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  1. Ethimex Cask Solutions

    Hello from London, UK (but on the ground a lot in the US)

    Ben - thanks for pointing this out. The link should have been removed while under reconstruction! We will sort this out now. Pls revisit in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile the group website is just www.ethimex.com Thx again.
  2. Sherry cask prognosis! - was in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain this week.

    Long term view on used Oloroso and PX butts and hogsheads is not great in the medium to long term, with decommissioned solera casks dwindling to a trickle and (although thankfully we are reasonably well covered) and drying up all but completely within 18-24 months. Most serious users reliant on sherry finish are commissioning seasoning programs through us and others: the casks are new-builds ex American or European (incl Spanish) oaks and filled for 6-24 months with Oloroso or PX... not for the wine's sake, just to result in a nice "used" Sherry barrel!! Pricey, but needs must - especially for us in Scotland.

  3. I'm Richard. Great to meet you all! The account was set up under our company name, but in any case I'm mainly here to chat and exchange ideas and guidance more than anything, since I'm personally as well as professionally passionate about spirits. In terms of my professional expertise, I'm particularly focused on all things wood - barrel ageing / finishing, new barrel coopering, used oak cask sourcing around the globe, innovations and use of "exotic" white oaks, spirit expressions in the context of marketing, etc. Hope to hear from you...