9. Thediamonddistiller

    29 Different size stainless steel food grade tanks

    Thanks for asking i forgot to put the tank sizes are in gallons
  10. We have 28 different size stainless steel tanks non jacket. Great for mash tuns, blending, and storage(water and alcohol) They are all food grade. The attachment will show all size and prices. We bought from a Storage company and they didnt have the room to store the tanks. The tanks were previously used for alcohol based product. Some tanks have conical bottoms and slanted bottoms. Also some tanks have built in agitators. All tanks have top man holes beside tank # 29 and that is a open top. Some of the tanks company names are( Perma-San, Cherry Burrell, vanalst metal works ,ERTEL,and George Keller INC) Please text me with the # of tanks you are interested in and i can send you pictures of the exact tank! ***Tanks located in south nj**** cheers contact 609-313-8886 609-268-5151