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  1. Seems everyone is jumping on the sanitized band wagon around here , so we contacted our lawyer for advice . After looking into the legal implication he has advised us to not get involved , the simple answer is we are not licenced to make pharmaceuticals. We are also not qualified or trained to make such products , one simple mistake and were wide open for a law suit . We are invested in this distillery with years of work and close to 2 million dollars , were not risking that to start making home made hand sanitizer . Thats our take on situation .
  2. Are you selling any whisky in barrels if so what are they worth Kim
  3. Contact cask canning in calgary they may have a contractor they can recommend
  4. I think there is a cooperage in southern ontario we have never used them but have never heard anything bad about them. As far as char level for canadian rye i cant say because we dont make canadian whisky . Tim
  5. Lots depends on where your from shipping is a killer
  6. Engineering comon sence ......now thats funny silk . But seriuosly silk city is bang on with what we experianced in our original build . Our architect /engineer layed out the plan for us and then we pitched it to the inspector , they agreed on 6 air changes a hour ,,,,we installed euiptment that does 13 changes a hour , everyone is happy . Sometimes over kill shuts alot of mouths .
  7. Hello way over there , best of luck with your start up . Tim
  8. Welcome and hello ,nice to see more close vendors , Tim
  9. Not all stainless is stainless , we bought sight glasses from a vendor that fit a 4 inch column on a rd still . The bolts that hold the sight glass together rusted within a month , bottom line is vendors buy stuff from all over world and dont test if its stainless or jus shiny . Buyer beware . Tim
  10. I think leaving adequate head space is the cure , for example we have 600 gallon ferments in 700 gallon fermenters and that seems to be lots of room .
  11. Those old cast radiators are very cool and very artsy fartsy once there all painted up . Keep your eye out for an old hospital or school thats being demolished, the demo crew usually sell them off at scrap price . Some will handle steam while others were used with hot water depending on the type of boiler that was in the facility .
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