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  1. Thank you all for the detailed posts. I am just now trying to figure out how to proof products with solids in them. This appears daunting. I bought Alcodens. Now to get LQ. With proofing regular spirits, its a little simpler, you either add water or spirits to get to your stated proof. Not so simple with solids.
  2. Is this still available? I tried emailing, but it bounced. Please call me. John 419-610-7600. I get to Detroit all the time.
  3. Thanks for the advice on letting things settle. The water I use was at room temp as was the moonshine, so they would be close when mixed. But, it does seem to change after 4-5 hours. I am using old school hydrometer (3 point) and a calibrated/certified hydrometer. My last run of vodka, I did three tests, ranging from 79.9 proof to 80.00 proof on the nose. I sent it to a lab in Michigan, and they came up with 79.4 proof. So, apparently I have to fine tune my process.
  4. I am in shock. I presume the expectations are for distilleries to invest in themselves and/or share with the public.
  5. All, We are a brand new distillery. I am doing my first proofing test on a very small batch of moonshine. I followed everyone's advice, using AlcoDens for my calculations and blended by weight. I added the amount of water specified by the weight calculations, but my scale is only accurate to .5 lbs, making it a little tough for me to get accurate. We'll bought a new scale for processing, that is more accurate, but it won't be here for a few weeks. I was targeting 95proof. Once everything was blended, I was at 95.6 proof on my first measurement, 95.72 on my second measurement and 95.68 on my 3rd measurement. All was going well and I had about 190 lbs of fluid at 95.6 proof. I added 750ml of water (1.65lbs) , knowing that I am now chasing my tail. I closed up the tank and agitated it for several minutes. I let the tank settle for 15 minutes then took a measurement. It was now reading 94.3 proof. Ok, I overshot, but have plenty extra to mix. My question is not about how much to add. I have the calculator for that (I miscalculated). My question is: How long does it normally take for the added water to get fully blended into the mixture?
  6. Great program. This is exactly what we need at our distillery. Its not so easy to use at first, until you get the hang of it.
  7. I just read about the corney kegs. Seems like a reasonable solution for us.
  8. Thanks again. Do you buy the open or closed head?
  9. We just have small stills right now. 50 gallon capacity. So, we can carry our product to the scale. But, I like that idea of using movers dollies. So, you use Stainless Drums?
  10. We started on a shoestring with no loans. Eleven months for us. We hired Steve Dalbey to navigate the commercial building inspector, and Whiskey Systems. Those two clearly saved us months. Steve was a former fire marshall and inspected large distilleries in the mid-west. Whiskey Systems and ADI helped us through the TTB application process.
  11. We went with Whiskey Systems as Donald helped us open the doors. We were contacted by Stillhouse, but we will remain loyal. He is there for you when you need it.
  12. What do people use to collect and store spirits? I read somewhere that the tanks need to be certified. But, I thought the amount of alcohol was the only real concern to TTB.
  13. I am John Bassett. My partner and I are opening a new nano-distillery in Galion, Ohio. Its a small town, about an hour north of Columbus. Our intention is to remain small and become a destination location. Currently, we have our DSP permit. We had our final state inspection, and expect the state permit in the next 10 days. We have navigated the zoning, fire marshall and commercial building inspectors. Remarkably, its only taken us 10 months to get to this point, due to a favorable business climate in Galion and the state of Ohio. We appreciate ADI, especially Bill Owens. You all have contributed to the success we have had thus far. We are known as Iron Vault Distillery.
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