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  1. Awesome thanks so much. It was the 10 mile limitation that I couldn't find anywhere out so I appreciate the attention to the memorandum. Appreciate it everyone!
  2. Hey All, I called the TTB about this a few times and got several different answers so I figured I would throw this out to see if anyone had any experience with this. We are looking at signing a lease for a storage facility/rickhouse nearby our distillery and I wanted to see if I would need to submit a new DSP application or could amend our current DSP to include the new space. It is not attached to our building and is owned by a different company than our current facility but is less than a mile away. Please let me know if anyone has a similar setup and what they were required to do. If I need a new DSP I would rather get that submitted ASAP so we are not paying a lease on a building that we have nothing sitting in. Thanks!
  3. Hey Southern, If you still have black flakes in your distillate after you cleaned the condenser and column it might be charred proteins from the grains. We had a distillery near us have the same experience with on-grain distillation when they switched (continuing to distill using an electric heating element). I imagine it would be tough for them to get through a column but with enough pressure (which you might have with a large pot and narrow column) they could feasibly make it through. They reduced the problem with a silicone wrap on their coils, but ended up switching back to off-grain distillation because they never could fully get rid of the flakes. Hope that helps!
  4. We have a 1000 L Kothe Pot Collumn Hybrid still and run our caustic and citric solution through the pot hooked up to the CIP recirc pump. We use a 1% caustic solution and a 2.5% citric solution and haven't had any problems with clogging in the spray balls. It works great to remove any organic matter and the citric does a pretty good job to remove any DMTS/DMS on the copper. We use a gin basket after the column and we do an extra 20 minutes on all of the plates below the condensate return (bottom 3 plates on ours) to remove any excess oils that have come through the u-bend.
  5. All American label has been great to work with. They are very responsive and have a relatively quick turnaround (for larger orders) and we have been satisfied with all of the labels we have gotten from them. Not sure about small runs, but if you are looking to scale up they are the best pricing out of the larger label manufacturers that we talked to.
  6. We tried a few small batches with cranesbill root and chicory root as a fixative, but neither one of them had as good fixative properties as orris or angelica. You do get a great chocolate-coffee aroma with the chicory root but after 3-4 weeks we lost a lot of flavor. We ended up incorporating both in our recipe and added 100 grams of angelica as well and that seemed to do the trick.
  7. I didn't but I will be sure to give you a shout-out next time I talk to them. Thanks again for the help bluestar, we appreciate it.
  8. Thanks everyone this has been huge. They approved the Magrabar in case anyone is looking!
  9. Ditto to Southernhighlander. We put a VFD on ours and it is really quiet running at 40hz vs 60hz. Great for your holds and mixing in enzymes, but we do run it at 60 for the mill in.
  10. Hey Everyone, We have been using a dimethylpolysiloxane based anti-foaming agent in our mashes to prevent the fermenters from foaming over since we opened. We are also going through our the organic certification process right now (I will save my thoughts on that whole mess for another thread) and the certifying body is having a problem authorizing our anti-foam as a processing aid. Does anyone have any experience or know of any other product that can be used for anti-foam suitable for distilleries? I can't seem to find any that pass of the approved solutions that are also consumable. Appreciate the help.
  11. 2 1000 liter plastic fermenters for sale never been used. Comes with lockable lid and bubble caps for each one. Forkliftable, conical bottom and ball valve attachment. Looking for $900 each or $1700 for the pair. Shipping from Maryland.
  12. 2 1000 liter plastic fermenters for sale never been used. Comes with lockable lid and bubble caps for each one. Forkliftable, conical bottom and ball valve attachment. Looking for $900 each or $1700 for the pair. Shipping from Maryland.
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