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  1. Sorry don't have a pic of it , but one of our retailers built a nice display out of a wooden barrel in his store for us . It was cut open like a mini fridge with our product inside and more bottles and pics on the top. Looked pretty cool
  2. That Vfold is sold in canada so I would think it would be available in the states
  3. Paul can you explain the science behind these holes ,
  4. Thanks do you have a link to that regulation
  5. Hello I was wondering if anyone has reference to the laws that govern the use of NGS/fuel alcohol in craft distilleries in British Columbia. Thanks
  6. Your welcome Jon glad you got it working. Tim
  7. Thanks blue star we 'll look into them . Kim
  8. Hello all got a simple question . As far as short run desk top label printers what's the favorite , primera or Epson. Thanks Tim
  9. Not sure it helps with your condeser sizing but we run 600 gallon stripping still with 150 gallon worm tub with 200 feet of 1 inch copper worm . Half million btu low preasure steam injected , tub water circulates continuously to chiller . Looked at tube and shell condensers , decided to go with copper worm tub . Tim
  10. Hello from northern Saskatchewan nice to see a grain to glass operation starting up hope it all works out. Tim
  11. So on a grain ferment how are you taking gravity Readings. Refractometer won't be accurate because of presence of alcohol and hydrometer won't be accurate because of presence of solids . Tim
  12. Hello Dave is this a grain in mash
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