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  1. Best label company

    we use label gallery in Norwich NY.
  2. Barrel Racks - Northeast

    MorebeerPro.com 60 gallon rack $109, 30 gallon $99, ship out of PA.
  3. New York grains

    Where are you located?
  4. grain cleaner

    Hudson, Vomitoxin does not affect ruminant animals such as cows as much as it would affect humans and pigs. In the malting for the brewing industry the acceptable amount is 1ppm, in the northeast it is very hard to achieve that low number except in western NY. the eastern part of the state is wetter. I have personally grown small grains for a few years and have had only one successful year (2016). we grew some very nice rye. One huge problem with barley is there is no secondary market for it if it is not of malting quality. BUT to answer your question if you should get it cleaned, yes you should. If the farmer that grew it only offers it as "field cleaned" that mean it was only cleaned by the combine it still has allot of other seeds and grasshoppers, and other goodies in it.
  5. Fermenting pineapple juice

    there is a vodka from Maui called PAU that is distilled from pineapple. very smooth.
  6. Fermenter chilling

    why not just use your glycol chiller to control temps in the fermenters instead of a separate water tank. we use our glycol chiller to control four 2000L fermenters ( with upper and lower jackets), two 2000L conditioning tanks, and a 3000L bright tank for our cidery. We have two manifolds, one feed and one return, with a main loop like you would use in a home heating system. I have no problem keeping my fermenters at 58 during fermentation and cold crashing them down to 32, and keeping the condition tanks and bright tanks at 32 all at the same time. Our manifolds have zone valves for each zone on the feed lines and they are controlled by programmable Johnson controls.
  7. 1000 liter still

    Paul is correct. He supplied the column, delphlegmator, and gin basket only. Paul and his crew are top-notch and we recommend them and their products 100% The pot is a Chinese unit. We have ended up selling the column and parts without the pot. the pot is still for sale. Open to offers. I can supply pictures.
  8. 1000 liter still

    sale pending
  9. 1000 liter still

    We are selling our brand new never used electric baine marie style still with a 10 inch 12 plate copper column, ss dephlegmator, large shot-gun style condenser and custom gin basket. The column and Gin basket were made by Affordable Distilling Equipment out of MO. This system brand new and never used. We are selling as the inner liner of the still was damaged by a careless contractor who accidently over pressurized the still jacket. It is repairable but we have decided to go a different route for our distillation. Original investment over $30K but are looking to sell for $17500. Located in Oneonta NY you are more then welcome to inspect unit. Contact: Michael@drinksauvage.com