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  1. I'm in a situation that I have to sell off my distillery, so have full operational setup and even some bulk spirits to be sold. My main still is 150 gallon capacity, electric heated. Can send you a more complete list and pictures if interested. $150,000 equipment/supplies/bulk inventory only (take what you want I’ll deal with anything left over) $175,000 equipment/supplies/brand/recipes (same as above that I can deal with anything left over) $225,000 All as above and 4-6 weeks’ worth of training of the equipment, recipes and procedures used
  2. Got these by mistake, but perhaps you can use them before I get around to finding one. 700ml Ceremony Hautte Glass Bottles from Saver Glass Made in France 700ml Capacity T-Top Finish 3 Full unopened pallets available at $1000.00 each or can discuss on taking them all. Paid $2.32/bottle selling for $0.93/bottle Full pallet is roughly 2000lb. for you to estimate shipping costs. If you want to pick up locally they are in Reno, NV, however a lift gate would be needed to load onto truck.
  3. I have a single phase 110v industrial mixer available, single speed, 2HP, 1725rpm Connect with a 2" tri-clamp port (Could be removed to be threaded connection) 40" shaft $800 Located in Reno, NV Pickup available, shipping will depend on location being sent to.
  4. I was wondering if anyone had some experience with distilling and mashing with 100% flaked grains. I'm trying to use a 100% flaked bill for ease of use but keep running into a thick pourage that I can't seem to process. Below is the procedure and ratios I'm using but getting stuck and hoping someone might be able to provide some insight... I'm mashing for Distilling. 30 pounds of grain – 100% flaked wheat .375 gallons water per pound of grain (1.5 qt / pound) Bring water to 142 and pH correct to 5.0 with citric acid Mix in BioGlucanase GP – about 4ml worth Mix in Grain Check temp, should be 135-142 and held in that range Hydrate grain for 35min stir every 5-10 min; stir constant if having to bring temp up at all - done once (used direct steam injection for heating up) Bring temperature up to 150 Stir in Amoly 300 - 22ml Maintain temp at 145-155; stir constant if having to bring temp up at all Stir every 15 min and cook for 90min So in this test run when I was bringing up the temp for the Amoly I was stirring constantly and it really starting taking a turn for thick pourage at this point I'd prefer to stick with a 100% flaked grain bill if possible..
  5. Currently used as a mash tank but need to go to a small batch size. Stainless steel interior with 3 phase agitator. Custom false bottom was made for it. 2" tri-clamp discharge port. Older tank but inside is still in very good shape. It is jacked but haven't been able to use that portion. $1200 obo Located in Reno, NV Pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/HA5MEJpqGm7W6JtX6
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