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  1. Finished Product Storage and Exemption

    Our fire marshall is okay with anything in consumer packaging and not counting it towards our total allowed. Please understand that means nothing. Your AHJ gets to determine the meaning of the specifications and his comfort level.
  2. Finished Product Storage and Exemption

    There are many posts on this forum that refer to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Your local building department is this entity and they call the shots. 1. Never heard of this. 2. Bottles do not count towards you "storage" Here's a good article http://www.klausbruckner.com/blog/distillery-storage-dilemmas/ 3. This is up to the AHJ. Most equipment coming in from Europe is not UL but there are billions of dollars in European equipment running in the US. 4. Doesn't seem logical but this is a call for the AHJ
  3. grain cleaner

    I'm happy you have never seen it. However, I know of at least 1 instance where the DON level in malt barley was 7% and was brought down to .6% with a Satake color sorter. I know of no maltster who does not test for DON.
  4. grain cleaner

    The "cheap" barley is not likely malt grade and can have nasty items such as vomitoxin (DON) in its mix. Prior to purchasing, the barley would be tested and a maltster would reject this barley since a high enough concentration would make people (and animals) sick. Vomitoxin will not be corrected by cleaning.
  5. Malting Equipment

    You are probably in the wrong place. Craft Maltsters Guild is where you would want to ask this question. http://craftmalting.com/ There is a "contact us" towards the bottom of the page. If no one responds in a day or two let me know and I'll try to get you an invite. But, I would need your name, company name, location and what you are trying to accomplish to put this out as a general mailing to the Guild.
  6. Motors for agitators and pumps

    You need to discuss this with your Chief Building Inspector. He is the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). If he says it's okay to install non-UL equipment that is his call or the call of someone that reports to him. Many large pieces of equipment that are being used in factories in the US but are imported and not UL or CSA are installed and used every day. Keep in mind, he does not have to say yes.
  7. Steam Boiler

    The real answer is to talk to your Head Building Inspector. He or someone who reports to him is the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) in this matter. If he says it is okay to have in his city, then it is okay. Many pieces of factory equipment that are installed in the US are not UL or CSA but that is up to the AHJ.
  8. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    This is pretty much the size that I will be trying to match. How big a pump are you using and how/when are you triggering it? Sounds like the sanitizer tank is a 5 gal container, what did you use? Would you mind taking a picture and posting this great solution for all to see? Thanks again for all your time.
  9. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    Elegant, thanks for the insight. Any recommendation on the size of the sanitizer tank based on fermenter size? How did you decide on a size for the pump?
  10. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    Thanks for the insight folks. Skaalvenn, how do you "pump all the CO2 to the outside"? I get the fact that the sanitizer acts as an air lock but how do you get the CO2 out of the sanitizer? Sorry to be so dense but since CO2 is heavier then air this might be a better way to rid ourselves then triggering our vents fans which are 10 feet high.
  11. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    Based on your previous post and my discussion with the distiller yesterday, we are going to monitor for CO2 and Ethanol and tie this into the ventilation system. Since CO2 is heavier than air I would think that the CO2 sensor has to be no more then 5' above the floor. Any recommendation as to the height of the sensors?
  12. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    Thanks Tom, Any idea what the chemistry is behind the sanitizer? Why does it work? What do you do with the sanitizer in the bucket after its full of CO2 bubbles? We've got good venting in our building and will have monitors in place but the fact that CO2 is heavier then air make me wonder how good a job I will do dispersing it with fans in the middle of winter. I'm surprised this topic is not discussed on this forum and I could not find much information elsewhere. Is this not a big issue? One of my associates just came back from school warning of "brewers death"
  13. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    Visited a distillery in today and the Distiller mentioned having both an alcohol and CO2 monitor. He thought this was required by TTB. Is there any monitoring required by TTB, if so, what? He has an interesting way of venting the CO2 from his closed tank fermenters using his CIP tube into a bucket of soap. Anyone else using this technique? How does this help to disperse the CO2?
  14. Fermenter chilling

    Thanks guys, Good stuff. mjduheme - the tank already exist for another purpose. It is 5000 gallons and we keep it at 52 degrees. For the time being it is an easier plumbing job until we get to the point where we need another chiller. I didn't consider using manifolds but that seems to be a great solution.
  15. Fermenter chilling

    We hope to have somewhere between 4 and 7 300 gallon jacketed fermenters that will be temperature controlled with water from a large tank that is chilled from a glycol chiller. I am trying to decide how to chill only the fermenter which needs its temperature brought down. I am thinking of a temperature controlled valve mounted to each fermenter that would either let the water into the jacket if necessary via a T fitting or if closed would bypass this fermenter. Any better ideas? If this is a good idea any suggestions on where to get this type of valve? We will be an all malt shop and we will be fermenting off grain. Thanks!