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  1. Hello from northern Saskatchewan nice to see a grain to glass operation starting up hope it all works out. Tim
  2. So on a grain ferment how are you taking gravity Readings. Refractometer won't be accurate because of presence of alcohol and hydrometer won't be accurate because of presence of solids . Tim
  3. Hello Dave is this a grain in mash
  4. Is the reason for 180 gallons hour the well can't produce more or is it the pump can't produce more .
  5. Not sure where your from but if your from Canada, princess auto sells a stainless steel chemical resistant hand crank pump.
  6. When you say taste differences between grain in distillation and Laudered distillation are you talking about scorched taste.
  7. I'm surely not an expert on corn but there is a great video on you tube by a guy named pinto shine all about using enzymes . It's a small batch but the science is the same . Dunno it might help ya .It's called mashing 100% corn with enzymes.
  8. I'm surely not an expert on corn but there is a great video on you tube by a guy named pinto shine all about using enzymes . It's a small batch but the science is the same . Dunno it might help ya .
  9. Don't be discouraged mark just be well educated and expect the unexpected . Glenlyon and huffy are so bang on with there comments , there are great advantages and joys in running your own distillery . Is it easy ...no . But do we love it obviously or I wouldn't be doing it . Tim
  10. Welcome to the forum , you 'll find tons of info on here. As your planing things out I suggest that you work backwards . Figure out what kind of income you need to survive and then size your distillery to meet that goal . Once you know how much you need to produce take that number and double it . Big mistake is starting to small ie hobby size equipment, hobby size will get you and your buddies drunk but won't pay the bills to run a distillery. Good luck with your goal I hope it all works out , buckle up it's a wild ride lol. Tim
  11. This is very interesting topic , we have noticed alot of people are being educated about gns or gns and fuel alcohol being bottled from ethanol plants . Hats off to the jurisdictions like British Columbia that don't allow the use of it in craft products . Tim
  12. So what would be an acceptable mixture, or proof that would work .
  13. We're they stripped in a still with lots copper contact , it may be sulfur coming out of suspension
  14. I 'll be one just give me your address and a time when your not around .
  15. Pete are all 3 rollers pressing the spent grain equally or is the second and third set progressively more pressure than the one before . Tim
  16. Grain in we use refractometer , tried hydrometer on strained wort wasn't happy with it . We do test strained samples during fermentation but I don't put alot of weight in the results.
  17. That is a nice unit hope someone snaps it up. A heads up tho , when I zoom in on the welds where the top manway is welded to the the collar I see you have a similar problem that we have . We have a 45 gallon r and d still that has welds that are under cut away too deep . We had welds inspected and inspector pointed out all the welds that were factory and how good they looked and the ones that were added by the vendor that were chancy . He assured us they would probably hold but recommended we get them re welded by a different welder . On the topic of heating what is the fitting on the jacket jus to the right of the bottom manway . Is it in the jacket or does it go through to the inner tun .
  18. Doesn't zap have a label machine for round bottles.
  19. Depends on shape of your bottle , our bottles are flat and we use a zap labeller . Works great customer service is great it's all good good. Tim
  20. When we started we used a hydro seive worked like a dream . Basically fool proof set up . Since then we have changed to grain in fermentation and stripping using steam injection . Now when it's time to dump stripping still we pump the slurry into a honey wagon and out to the pigs it goes . Any extra that pigs don't need is sprayed on the land as fertilizer and worked in . So imo if you can't sell it to a hog farmer sell it as liquid fertilizer . If I was going to make a dewater system I would use the air tubes from a airation grain bin . They are 28 inch around and 3 feet long .If set on an incline and turned like a cement mixer.slurry can be pumped into top ,liquid drains thru and the tumble action keepsscreen clear . As it rolls dry material works it's way down and tumbles out bottom of tube . By adjusting the feed rate , the rotation speed , and the rate of incline you should be able to get ur spent grain as dry or wet as you want . Airation tubes are available In galvanized steel ,aluminum,or stainless steel . At this stage in production there no need for stainless . Tim
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