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  1. Dont have the link but company name is summit labels in vancouver .....sheesh i thought they were in calgary .
  2. We had same problem with under sized kernels , solved it with a tighter sized screen during the cleaning process got rid of them right off the get go
  3. Actually we found a printing company in calgary that can handle all our short run products , so we decided to go with that for now , im glad cuz its one less thing to worry about . Tim
  4. Joe dehner is a great barrel supplier , we just got a shipment of barrels from him ,great barrels , good guy to deal with . Kim
  5. What is your cooling time to crash 500 gallons to pitch temp
  6. Totaly off topic but is that a wooden malt drum in back ground of first pic . Or a grain cleaner. Tim
  7. Hello everyone we still have this equiptment were open to consider any offers , need this stuff out of the warehouse , feel free to thro out a low ball offer
  8. Those are excellent links thanks for posting , we are in process of rebuilding our rick house , it has 2 foot thick stone walls wonderful old building that is perfectly suited for aging in our northern climate . Great info
  9. Welcome and you ll find alot of experts in all kinds of feilds here Tim
  10. Agree with pete 100 percent ...adijitator should give u consistant temp .....infa red guns have proved useless to us
  11. Where are you from .....are you talking crown and cork
  12. Hello do you still have fresh barrels for sale . Tim
  13. I would ask ur retailer if main stream commercial distillers give them a swell allowance, alot of retailers are useless
  14. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VtePbyALR75PfxxF8 Video of machines including bottle washer
  15. Here are some pics of the bottle washer , filler capper, and label machine with hot foil printer for lot numbers https://photos.app.goo.gl/VtePbyALR75PfxxF8
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