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  1. Bottle Filling Calibration

    Thanks PeteB, I have done a bit of reading on it and am starting to get it. I am still interested in the actual math behind the 713.15 grams. Cause As I said when I looked up the OIML chart I kept reading the 948.05kg/m3 number.
  2. Bottle Filling Calibration

    Hi Sorry to drag this all back up again but Silk City can you show me the numbers used to make OIML match up with TTB. I keep running across the below numbers more. 40% @20C is 948.05kg/m3 750mL* .94805g/mL= 711.04 also have to admit that I am a bit confused about the logic behind something being measured in a vacuum weighing more then in air. Thanks in advance for any help