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  1. Hudson bay distillers

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    here is a cool update regarding our new jacketed test still .. as a preemptive strike to passing inspection on this piece of equipment i asked to have a friend of ours inspect the welds and fabrication of the still boiler ( he is a high pressure welding inspector by trade ) . he came out and inspected our still and im very pumped to have him report that the vessel meets and exceeds the requirements of a pressure vessel for the pressure that it is rated ,,,and to make me happier this still is not intended to be or used as a pressure vessel as the heating and distilling operations are both open systems . as far as the welds were concerned he was 100 percent confident of all the welds even if it was to be used under pressure which it wont be lol ..so bottom line is im pumped . i cant wait till paul and susan open up a office in saskatchewan preferably northern saskatchewan .
  2. Hudson bay distillers

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    last night our baine marie test still arrived on the truck unpacked it , all my parts were there and very little shipping damage to the still , it was very well packed , checked welds all look pretty good , all parts ordered showed up ,. if i could go back and do it again i would defiantly do things different but im super happy with this jacketed still , cant wait to hook the hydronic system up to it . tim
  3. Hudson bay distillers

    Looking for suggestions on separating grain after mashing

    thus may have nothing to do with nothing but ill mention it anyway lol. we got our hands on tubes from a old aeration grain bin . these tubes are 4 feet long and about 2 feet in diameter like size of a culvert but made of heavy screen . the science is they lay on the bottom of the bin floor one attached to the next till u reach the other side of the bin , the bin is filled with wet grain and air is forced thru the tubes and the grain is dried .anyway they are very strong but also very fine holes so my plan is to use them to separate grain from the wash . set on a angle with a collection tub under it to catch liquid , as i pump mash into the elevated end and turn it continually the mash will roll in the giant tube, liquid comes out thru the screen and the grain eventually rolls out the end . im not sure how many of these tubes i will need but im thinking by adjusting the rotation speed and the angle of the tube i can find a sweet spot and a 4 foot section will do (i have ten of them but i sure hope i dont need 40 feet of rolling tube to make it work ). the steeper the angle the faster the grain will roll to end of tube the lesser the angle the longer it will roll in tube before reaching the end this should make it a continual operation and more tubes could be added if volume needed to be increased . so does this sound like it will work , i should add the object of the game is to only extract to a moist grain level , so it can be fed out to neighbours. pigs ,
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    thats pretty neet mg .. our still and our mash tun is heated with hydronic system and when we want to drop wort temp we switch over to well water thru the mash tun and thanks to a deep big bore well cools it down to pitching temp . not a fancy outfit but almost free to operate lol
  5. Hudson bay distillers


    hello all jus joined adi forums , my wife and i have been enjoying all the info on this site for awhile and would like to say thanks for all the very huge wealth of experience from all the members comments . this has been a great source of info and contacts . great stuff thanks again tim and kim
  6. Hudson bay distillers

    iStill 250 For Sale

    thanks kannuk im hoping today we find out if the baine marie is going to get shipped or were getting a refund , thank god we paid with pay pal not cash , anyway once we know then i ll know if i have to start from scratch ..
  7. Hudson bay distillers

    iStill 250 For Sale

    so the baine marie that we already purchased will have 8 % duty on it because its made in china but the i still in boseman probably wont . and if i drive to bozeman i dont have to go thru a broker and there fees to cross the border ? kannuck what would be a european suppier that you recomend for a jacketed still in case we never see this baine marie or cant make the istill in bozeman come true
  8. Hudson bay distillers

    After 5 years and Broke

    beautiful still mash sorry to here the greif that u have endured best of luck with ur next project ....onward and upward
  9. Hudson bay distillers

    iStill 250 For Sale

    thanks kannuck for the info we have bought a still but am having trouble getting it delivered if we have to pull the pin on the one we bought we would consider driving down and picking the next one up but would like to stick to the baine marie jacketed still ,,,, but bozeman isnt a long drive we are seriously considering it and just get our money back on the one we bought ...time will tell .
  10. Hudson bay distillers

    iStill 250 For Sale

    bkw would you know if a guy would have to pay duty on that unit to bring it into canada . even tho its never bin used would it be classed at the border as new or used . i called CBS and asked but have yet to get a reply . i did find out that duty is excempt from distillery equiptment made in the US but there not sure about equiptment bought and resold before it is used . any info would be great . tim
  11. Hudson bay distillers

    Pot still and equipment

    hello mash would you consider splitting up this equiptment or is to be sold as a complete unit . thanks
  12. Hudson bay distillers

    copper care

    thanks indy spirits for the reply , was hopeing to get away from the used penny look on our older equiptment to offset the huge contrast between the stainless , its not a big deal purely for looks lol doesnt hurt quality or production . i have ordered some high temp shalack i ll let u know if that works . if it doesnt work it will be a real pain to remove ....
  13. Hudson bay distillers

    copper care

    hello . im not sure if this is the right spot to ask this but here goes , as far as general maintenance and polishing of copper components what is a good product to use to clean and is there anything that can be used to seal copper surface with to keep it looking polished . we curently use citric acid and elbow grease then neutralise with soda wash to get a nice presentable shine , however after a few runs the copper components dull and become poor looking especially compared to the stainless steel components . it would be nice to put some type of coating on to keep it all looking good . thanks in advance tim
  14. Hudson bay distillers

    Distillery Equipment For Sale

    would you be able to pm pics of the still along with your location so we can estimate shipping . thanks
  15. Hudson bay distillers

    Canadian rye %

    bcoutts ..was curious where was your list taken from .
  16. Hudson bay distillers


    hello my wife read the post above and pointed out i forgot to mention where we are from oops . we are hudson bay distillers , from hudson bay saskatchewan canada .
  17. Hudson bay distillers


    that is a really nice bottle , very eye catching hope it pays off for you . who makes your bottles .
  18. Hudson bay distillers


    hello stock johnson , where abouts in canada are you from .