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  1. Fermenter chilling

    Thanks guys, Good stuff. mjduheme - the tank already exist for another purpose. It is 5000 gallons and we keep it at 52 degrees. For the time being it is an easier plumbing job until we get to the point where we need another chiller. I didn't consider using manifolds but that seems to be a great solution.
  2. Fermenter chilling

    We hope to have somewhere between 4 and 7 300 gallon jacketed fermenters that will be temperature controlled with water from a large tank that is chilled from a glycol chiller. I am trying to decide how to chill only the fermenter which needs its temperature brought down. I am thinking of a temperature controlled valve mounted to each fermenter that would either let the water into the jacket if necessary via a T fitting or if closed would bypass this fermenter. Any better ideas? If this is a good idea any suggestions on where to get this type of valve? We will be an all malt shop and we will be fermenting off grain. Thanks!
  3. Hello From Florida

    I'm great. You tour and tastings were wonderful. I hope to do it again this Fall.
  4. Hello From Florida

    Welcome Thomas, I visited you last spring. Great facility, great products.
  5. Barrels and Aging / TTB Rules

    That's great as long as the TTB says they are oak containers. Please let us know when TTB has sanctioned your product
  6. Hi Finished, I wish Dave Dunbar was chiming in on your question. Since he hasn't, I will tell you what he told me. The serial number is YOUR internal serial number such as Still #1. You can file without having equipment but you will at least have to get a practice/recipe still pretty early in the process. Unless you think you completely understand what you need, I would contact Dave and either pay his hourly rate or have him apply for the permit for you. dhdunbar1@gmail.com
  7. Already read content resurfacing

    Nope, pretty much read everyday and no returns of old "Unread Content"
  8. Flavoring

    Cindy Cosmos, Principal Flavorist Bell Flavors & Fragrances 500 Academy Drive Northbrook, Il 60062 cscosmos@bellff.com Phone: 847-291-4422 Sovereign Flavors and Flavor Chem many that are already TTB approved. Mother Murphy's Flavors 615-330-1925 Cheers!
  9. http://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/300000-gallons-of-molten-glass-spills-after-rupture-at-zanesville-plant
  10. Electric Stripping Still?

    You might want to talk to Odin at iStill on his products. They seem to meet your needs. Unfortunately his stills jump from 500 to 2000 liters. https://www.istill.eu/ sales@istillmail.com
  11. Fed acquired, can we make without State permit?

    Jessica makes a good point. If you are not aware, hooch is a food in Ohio and you must be inspected and permitted by the Ohio Dept of Ag. This is in addition to Ohio Liquor Control.
  12. Fed acquired, can we make without State permit?

    Just talked to a Liquor Control attorney today. Left a message and they returned the call within 3 hours. Call 614-644-2360, if the specialist cannot answer your questions ask to be transferred to legal.
  13. Distillery in Malt Plant

    Thanks Bluestar, We will be selling to others. We hope to submit our application soon using one of the folks that contributes here regularly. Once I find out the results, I'll post them.
  14. Distillery in Malt Plant

    Thanks Robert, we're in the process of getting our application together. I'll post something once we find out what we're allowed to do.
  15. spirit scales

    Hi Ralphie513, Why do you need to weigh spirits? To be legal for trade the scale has to be NTEP, National Type Evaluation Program. Since spirits are not sold by weight, who is telling you that you need a legal for trade scale? You can find a lot of scales on ebay and Amazon by searching on "NTEP scale". You can qualify it further by either size 24x24 or weight 1000 lb.