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  1. What I have now is May 2015 MGP Bourbon at $2100 per barrel minimum order 50 barrels
  2. Still, have bourbon for sale new price is $2200 per barrel.
  3. Still Rye available, and some bourbon
  4. 3 year Rye made in Tennessee, mash bill is 70% rye: 21% corn: 9% barley malt - $1800 per barrel, 50 barrels for sale 4 year Bourbon, mash bill is corn: 75% Rye: 21% Barley Malt: 4% $2400 per barrel 100, barrels for sale minimum order 20 barrels
  5. Hello Leny,


    I just noticed you asked about my totes of Bourbon. Let me know if you still want to talk.


    Joe Griffin




    1. Lenny Gotter

      Lenny Gotter

      Yes, can you send me the stats, and pricing again?

  6. I have an interested buyer, contact me Lenny 503-358-6552
  7. I would also like to add that tasting notes are a great addition to a sell sheet. Answers the "so what does it taste like" questions.
  8. I have worked with John Messinger from bevlaw.com on a number of projects and he is a TTB wizard.
  9. Here is my article about Indiegogo's Equity crowdfunding: http://www.lennygotter.com/2017/06/equity-crowdfunding-indiegogo-com/ I have most of the costs worked out, feel free to contact me directly. Lenny
  10. My reply wasn't meant to be a big discussion on music licensing. As a business owner, we each need to decide whats worth the risk or not. ASCAP and BMI will send you threatening letters and if you are in an urban area they have reps with territories, and eventually, one of them will come in and write a little report and send you a letter.
  11. My tasting room was tiny....if you play music in a place of business where customers can hear it, you have to pay: https://www.bmi.com/licensing/#faqs
  12. There are all kinds of little costs that eat up your profit. I had someone from the Dept of Agriculture stroll in my distillery one day, the end result was that I needed to have a license from them, even though we didn't produce a food product, and I would never see them again. The license is $380 a year and they do not prorate, so I have to pay $380 in March and $380 again in June. Sure that's only $380 a year but the little things add up. Play music in your tasting room? Someone from BMI or the other artist rep companies will eventually come in a demand a license. Luckily thru DMX you can license for all three agencies for $25 a month, instead of the $25 per license per company that they will try to stick you with. The list goes on and on.
  13. fennel instead of caraway is also wonderful, I am making some with Baijiu right now
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