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  1. Hudson bay distillers

    Distillery Floor Treatment

    we painted , was expensive and does not stand up at all , total waste of money kim
  2. Hudson bay distillers

    Continuous Column Distillation

    pete our over flow is same it draws off bottom , our thinking was it would be pulling off the bottom where there should be the least chance of any alcohol remaining in bottoms product . tim
  3. Hudson bay distillers

    Continuous Column Distillation

    thanks pete thats what iwas wondering if u were running floats or just a overflow . tim
  4. Hudson bay distillers

    Continuous Column Distillation

    thanks stumpy we will research that idea tim
  5. Hudson bay distillers

    Continuous Column Distillation

    pete , how are you regulating the level of bottoms product in your reboiler . do you have a float inside or a over flow system . were having problems maintaining a constant level in the bottoms kettle . any info would be great tim
  6. Hudson bay distillers

    filter systems

    hello does anyone have any leads on Canadian companies that carry filtration systems . tim
  7. Hudson bay distillers

    DIN Gasket material for sight glass?

    richard are you talking about silicone in a tube
  8. Hudson bay distillers

    Feeling very pleased with my efforts

    congratulations MR Pete we have always enjoyed your posts and valued your opinions . tim and kim
  9. Hudson bay distillers


    well the grain in project worked out fine , grain came off no problem . the hydro sieve worked like a charm . if our stripping still was a pot still not continuous column i would not hesitate to do grain in all the time . so its all good good . tim
  10. Hudson bay distillers


    cant prove it yet but i cant see why it wont work , im heating the mash tun as we speak so today is the day we ll try it . probably will dewater the spent grain before we distill it and rinse the grain before feeding it out . i ll let you know how this experiment works out . tim
  11. Hudson bay distillers


    patio29 dadio not sure about a grain in process like you mention , we use the hydrosieve to separate 3rd water from spent grain . as far as fines goes were currently running malt barley thru our process but it is ground very fine . no problem with plugging the hydro sieve the spent grain rolls down and cleans itself . we don't ferment or distill on the grain as it doesn't suit our continuous column , we need our wort and distillers beer clean . we do plan on doing a batch on the grain to compare but haven so far . tim
  12. Hudson bay distillers


    yes im very happy we jumped on it when it came up . it very trouble free once pumps are running it just runs itself . was well worth the cost for sure . id post snap chat video but dont know how . tim
  13. Hudson bay distillers


    as you can see it works like a dream , we put a false bottom in the weir box so it only holds about 8 gallons of mash before it spills over to the screen . we also added a beaver dam on the very bottom to hold the spent grain on the screen a bit longer , this needs to be smaller as it holds more grain back than needed . its about 2 inch high in pic but only needs to be about half inch . the grain comes off super dry and tumbles in to the soon to be patented spent grain remover . the spent grain is dry enough that you can grab a fist full and no liquid comes out . we pumped from the mash tun and returned cleared water to the mash tun using the clear water to continue washing the grain to the pump . takes about a hour to run 200 gallons with 2.5 lbs per gallon of grain . all and all we love this machine, works like a charm and is super easy to clean up after your done . soon we will add a 6 inch auger across the bottom running in a half pipe to carry the dewatered grain away . tim
  14. Hudson bay distillers


    good morning all yesterday finally got some pics of the hydrosieve in action so i thoight i would share .
  15. Hudson bay distillers

    carbon monoxide

    silk yesterday we changed it up for just that reason , we let the water preheat over night and added the grain in the morning it worked better i think . tim