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  1. silk i would have thought they would jus get sucked in and burn but that makes sense they would track back to the source . so explain how do they run wood fired stills like the one at victoria spirits . there are alot of wood fired stills that have the fire box under the still . tim
  2. the distillery is Victoria spirits in the video im talking about .
  3. dont know about down there but i watched a video from BC and the guy had a wood burning german made still in his distillery . in some ways wouldnt it be safer , if there was a vapour leak it would get drawn into the stove and burned instead of building up and pooling into a huge explosive vapour puddle waiting for a spark . i guess if the kettle ruptured that would be different but i dont think anyone has mash high proof enough to burn . if you do build it make sure you share pics id love to see it . tim
  4. here a plan for u let your feints, low wines or high wines cool in a open top vessel , all oily stuff should float to surface , once its floating lay paper towel on top and let it float , all the oils will stick to paper towel , drain the vessel from bottom and leave the oil soaked paper towel behind , alcohol will drain out of the paper towel and the oil will remain in the paper towel . not telling u why i know this lol kim
  5. thanks tom starch tests are fine conversions are fine with starting gravity at 70 points , just curious if there was a way of figure out if the 70 points of sugar are all fermentable sugars .
  6. morning was wondering if anyone has a method to determine how much if any un fermentable sugars are in a mash , other than pitching and seeing what the yeast uses .
  7. well noted silk were talking about a 600 gallon zero tank.... up here the only tanks that are cost efficient are milk tanks . we ll just have to try it and see if there enough steam power to keep it moving . thanks tim
  8. thanks silk gives us something to think about . tim
  9. is anyone mashing and distilling on grain using steam injection with out agitator , relying on steam mixing educators . if so how many pounds of steam are you pushing thru to get good agitation . tim
  10. silk that sounds brilliant , hope it works out for you . how are you going to know how many pounds of grain goes thru . tim
  11. paul is exactly right however he is missing the fact that by the time you add shipping and duty and exchange its not such a deal . im not starting a fight paul but the exchange and shipping out of the states now is unreal . i suggest to ya elexer try and source as much as u can from the dairy industry . tim
  12. another way of looking at it is 10% abv is 10 gallons of absolute alcohol per hundred units, gallons or liters . 10 gallons of absolute is 20 gallons of barrel proof at 50 % abv , 20 gallons times 4.5 gives you 90 liters of barrel proof , times 1000 gives you 90000 ml divide by 750 ml per bottle equals 120 bottles at 40%abv or ten cases ......leaving 10 %abv for margin of error . thats a quick rough calculation . tim
  13. are these canadian units as in shipped from canada and paid for in canadian money tim
  14. we painted , was expensive and does not stand up at all , total waste of money kim
  15. pete our over flow is same it draws off bottom , our thinking was it would be pulling off the bottom where there should be the least chance of any alcohol remaining in bottoms product . tim
  16. thanks pete thats what iwas wondering if u were running floats or just a overflow . tim
  17. thanks stumpy we will research that idea tim
  18. pete , how are you regulating the level of bottoms product in your reboiler . do you have a float inside or a over flow system . were having problems maintaining a constant level in the bottoms kettle . any info would be great tim
  19. hello does anyone have any leads on Canadian companies that carry filtration systems . tim
  20. richard are you talking about silicone in a tube
  21. congratulations MR Pete we have always enjoyed your posts and valued your opinions . tim and kim
  22. well the grain in project worked out fine , grain came off no problem . the hydro sieve worked like a charm . if our stripping still was a pot still not continuous column i would not hesitate to do grain in all the time . so its all good good . tim
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