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  1. Hudson bay distillers


    ya i ll keep you posted if we go ahead with it , wish i knew the pro and cons of running one ahead of time . tim
  2. Hudson bay distillers


    were not really settled on a price yet but if im sure it will work i plan on going to look at it closer , it comes out of a shut down brewery so im hoping it will work with our mash bill .
  3. Hudson bay distillers

    Hello from Tasmania.

    hello jay hows things way down there . tim
  4. Hudson bay distillers


    morning all , i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with a hydra sieve static screen . we have a chance to pick one up and any info would be great . our mash bill is 100 % barley and a 3 water infusion mash , mash tun has lauter pipes for first and second water . were hoping to use hydra sieve for third water , this would allow us to pump third water and spent grain out of the mash tun as a slurry instead of having to shovel it out . it seems like this would solve the brain twizzler of shovelling spent grain , makes sense in my mind but there lots of things bouncing around in my mind that only make sense in there . https://www.andritz.com/products-en/group/separation/screens-drains-presses/hydrasieve-static-screen tim
  5. Hudson bay distillers

    Re-selling Bourbon Barrels

    bear in mind thats 325 canadian dollars so with 30 percent exchange plus ridiculous shipping costs we can pretty much bank on double the price of anything we buy outta the US .
  6. Hudson bay distillers

    Re-selling Bourbon Barrels

    we just paid 325 for once dumped 53 gallon barrels
  7. Hudson bay distillers

    Question on defleg...

    here is a simple video that you might find interesting
  8. Hudson bay distillers

    Corking machine T-Corker

    where are you located . tim
  9. Hudson bay distillers

    New startup question about setting up

    our engineer set our place up exactly like what you described paul . our building inspector would blow a gasket if our panel box was beside our still. i guess there different inspectors for different parts of the province .
  10. Hudson bay distillers

    New startup question about setting up

    not every area has the same rules tho
  11. Hudson bay distillers

    Vodka yield

    how are you testing your mash to come up with 10 percent abv
  12. Hudson bay distillers

    Glycol Loop Material

    ya thats true ours is in the walls and in cement or under ground . tim
  13. Hudson bay distillers

    Glycol Loop Material

    https://mrpexsystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/MrPEX-Chemical-Resistance-Chart.pdf here some info on pex
  14. Hudson bay distillers

    Glycol Loop Material

    pex is still the easiest to run and way cheaper than copper , temp rated to 180 f and ethyl alcohol compatible , seems like a no brainer lol tim
  15. Hudson bay distillers

    Seeking Suggestions for Wet Milling Equipment

    ya with green malt that would be sweet . the pto driven grinder is from a mink ranch originally grinds frozen chickens and turkeys as fast as you can thro them in lol but it will make a 100hp tractor burn black . ...how small of a bur did u use for green malt . tim