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  1. This is great info thanks guys for sharing your secrets . Tim
  2. Welcome to the forum , there lots of priceless info on here that you 'll enjoy , and lots of people that have made a success of the industry . Hope it works out for you . Tim and Kim
  3. Don't have any numbers for you because our facility is closed to the public ,no tasting room . But I wanted to say is your logo looks great , nice to see distilleries showing off there brand .
  4. For anyone into net Felix check out the documentary called ..Rotten...an in-depth look at the food industry but in particular check out the episode on wine . I find that the problems there having with bulk fake wine very interesting . Much the same as problems with bulk spirits .
  5. Your exactly right when u think what it has cost to get up and running and be profitable a million bucks don't buy shit .
  6. Oops spelling error I meant to say it all depends if you want to leave your family a business or leave them a bag of money lol .
  7. Interesting stuff thanks guys , guess it depends if a guy wants leave your family or leave them a bag of money . And weather I figure at my age do I want to start from scratch with in the confines of the non compete....lots to think about
  8. Hello I have a question for all you well established distilleries . If you were offered a buy out for your distillery , equipment, recipes, and all rights to your name and product names would you take it ? Would you take the money and run or continue to do what your doing and cashing in on the long game . Tim
  9. Sounds good I'll shoot you an email ......Paul I don't get the joke Tim
  10. Any chance you have a 18 inch round manway in your collection
  11. You should call Saskatoon boiler @ 1306 652 7022 ask for ray graves this fella is 70 years old and 4th generation boiler maker I would guarantee this guy has forgot more about steam than most people know . Give it a try one call to ray will shock you , no chinese remanufactured stuff in there place . Tim
  12. Not sure of your area but here there is a semi nonprofit organization that is in charge of recycling bottles and cans and they are happy to get them for flattened cans , may be a plan in your area I dunno. Tim
  13. That's interesting stats I wonder when were those stats made is it current numbers
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