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  1. Rye Mash

    yes I am using a converted dairy tank with a 1.25 inch copper pipe with slits cut in at every inch up the middle of the tank. I am going to add some 3/4 inch arms going up the side of the tank to see if that helps
  2. Rye Mash

    did a mash Friday night didn't put enough rice hulls and got a stuck sparge took 24 hours to get cleaned out
  3. Rye Mash

    on a 100% rye mash using 600lbs of malted rye what would you do as a ratio for grain to rice hulls
  4. Storage of low wines

    so you guys are just using regular ibc poly containers
  5. Storage of low wines

    for you guys who are doing stripping runs. What are you guys storing them in. I am looking at stainless steel drums but also came across some food grade hdpe containers. not sure if it would matter if I used the hdpe containers instead. I have a 300 gallon still with 20 bubble plates that I would be running the low wines back through when I get enough stripping runs done. thanks for the input.