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  1. Ben Reilley

    Looking for partner in NC

    Hey Jake, Email me at ben@lifeofreilley.net if you'd like. Our distillery was just acquired so I'm open to other opportunities now. We can set up a call to discuss further. Thanks, Ben
  2. My wife and I recently had our farm distillery in New York acquired by a group out of state. Prior to the acquisition, we were producing (3) types of vodkas, a Premium vodka, Raspberry Vodka, and Vanilla Vodka. Our most popular product was Disco Lemonade, a raspberry based canned cocktail that caught fire in the northeast. We used a very small equipment set-up to get started in our business in an 800 sq. ft. space in the back of a warehouse with no tasting room. At this point, I am offering my expertise as a consultant to smaller distilleries and start ups in equipment selection, production processes, mash bill formulation, product development, and financing considerations. Please email me at ben@lifeofreilley.net if I can be of any assistance either formally or just to book an informal call to discuss your project. Cheers and thank you, Ben Reilley Life of Reilley
  3. Hi Zak, just emailed over. Thanks for you interest!
  4. Everything you need to start your own distillery. We have had this system for only 2 years and have outgrown it. Would love to see it land in a good home for a start-up distillery. I will even offer to train and consult on your mash bill if that is of interest. Asking $25,000 (OBO) FOB for the entire system: Included in system: 26 Gallon, 12 plate rectifying Hillbilly Still and 5500 Watt control box 26 Gallon, 12 plate rectifying Mile Hi Still and 5500 Watt control box 50 Gallon, 4 inch stripping Hillbilly Still and 11,000 Watt control box (2) stainless steel charcoal filters (1) stainless steel filter housing/bottling unit (20) 55 gallon poly fermentation drums (8) 300 gallon food grade cubes Extra clamps, gaskets, lab equipment too! Pictures available (continually getting errors attempting to upload on this post) with serious inquiries at ben@lifeofreilley.net
  5. Ben Reilley

    Wanted- Still r&d small batch

    Hi Curt, I am about to post (3) stills on this forum. Would you like to discuss with me before I post? We have (2) 26 gallon, 12 plate rectifying columns and (1) 50 gallon stripping still. We've simply outgrown this solution. Email is ben@lifeofreilley.net or cell is 315-506-5084 to text. Thanks, Ben Reilley