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  1. boiler

    pete would you happen to have a pic of how you fitted your oil burner to your wood boiler .
  2. boiler

    morning everyone i was wondering if anyone is using a low pressure steam boiler that runs off waste oil . im curious as to there costof operation , cost of purchase , and how reliable and trouble free are they . well actually any info would be great . thanks tim
  3. boiler

    good info pete thanks . out here if we went this route it would defiantly be used motor and hydraulic oil . glenlyon here in rural Sask oil holding tanks shouldn't be a problem . the big thing now is to compare the pro and cons . we have option of staying with wood boiler , switching to a round bale burner , or oil burner , or going to all solar . all have there advantages our son is a electrician so he is pushing hard for solar . thanks again for the info . much research to do tim
  4. boiler

    thanks starcat for the info , compared to gas it is a pain but our new location doesnt have the luxuray of gas and there killing me on my wood fired boiler . were jus checking around to see what affordable options there are out there . tim
  5. Loss in low-wines run

    good post mjduheme there is no place for that arrogant shit on a forum thats jus trying to help people . shrug it off paul jealousy is a ugly thing . tim
  6. Loss in low-wines run

    thats a huge vapour leak to loose half ur product threw but is entirely possible . did you smell alcohol during your run , on a stripping run the vapour should be pretty easy to smell , i would hope your alcohol sensor on your ventilation system would be going nuts before you loose half your run tho . i would defiantly pressure test your system and test your ventilation system if you are convinced you had 10 % in your wash , that much vapour into the air could could be quite the hazard .
  7. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    lol that is true but this guy lives in town by the look of it the cows are some one else out in the country .
  8. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    i watched a you tube video of a west Virginia distillery where the guy pumped his mash into a trailer the juice ran out and off he went with the trailer to shovel it to his cows . seemed pretty simple .
  9. Your experience with glass companies

    depends where your from
  10. T top corks

    hello im looking for a source of 21.5 mm T top corks . thanks kim
  11. nice unit where are you located
  12. Sugar wash problems

    it could be alot of things , how tall is your column , is it packed , do you have a deflagmator to get some reflux , and how hard are you pushing it . if your column is hollow with no packing and one plate your runing basically a pot still , that being the case those numbers are not bad for a stripping run . the other thing you can look at is are you sure there is 15 percent abv in your wash , and did your fermentation actually produce the alcohol that you think it did .
  13. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    curious whats your mash tun look like
  14. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    im no expert when it comes to corn , but lots of members are . i have to agree with pete if your runing corn and want to dewater before you ferment your going to have a project on your hands . pauls idea is probably your best yet .
  15. Small Scale Grain Liquid Separation

    at what stage in the proccess are you dewatering , preferment , post ferment , or post distilling . why i ask is that has a major role to play in the type of equiptment needed . preferment can be as elaborate as a good lauter tun , post distillation can be as simple as pump it into a mini bulk bag and let it drain on it own . depends what your proccess is .
  16. T top corks

    thanks for the tips folks , paulson has samples on the way , thanks for the heads up whiskey tango , broken anvil yes we are from northern saskatchewan i ll check them out . thanks again kim
  17. T top corks

    thanks for the info i ll look into them . kim
  18. Craft is Not a Commodity

    joe as usual your bang on , good post . your second last paragraph sums it up perfectly . we buy grain , yeast , barrels ect that doesn't mean it doesn't take some skill to make use of them . i think if your using the term craft on your label then you should be able to explain your own definition of the term to your customers if they ask .
  19. Invaluable equipment vs

    my wife ....lol im jus kidding she was money well spent . depending on the size of your operation SS used beer kegs are very handy there cheep and can be used for a ton of stuff . tim
  20. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    ah that makes sense
  21. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    thats one of pauls colums ????????
  22. Small Barrels vs. Underfilling 53G Barrels

    i think u would have to rotate ur barrels to get the effect your looking for(more surface area per gallon ) . the half filled barrel is only in contact with half the surface area of the barrel . however a half filled barrel has more air space in it so that changes everything . might work tho , try it and let us know in 3 years . i think adding staves chips or baffles would increase ur surface area more effectively . tim
  23. Bourbon

    why would you buy bourbon when you have a distillery , im missing something
  24. Dephlegmator Control

    check out danfoss thermostatic valves we use them alot in hydronic systems they are very reliable . tim
  25. Small explosion at Wigle Whiskey

    anyone here what happened here , was it the steam boiler or the still boiler