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  1. electric parrot

    hello i was wondering if any one has and experience or review of the electric parrot tha still dragon sells , thanks tim
  2. Ventilation

    our engineer told us that 6 air changes per hour is the base line for sizing ventilation fans . not sure if that helps . tim
  3. Spirit Still Cooling System

    MG you sure know your stuff ,,,,huge asset to this forum tim
  4. Wiring Control Box

    personally i cant afford an electrician so we raised one lol he has his red seal i ll forward him this thread and see if he can venture a guess . tim
  5. Rice Whiskey

    did u test the gravity with a refractometer or hydrometer . bear in mind tasting sweet can be deceptive to determine conversion the same enzymes that convert starch in your mash is also in your mouth so are you tasting sweet because its converted or are u tasting sweet because it converting in your mouth lol . tim
  6. Spirit Still Cooling System

    there ya go tons of good info .....where in canada are you from
  7. Spirit Still Cooling System

    nice id say one tote of water wont keep up to them lol your PC temp is one thing but remember your deflag needs to be fed with a constant source with little to no variation in temp or pressure . i would think you would need a serious cooling system to pull it off with a tote full of water . there is a member on here called MG thermal systems [hope i got that name right sorry if im wrong } that could set u up and would know the math off top of his head hopefully he chimes in seems very knowledgeable with these city type setups . if u get tired of the city hassel ill make you a good deal on a country property with its own well . cant beat free water with a view lol tim
  8. Spirit Still Cooling System

    how big is your still
  9. Spirit Still Cooling System

    depending what town your in as long as its built by a plumber or signed off by a plumber inspections shouldnt be a worry ...guess it depends what province ur from tim
  10. Spirit Still Cooling System

    to me that would depend on ur location if ur paying for water or not . in the country off a big bore well u can recirculate back into the well or recirculate into a tank and reuse the water for mashing or cleaning . recirculating thru a system that extracts the heat and uses it to heat buildings or cement slabs is a option . if ur in aarea that has no use for the heat it can be ran thru a hydronic rad and fan before re entering the holding tank . i think it all depends where u are urban or rural as to your options and how much heat you produce to be able to size your cooling system . at our old location recirculating in a big bore well was perfect set up now at our new location its not a option due to the location of the well compared to location of distillery . there are some very creative ideas out there jus depends on your operation and its size . tim
  11. At what point is a pot still too big?

    so im curious what systems are in place to monitor the bottoms product to in sure no alcohol is being wasted . can the bottom product be recirculated thru the system if it is not completely stripped or are you useing a reboiler in hopes of lifting any alchol out of the bottoms product . if the feed is heated to say 175 under pressure once it is released into the column and expands to atmospheric pressure ethanol should instantly flash vaporise from the heat and the pressure change allowing the heavier bottom product to drop thru the column , but still has to be monitored before being pumped out . there are various monitoring systems designed to determine the content of the bottoms product and to send it either to the reboiler or to bottom product storage , but these systems are made for large scale columns{in access of 70 feet }and would not be suited to craft distillery sized operations . any idea what would be used on a smaller scale would be appreciated some body must have thought of some thing or are they just rely on the temp of the bottoms product as a guide , say bottoms out of the reboiler at 190 would ensure ethanol is long gone and no longer a pumpable product . tim
  12. using Honey - avoiding sediment

    we buy honey from a local colony ,huterite colony not bee colony lol its 2 bucks a pound filtered twice after extraction if u add one tbl spoon of water to every gallon of warmed honey and then whip it it will filter much easier but will not keep like raw honey .
  13. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    thanks for the info do u have more pics of it .......by the way in ur spare time could you invent a still that has same technology as a microwave if i can make tea in microwave why cant i get a still that uses same science . tim
  14. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    dang thats a nice setup how big is that mash tun tim
  15. Grain Mill for sale

    im curious is the motor explosion proof