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  1. is the jacket heated or is that just insulated . not sure where ur from but to heat a 300 gallon vessel with electricity would be very expensive around here . if you do the math on how many hours of run time it will take to strip and then a low wines run and a high wines run then figure out how much electricity that many hours would take and compare it to what 300 gallon batch would yeild . you may be shocked . tim
  2. this may be dumb question but what is dwld tim
  3. great thread you guys , in my mind nailing down a process is like building a knife first get the basic shape and then keep sharpening it till its as sharp as it needs to be to do the job that intend to use it for . tim
  4. sorry i dont know anything about fermenting rye but im curious about the pvc pipe stuck in the cap . never seen that before what is the science behind them . tim
  5. you could stuff the guy in there that sold you that mash tun with a scrub brush .......im kidding i jus couldnt help myself ..imglad you got ur out fit going ....onward and upward buddy tim
  6. hey paul how does a guy tell if the prv are the correct ones for kettle and the one on the jacket tim
  7. thanks silk how many psi is are you pushing thru that eductors .
  8. morning was wondering if anyone has any opinion and suggestion about steam eductors for steam injection into mash tun . just for reference the boiler is 15 hp low pressure steam . thanks tim
  9. our jacketed baine marie has to have the air bled off every time we use it to get the max out of the jacket , seems when the jacket cools the vapour break sucks in air and needs to be bled off .
  10. would you gain anything by steam injecting your mash tun to max out the efficiency of the boiler
  11. silk i would have thought they would jus get sucked in and burn but that makes sense they would track back to the source . so explain how do they run wood fired stills like the one at victoria spirits . there are alot of wood fired stills that have the fire box under the still . tim
  12. the distillery is Victoria spirits in the video im talking about .
  13. dont know about down there but i watched a video from BC and the guy had a wood burning german made still in his distillery . in some ways wouldnt it be safer , if there was a vapour leak it would get drawn into the stove and burned instead of building up and pooling into a huge explosive vapour puddle waiting for a spark . i guess if the kettle ruptured that would be different but i dont think anyone has mash high proof enough to burn . if you do build it make sure you share pics id love to see it . tim
  14. here a plan for u let your feints, low wines or high wines cool in a open top vessel , all oily stuff should float to surface , once its floating lay paper towel on top and let it float , all the oils will stick to paper towel , drain the vessel from bottom and leave the oil soaked paper towel behind , alcohol will drain out of the paper towel and the oil will remain in the paper towel . not telling u why i know this lol kim
  15. thanks tom starch tests are fine conversions are fine with starting gravity at 70 points , just curious if there was a way of figure out if the 70 points of sugar are all fermentable sugars .
  16. morning was wondering if anyone has a method to determine how much if any un fermentable sugars are in a mash , other than pitching and seeing what the yeast uses .
  17. well noted silk were talking about a 600 gallon zero tank.... up here the only tanks that are cost efficient are milk tanks . we ll just have to try it and see if there enough steam power to keep it moving . thanks tim
  18. thanks silk gives us something to think about . tim
  19. is anyone mashing and distilling on grain using steam injection with out agitator , relying on steam mixing educators . if so how many pounds of steam are you pushing thru to get good agitation . tim
  20. silk that sounds brilliant , hope it works out for you . how are you going to know how many pounds of grain goes thru . tim
  21. paul is exactly right however he is missing the fact that by the time you add shipping and duty and exchange its not such a deal . im not starting a fight paul but the exchange and shipping out of the states now is unreal . i suggest to ya elexer try and source as much as u can from the dairy industry . tim
  22. another way of looking at it is 10% abv is 10 gallons of absolute alcohol per hundred units, gallons or liters . 10 gallons of absolute is 20 gallons of barrel proof at 50 % abv , 20 gallons times 4.5 gives you 90 liters of barrel proof , times 1000 gives you 90000 ml divide by 750 ml per bottle equals 120 bottles at 40%abv or ten cases ......leaving 10 %abv for margin of error . thats a quick rough calculation . tim
  23. are these canadian units as in shipped from canada and paid for in canadian money tim
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