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  1. Special Use on Ag Zoned property

    Help, Looking for some info from anyone who was granted Specal Use in an Ag Zoned property as an Agri-Business. Our county zoning folks have said that they will only grant us the Special Use Ag zoning if we can prove the majority (80%) of our ingredients are grown by us on the property. For those of you out there operating in rural areas, what percentage of your ingredients do you yourself grow? My thanks to all ahead of time.
  2. Already read content resurfacing

    Having the same issue
  3. Selling off extra equipment!

    Link to the equipment does not work. Is anything still available?
  4. 550 Gal Jacketed Mash Tun

    Interested in the equipment you listed. Can you send photos? Also what is the reason you are getting rid of it? Thanks Tim