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  1. princeofpancake

    Tank aging of fruit/berry based Liqueurs

    Was the container sealed? Any sort of evaporation will throw off your flavor profile and make the flavors more concentrated.
  2. princeofpancake

    How to pasteurize this product?

    We are introducing a new product that needs to be pasteurized. After reading up on UV and HTST pasteurization I am a little confused on the subject. Does the product need to be pasteurized in the sealed bottle, or can I bulk pasteurize before bottling without risk of contamination?
  3. princeofpancake

    Banana Brandy

    Has anyone done any experiments with fermenting and distilling bananas? I'm curious to see what flavor profiles come through. Thanks! -Nick
  4. I'm his assistant, and even I know that what you were planning is pretty much impossible.