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  1. Thatch

    The Liquor Store of the Future is Here

    Here's one with no distilleries but shows my location. It seems if you fiddle around with it, it will show some.
  2. Thatch

    The Liquor Store of the Future is Here

    I installed your app. It finds only two micro distilleries in the State of Ohio. What criteria are you using to qualify as "micro"?
  3. Thatch

    What states let Distllerys self Distribute?

    Ohio A3a is allowed to self distribute
  4. Thatch

    American Single Malt Whiskey

    The meaning of Single Malt Whiskey is it comes from a SINGLE distillery whereas many Scotch Whiskey are blends from many distilleries. A Single Malt Whiskey is made of 100% malt made from barley, whereas many Scotch whiskey blends also have other grains (corn, unmalted barley, etc) whiskey blended in. There is far more Blended Whiskey than Single malt being produced in Scotland these days.
  5. Thatch

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    I'm not sure what anyone would have patented other than a unique process in using UV. Using UV and US on spirits have been around prior to 1962. I would think you are able to try anything with either except the unique process that has been patented if you could find it out. http://hilgardia.ucanr.edu/fileaccess.cfm?article=152560&p=AXWYZG
  6. Thatch

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    And what is the value of transpiration? Is this filtering? If it is, why do you believe it cannot be achieved with staves? In an article attributed to your distillery (you?) https://www.chicagobourbon.org/2016/09/14/quincy-street-distillery-history-meets-science/ reference is made to UV treatment, have to tried it? How about ultrasound and oxygen such as Terressentia? If the effects of aging in India can accelerate the aging of spirits due to temperature swings not seen in Scotland then why not staves and Ultrasound or for that matter oak sawdust and Ultrasound? Sorry if I hijacked the thread but this seems to be pertinent to aging and the initial question the OP posted.
  7. Thatch

    Mashbill in pounds

    Have him talk to Caleb at Sugar Creek. They are in Lebanon, IN and deal with local farmers. They also have their own grain cleaner I believe. caleb@sugarcreekmalt.com
  8. Thatch

    Mashbill in pounds

    Field barley would be prior to cleaning. Most times the barley would be cleaned prior to mashing just to get rid of nails, rocks, etc. Cleaning does not eliminate DON. However, it significantly reduces the level of the mycotoxin by removing lighter, more heavily infected kernels
  9. That should work nicely! Cheers!
  10. Whole lot of folks already doing it. http://www.americansinglemaltwhiskey.org/ Not quite sure what the issue is since WHISKY DISTILLED FROM MALT MASH is a class of Whisky.
  11. American Single Malt Whiskey - This should be nothing more then a fanciful name Whiskey Distilled From Malt Mash - This type specifically calls for used barrels. We will be using Neutral barrels but I have no how long to count on them lasting.
  12. That's the direction we are headed. We're doing something along the lines of based on our consultants input. Distillery Name American Single Malt Whiskey Whiskey Distilled From Malt Mash
  13. Thatch

    architect dilemma.. your recs?

    maddog, Wow, you have your act together. One thing I didn't mention was in my initial meeting with the city I asked the building inspector what general contractors they felt comfortable with and those are the ones I got proposals from. The guy who your city feels comfortable with is the one I would choose. There is a lot of information on codes both on-line and on this forum that can short cut the consultants fee you are afraid of. This paper from Dalkita that I found online was helpful to the engineers and would be helpful to your architect who has not done this previously. http://www.americancraftspirits.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Safety-Code-Breaking-Barrels.pdf.
  14. Thatch

    architect dilemma.. your recs?

    We did a "none of the above" We contracted with a local good name general contractor that had a good engineering staff. They came up with all the right questions and were able to satisfy the fire marshal as well as the building inspector and the building code review inspector. Before you hire anyone you need to make sure that your difficult to deal with local government wants a distillery in their town. If they don't want you, they will always find a way to keep you out. I first went to the city, talked to the head of Community & Economic Development who took the idea to city council, then zoning and then planning to see if anyone had objections to a distillery. Getting the fire marshal involved early is quite important so the he can review the fire codes and look smart if the other folks ask his opinion on the dangers of a distillery. I actually called him and told him what we wanted to do so he would be prepared for any questions. I wanted his opinion on whether or not he thought a distillery in our proposed location would be okay.