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  1. MOSpirits

    Warehousing, aging spirits

    Hello, On the last section of the TTB online application. What is the formula for figuring out allowable storage gallons versus square feet for warehousing? Thanks! Doug McLaughlin M & O Spirits Ashville, OH
  2. MOSpirits

    Stainless steel barrels for temporary holding tanks

    Thanks! I'm totally overthinking this process.
  3. Filling out the last part of the TTB online permits form. Opening a small craft distillery in Ashville, Ohio. We are going to use 55 gallon stainless steel barrels for fermentation, holding tanks prior to going into oak barrels and for some of the aging. Do they need to be registered with a serial numbers with the TTB? And if they do, can I number them after they are acquired? Thanks! Doug M&O Spirits,