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  1. Hudson bay distillers

    carbon monoxide

    silk our hydronic boiler is wood fired and outside in middle of the yard . the sensor has not gone off since it musta bin jus one of those things i guess . tim
  2. Hudson bay distillers

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    thanks but sorry we cant afford to buy anything out of the US , shipping exchange and duty just make it not an option . kim
  3. Hudson bay distillers

    Thermal fluid system for still heating(?)

    what does that system cost in comparison to a low pressure steam boiler . we use a hydronic system that heats our house ,the distillery , the mash tun , and stills . we can hold vessels at 150 f with the hot water and then get the last bit of heat we need with steam injection into the mash tun and with steam jacket on the stills . we tested useing oil and found it way to much of a mess to work with , and very hard to back off if you over shoot a temp that your targeting . tim
  4. Hudson bay distillers

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    where are you located
  5. Hudson bay distillers

    Plumbing question: is this normal?

    not a plumer but thats not normal or good , the inlet on the trap should be air tight or the trap is useless tim
  6. Hudson bay distillers

    Fork lift or not fork lift

    we lucked out and bought an electric walkie stacker (hope thats how to spell it ) its very handy inside building . the older ones were 12 volt so a ordinary tractor battery works on them if battery goes crappy . may not get full shift out of a charge but its not runing for full shift . our forklift is way to handy especially out side , however if i went to replace it i would buy a skid steer because it would be more versatile . when ever were lifting stuff thats way to heavy outta truck we lift it and pull truck out from under it then lower to the ground before moving forklift ,seems to help . tim
  7. Hudson bay distillers

    Mashing raw barley

    we have done tests on different varieties of barley and harrington 2 row is always the winner . anything we have tried with 6 row barley has ended up less than impressive. we found 6 row to have way higher protein and less starch ,,,,great feed barley but not so great for mashing . the type of soil its grown on and the weather conditions have a large influence on the grain . a good year seems to grow good barley that has 10 percent or hopefully less small starch granules in the kernel thus dropping the gel temp significantly . silk city as far as nutrients go we have never tried that you may be onto some thing , possibly the yeast trub from the previous batch would work . guess we need to do an experiment . tim
  8. Hudson bay distillers

    Mashing raw barley

    a simple test is to cook a small amount grist say couple pounds , cook it with no enzymes till the starch is gelatinous like a bowl of thick glue . keep track of your temp and how long it took . then when you do a real batch replicate the temp and time but add your high temp enzyme on the heat up to keep it loose . the unmalted barley we use may not be same as yours but , 160 f held for 30 min seems to work for us . as temp drops add low temp enzyme at 150 . different varieties of barley may be different
  9. Hudson bay distillers

    Mashing raw barley

    this might help you
  10. Hudson bay distillers

    Grounded Fermenters?

    our stills and mash tun are grounded but thats just because our son and partner is an electrician . the stills makes sense to me and the mash tun he wanted grounded because of it being close to the stills . the wash backs dont have a grounding wire as i dont see a static spark risk . tim
  11. Hudson bay distillers

    Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Design and vendors

    right on thanks
  12. Hudson bay distillers

    Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Design and vendors

    violent blue where in southern alberta are you located
  13. Hudson bay distillers

    Water Tank Ideas

    +1 on the zero milk tanks , we have 2 -600 gallon ones and 1-300 gallon one , they are jacketed and built like tanks well worth the money . the place we bought them from had the 600 gallon tanks stacked much like a barrel rack , didnt have room on trailer to buy the rack but wish i did . tim
  14. Hudson bay distillers

    Understanding impact of Commercial enzymes on Mash Bill

    just curious ,if you dont use any malted grain or any commercial enzymes how do you plan on converting your starch to sugar . tim
  15. Hudson bay distillers

    thanks to all

    we would like to thank all the members of the ADI forum for all the help and advice shared with us , our new facility is now complete and our provincial license is here . big day for us to be at this point , thanks again to all that have helped us get here . Tim, Kim, Cavrin hudson bay distillers inc
  16. Hudson bay distillers

    inspection news

    yesterday we had our final government inspection and gained some info that i have to share . first off it is now illegal for craft distillers to purchase or use gns in the province of saskatchewan . this is great news for us as we are grain to glass operation . also it is no longer acceptable to sterilise bottles with the product that your bottling or to use a leave in sanitising agent , all bottles must be washed sterilised and rinsed . both good news for the craft industry in the province . tim
  17. Hudson bay distillers

    inspection news

    here is an update , after getting some accurate information from the CFIA we learned that the information fed to us by the inspector was completely false . so im sorry for reporting fake news . the bottom line is if a manufacturer wants to sterilise there bottles before filling there more than welcome to , but there is no requirement to do so . the CFIA law that was quoted to us was written for restaurants not for distilleries . the main reason that sterilisation of bottles and the ban on the use of gns is not a law and never will be is that most of the alcohol sold in the province is not manufactured here . there fore to impose such on Saskatchewan manufacturers yet import and sell product from other jurisdictions that do not have these restrictions cant be done . if a food safety issue is covered by a law to protect the public from consuming dangerous and or tainted product then it covers all product sold to the public in that jurisdiction not just the product manufactured in that jurisdiction . so chalk one up to false inaccurate information . tim
  18. Hudson bay distillers

    Distillery Hoses

    where are you from
  19. Hudson bay distillers

    inspection news

    silk i agree completely but there not much a guy can do about it , there isnt site specific methods so we get lumped into the entire food industry . and with that the rule states that anything that comes into contact with a food product has to be sterilised . glenlyon , a real drag is a understatement automation is the only way that i can see , but thats big horny money . like i said earlier it will be interesting to see how the big operators that can afford lawyers handle this . here is another angle , if we in saskatchewan as manufactures have to pre wash our glass with some thing other than rinsed with spirits wouldnt that mean that products imported and sold in the province would also have to do the same , this could be a big ole can of worms .
  20. Hudson bay distillers

    inspection news

    the ban on gns is obvious good news . the need to sterilise bottles is a no brainer to me , no one knows whats crawling around the buildings new bottles are stored before they are delivered . as i mentioned above the method of sterilisation should be site specific , obviously distilleries have the ability to rinse bottles with spirit as a butcher shop doesnt . personally i think rinsing bottles with spirit is totally good enough but i dont get to make any rules . tim
  21. Hudson bay distillers

    inspection news

    i dont believe that anyone has disproved the effectiveness of rinsing with spirits , it is just not an approved method according to the CFIA , or the health inspectors . mainly because food plants and restaurants cant do it . requesting clean bottles is a good thing , how they are cleaned should be site specific imo. its my understanding they have had problems with dirty bottles so there answer is a blanket policy to insure bottles are sterilised . and the policy they use is the same one used for a distillery , meat plant , restaurant ect ect . glenlyon this may not be a BC thing its the saskatchewan goverment that is asking for this not the federal . you may be safe for our new facility to be in compliance it wont effect us much . our plan of attack is a 3 bay stainless sink , first wash bottles in hot citric acid solution , second rinse with clean water , third rinse with spirit to get rid of any water , then bottle . is this a pain in the ass for sure but its only way we can see to do it . im not sure how this will effect the big outfits but im guessing negatively . there are only 7 legal distillery in the province with 35 in the process of getting going . however there is one very large brewery im very curious to see how they plan on sterilising there beer cans before there filled . at the moment they use a post caning pasteurisation method , filled ,canned then pasteurised with finished product already in it . that may change who knows . tim
  22. Hudson bay distillers

    inspection news

    there line of thinking is that distilleries are considered a food plant and under the laws governing food plants anything that touches the product has to be sterilised , and rinsing with spirits is not considered a approved sterilisation method by the CFIA . tim
  23. Hudson bay distillers

    Dealing with vindictive neighbors...

    yes im kidding lol .
  24. Hudson bay distillers

    Dealing with vindictive neighbors...

    give him a bottle of free foreshots . tell him its special very powerful stuff . tim
  25. Hudson bay distillers

    Mashbill in pounds

    i should have said in the wort and spent grain .