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  1. where are you located? I have a facility in Washington state where you can see one of my continuous systems in action, and ask questions of the distiller running it.
  2. what was the grain bill of the whiskey stored in these? dont need to be specific if you dont want, but are we talking bourbon, single malt, rye?
  3. Now in stock (2 units) 15 gallon training/recipe development still 304 stainless kettle Electric Bain-Marie / Steam Heat 4 plate 6"copper Column with internal plate disablers $5500 $6000 with 1/2 HP agitator
  4. I designed this system to process 100,000 gallons a day of whey, to neutral spirit. insulated for year round running in the elements.
  5. Dead Oak In Washington State. 28 plates on the beer column, 28 plates on the spirit column Whiskey and Vodka Production, can be changed on the fly continuous adjustable heads cut, for both whiskey and Vodka 40 barrels a day production first of her type.
  6. there is one I designed in Colordo Springs. but thats a bit of a drive
  7. drop me a DM, I'll put you in touch
  8. biodiesel works well and is usually pretty cheap if you can find a supplier, just make sure its not been blended with petroleum diesel. its basically vegetable oil that had had its heavier lipids replaces with lighter lipids, so you dont get the plasticized oil buildup that happens when you heat cycle vegetable oils. stays cleaner longer, and less buildup.
  9. Where abouts are you at, I have a friend who owns a distillery in Prosser. might be worth a visit.
  10. EC1118 should produce very little character but has a higher alcohol tolerance. I personally prefer plain old bread yeast for character but it has low alcohol tolerance, so finishing with ec1118 as the bread yeast is petering out can give the best of both worlds. Red Star Champagne yeast is a close kin to ec1118, however is much cheaper when bought in bulk, and has the benefit of being quicker to reproduce after initial pitch, and can survive colder temps that would kill ec1118. I know lots of people like the Danstill EDV 493 for rum, but I am not particularly keen on it, it does ferment well but produced too many off flavors for me at low temps. it could just be my palate, and those "off flavors" where character. I know this was intended as a discussion on nutrients, but has taken a turn into yeast strains, so take my advice as what it is.
  11. yes the pictures are photoshopped to clean them up a bit, the still itself is untouched (other than the addition of our company logo) these are used a promotional pictures, blur the background to highlight the still
  12. you have another one? the one I bought from you works well.
  13. the one on this listing is in Mississippi. but if you want to order one from me I can accommodate. prices are tied to the US dollar but I can accept Canadian funds.
  14. I dont have any full pictures of it but here is one I found during construction and here is a fully assembled similar model
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