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  1. Hudson bay distillers

    Barrels for distillations

    just a heads up on buying food grade barrels off of kijji . first thing is make sure there HDPE plastic , and make sure that you know exactly what was in it . dont believe what the guy thats selling them is telling you he probably doesnt know or is just a straight up liar . if you are buying barrels from the edmonton area beware some of them are crap , we bought oak barrels from edmonton and when they got here they had no corks and were full of dead mice and mice shit . best source of new HDPE barrels is U line in edmonton ....used barrels are best bought from the guy that dumped them . not from some one that is peddling them on kijji, tim
  2. Hudson bay distillers

    Barrels for distillations

    my suggestion is ss beer kegs there cheep easy to sanitise , easy to lift and handle , easy to seal with 2 inch triclamp cap and clamp . win win tim
  3. Hudson bay distillers

    Mashbill in pounds

    indy that may be just a term that producers around here use . the actual term field refers to grain that is strait off the combine not cleaned or altered . there are different varieties of barley grown around here some are field feed barley grown for cattle/hog feed . some are malt barley varieties grown for the local malt plant . interesting to note not all malt barley grown for the malt plant is accepted as malt quality barley . all malt grown for the malt plant must be a malt variety and then pass there tests to be accepted as malt , germination and protein , nitrogen content ect..... . also all malt barley is grown on contract . so if a farmer contracts a crop for 20 bushels per seeded acre and its a good year and he yields 25 or 30 bushels a acre they are stuck with the option of selling the surplus as feed barley to cattle/hog producers or to sell it as unmalted malt barley . disclaimer ....im not a farmer nor do i claim to understand the science of grain marketing i just know what producers try to teach me , tim
  4. Hudson bay distillers

    Grapefruit Liquor

    i know nothing about your question im jus bored so let me tell you a story i heard the other day . a fella i ran into the other day spent 20 years in a coca cola bottling plant . while discussing bottling at 45 % vs chill filtering he told me about cream soda . cream soda used to be clear but they were having problems with clarity post bottling . there solution was to add pink colouring , now cream soda is pink . so im thinking if that may work for your product . just a thought lol tim
  5. Hudson bay distillers

    Mashbill in pounds

    it all depends if your talking about field feed barley , malted malt barley , or un malted malt barley . field feed barley is the poorest choice in my opinion . malted malt barley is best choice but is 32 bucks a bushel . un malted malt barley is a top choice at around 4 to 5 bucks a bushel but you need liquid enzyme to convert it . liquid enzymes have always been cheep insurance . tim
  6. Hudson bay distillers

    Distillery Equipment For Sale

    pretty cool looking equipment did you build the still yourself . tim
  7. Hudson bay distillers

    Outdoor wood fired stills for wineries etc?

    ya i agree those look cool . i see there actually gas fired . if they were wood fired would there not be a huge risk of sucking vapour into the fire box . tim
  8. Hudson bay distillers

    2x30bbl tanks for sale

    morning gustav are these tanks made of cypress . tim
  9. Hudson bay distillers

    Outdoor wood fired stills for wineries etc?

    i may be wrong but victoria spirits may have the german built still im thinking of .
  10. Hudson bay distillers

    Outdoor wood fired stills for wineries etc?

    would be interesting to see pics of what your thinking paul . in this area they would never allow a person to run a still outside of the building . however if it was set against a wall with the fire box accessed from the outside of the building and no chance of open flame inside the building you may have something . i have seen hydronic stoves that are in building and accessed from the outside , they worked good , all mess and fire outside and any waste heat is used in the building . i beleive there is a German made still that burns wood , however i dont know how they get around the risk of the stove sucking in a potential vapour leek . interesting stuff . tim
  11. Hudson bay distillers


    you bet i think barley will work fine , not sure about corn but luckily we have no corn around here . tim
  12. Hudson bay distillers


    i take it you have seen these before silk , have you ever seen one used for dewatering grain . tim
  13. Hudson bay distillers


    thanks silk that makes perfect sense good advice , what do you think of the idea of putting a false bottom in that weir box so that it only holds 5 or 10 gallons . that top box is 51 inches deep and 28 inches wide by 22 inches the other way . my rough calculations is thats about 136 gallons of liquid . and im thinking it would be full of spent grain by time a guy ran a batch thru , we would be going from shovelling the mash tun to shovelling the hydraseive . scooping out a bit at the end wouldnt be a biggy but i think 136 gallons would suck lol . maybe welding in a false bottom would distribute the material evenly like you mentioned and only have a small amount of spent grain held up to be cleaned out at the end . tim
  14. Hudson bay distillers

    grain/liquid separation

    thanks Paul . we raise sled dogs but kim always has a pet red bone coon hound kicking around lol . tim
  15. Hudson bay distillers

    grain/liquid separation

    thanks mr Dehner if you have any ideas on how you would set it up or modify it please do . i started another thread about the hydrasieve so not to offend 3 oaks . tim