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  1. We're they stripped in a still with lots copper contact , it may be sulfur coming out of suspension
  2. I 'll be one just give me your address and a time when your not around .
  3. Pete are all 3 rollers pressing the spent grain equally or is the second and third set progressively more pressure than the one before . Tim
  4. Grain in we use refractometer , tried hydrometer on strained wort wasn't happy with it . We do test strained samples during fermentation but I don't put alot of weight in the results.
  5. That is a nice unit hope someone snaps it up. A heads up tho , when I zoom in on the welds where the top manway is welded to the the collar I see you have a similar problem that we have . We have a 45 gallon r and d still that has welds that are under cut away too deep . We had welds inspected and inspector pointed out all the welds that were factory and how good they looked and the ones that were added by the vendor that were chancy . He assured us they would probably hold but recommended we get them re welded by a different welder . On the topic of heating what is the fitting on the jacket jus to the right of the bottom manway . Is it in the jacket or does it go through to the inner tun .
  6. Doesn't zap have a label machine for round bottles.
  7. Depends on shape of your bottle , our bottles are flat and we use a zap labeller . Works great customer service is great it's all good good. Tim
  8. When we started we used a hydro seive worked like a dream . Basically fool proof set up . Since then we have changed to grain in fermentation and stripping using steam injection . Now when it's time to dump stripping still we pump the slurry into a honey wagon and out to the pigs it goes . Any extra that pigs don't need is sprayed on the land as fertilizer and worked in . So imo if you can't sell it to a hog farmer sell it as liquid fertilizer . If I was going to make a dewater system I would use the air tubes from a airation grain bin . They are 28 inch around and 3 feet long .If set on an incline and turned like a cement mixer.slurry can be pumped into top ,liquid drains thru and the tumble action keepsscreen clear . As it rolls dry material works it's way down and tumbles out bottom of tube . By adjusting the feed rate , the rotation speed , and the rate of incline you should be able to get ur spent grain as dry or wet as you want . Airation tubes are available In galvanized steel ,aluminum,or stainless steel . At this stage in production there no need for stainless . Tim
  9. There are lots of options for boiler water treatment that will not affect injecting into food products . You can't get rid of minerals from water all you can do is hold them in suspension and blast them out when u do your morning blow down . Tim
  10. Alot depends where in Canada ur talking around here your looking to at 5 to 7 bucks a bushel for malt barely and 6 to 8 bucks a bushel for spring wheat . That's cleaned delivered . Where your from is the big factor ,were lucky ,lots of producers here and malt plant 30 miles away. Tim
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