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  1. aknomad

    Steam Boiler

    sent you a pm
  2. Distiller with broad industry experience over the past seven years. Managed large scale development and production of craft spirits distributed over most of the US and internationally. Extensive on and off premise consulting experience with startup distilleries over the past two years (Install + commission of equipment, product development, quality control, ttb reporting, formula/cola approval, training staff, cocktail menu design, production management, forecasting, material sourcing). Produced award-winning spirits on both national and international market. Please contact me at jwilcox9000@gmail.com Cheers!
  3. aknomad

    Visiting Distiller - Peru South America

    Hello! I have sent you an email with my resume and a request for more information. Let me know if you have any questions! Look forward to talking with you!
  4. aknomad

    pontica source

    Were you able to find a bulk source? I'm also having trouble finding it.