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  1. Getting < 190 off Still, Having Issues.

    It makes sense. The bottom of the second column returns to the kettle currently.. Please correct me if im wrong but it sounds like the general consensus is that we need to add surface area (packing) in order to off set both our column height to diameter ratio, as well as our having a split column with no reflux return from the second to the first.
  2. Getting < 190 off Still, Having Issues.

    Correct. we have 18 plates, no bubble caps. The column is split with 7 plates on the first and 11 on the second. The dephs on each are pretty sizable too.
  3. Getting < 190 off Still, Having Issues.

    Having the exact same issue. 126 gal kettle, 20ft 18in reflux column with 2 dephs charged at 40-50%. We've tried just about everything. This intrigues me though. Based on what you are saying, our column is way too tall for the given diameter. Is our only option left to start trying packing??