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  1. silk where are we at on this project any news
  2. where are you from i might have an idea for you
  3. U line is the best that i know of . tons of packing options , tim
  4. you will be very happy with still dragron they are top notch classy out fit . tim
  5. do you have any idea how many feet of worm in the worm tub and what size is the worm . tim
  6. to bad ur not in canada those would be 300 dollar barrels tim
  7. if i was you i would soak it in citric acid ....very strong acid three cups per gallon till it looks shiny like copper tim
  8. of course were not in Florida but here in Saskatchewan no one can work in the distillery that is under legal drinking age . that includes tastings and deliveries . tim
  9. contact saskatoon boiler 1306 652 7022 ask for ray , this guy is 74 years old has bin in boiler manufacturing his whole life as was his father and grand father . these people are not just peddling boilers they are boiler manufacturers . i ll bet you a case of whisky you cant stump him with a steam question . when u buy a boiler dont just think about the here and now think about when u need service . not sure where you are in canada but these guys cover all of canada . from 15 to 300 hp low preasure boilers and high preasure boilers up to 800 hp im sure you will find what your looking for . tim
  10. we are runing a 15 hp boiler that produces 502 000 btu per hour that burns dzl fuel .....costs us about $2.66 a hour . we dont have natural gas either thats why we went dzl . tim
  11. steam or electric is a no brainer steam is always the way to go . if your looking for a great steam boiler manufacturer check out saskatoon boiler manufacturer , out of all the companies we have ever dealt with they are by far the best we have seen . tim
  12. i feel bad for you , but any time your paying for something that some one promises to build some time when they get there thumb out of there ass your playing a very risky game . if your ordering a custom piece of equipment that is one thing , but if your ordering a piece of equipment that the vendor claims they sell all the time to millions of distilleries then i call bullshit . personally if the vendor doesnt have it on the shelf ready to sell then dont buy it .....were in the whisky business nobody pays us for whisky before we have even bought the grain to make it ....... we bought a vessel from a vendor that claimed they had it on hand ready to ship , we bought it paid for it money was accepted immediately , it then took them 3 months to ship it , needless to say it was the last thing we bought from that company . be careful out there the world is full of crooks . tim
  13. very nice unit mike im curious , do you have standard sizes in stock that one can buy or are do they have to be ordered ahead and then built . thanks tim
  14. thanks for the comment , here in canada our glass hydrometers have to be calibrated and certified by the federal govt before they can be used but i have never heard of re certified . when you get your digital meter calibrated where do you get that done . tim
  15. after reading news story of yet another recall in Saskatchewan craft industry i have a question . can a Anton Paar density meter come out of calibration . i know a glass hydrometer cant change , but not sure about digital density meters . any one have any input . tim
  16. this may sound dumb but what do you mean seasonal adjustments , are you referring to different starting water temps thus injecting longer or shorter affecting the amount of condensate produced . interesting point about the backset i never would have guessed that , tim
  17. yes i beleive it was stainless , i would prefer lead free brass , i ll have to email them again and narrow it down , thanks tim
  18. silk do you know what u paid for that eductor . i received a quote for one and they claim its 1500 bucks , does that sound right to you . tim
  19. we are just installing a oil fired 15 hp boiler that will fill our steam needs ,were lucky there is top notch boiler manufacturer a hour away . so for us oil was the answer . electricity is killing us , natural gas is not available , propane is more expensive BTU/hr , so oil it is . we still plan on preheating with our hydronic system and taking it to the final temp with steam . on the topic of boiler manufacturers make sure u are getting all your answers from a reputable manufacturer , not a boiler salesman . we delt directly with the owner he is 74 years old , has been in the business his entire life and is the third generation in the business . he really helped us figure out exactly what we need for what we plan on doing , and cleared up alot of steam myths floating around the internet . hands down the best company we have ever dealt with . tim
  20. thanks mheisz im still hoping to avoid the high shipping rates and the exchange and duty but it may not be an option . im waiting to here back from jtech to see what its going to cost to buy from them . tim
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