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  1. Reaching out there, but I’m looking to buy a used Anton Paar DMA 4500M-EC, 5000 or a 5000M. If someone has one for sale please contact me! Thanks have a wonderful holiday weekend! Mike
  2. Can some point me in the right direction? I’m Looking for what information I need on my aging barrels labels for storage? thanks in advance! Mike
  3. Merry Christmas! Very impressive distillery!
  4. Thanks for the reply’s..... yea 50/50 I did try it and just can’t get rid of the tan straw color, I found a few companies that sale low non colored cane sugar syrup maybe that’s the direction I’m looking for? It’s for my liqueurs and would like it to be colorless.
  5. Greetings all, Im looking for a source where I can buy drums or totes of crystal clear cane sugar liquid syrup for our liqueurs. Does anyone have a source as to where to buy or explain how I can make my own crystal clear sugar syrup limiting the tan color? thanks in advance, Mike
  6. If the barrels are filled with spirits, barrels must be stored on the bonded area, or can be stored within 10 miles from the DSP but the storage location must be bonded and locked with approved TTB Locks and secured.
  7. Greetings! we are searching for a supplier that handles flavoring for liquor etc. Does anyone have any suggestions who I can reach out too? thanks in advance, Mike
  8. Is the unit still available? Please email me if so @ mikecocho@icloud.com
  9. I'll second Paul on that.... He sales some very nice equipment! We brought a 105 gallon from him and it's just waiting in the distillery for approval from ttb to start making some fine spirits with this fine machine ! Hello Paul it was nice seeing you at the Baltimore ADI expo.
  10. Thanks Mash still kicking that thought around.
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