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  1. The change that we had to make to our label was the term BOTTLED AT along with ALC/VOL. They basically give you a pass on the true proof and allow you to enter the proof prior to the infusion of the fruit. In our case we are bottling at 120 proof and then adding the fruit to the jar.
  2. Check out this thread, there are a lot of good ideas. http://adiforums.com/topic/10896-vapor-detection-alarm-exhaust-fan-control/
  3. Worked for me. Go to their FB page and click on photos
  4. I'm not generally impressed when I visit distilleries but low and behold what I found in Ohio farm country East of Cleveland. Although the inventor was not present, I believe these are back to back continuous column vacuum stills. Both seem to have infusion abilities. His nephew told me that the inventor built his first still at age 12. There are a couple of additional photos on their FB page. I have no additional information. https://www.facebook.com/SevenBrothersDistillingCo/
  5. @JNorris Thanks for the reply. We got our formula approved today but there are things that needs to be on the label that were not anticipated. Once that's approved I will add more so that the next person (notice my gender neutrality) going down this path will have a better road map. Read closely what @JNorris posted. There are many bad examples currently in use.
  6. We have developed a fruit infused whiskey. We are adding the fruit to a quart jar after distillation. Now that we have something that we would like to sell I have come up with a problem. Is it legal? I have search the forum for hours and found several posts that mention this technique but it is only a mention. When I search the BAM this does not seem to be allowed. Yet, I have seen similar products on the shelf in liquor stores with fruit sitting on the bottom of a quart jar. We will not be adding any sugar and we intend to use somewhere around 120 proof in the products. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated.
  7. @Southernhighlander I hope you don't disagree that the OP should check with his AHJ before developing a business plan around the fact that this will be okay.
  8. You site no regulations that you needed to comply with to make your local AHJ happy. Is the point that you are "just doing it" because you are in a rural area or is there part of the building code that we are not aware of that would allow such storage? Please share with us how you are making this happen.
  9. @dhdunbar is who you want to hear from. Hopefully he will respond. He is retired from ATF and began consulting for DSP's in 2012.
  10. Silk, any chance of a 15 second video
  11. I agree and make sure your investors know that this is a long haul. If they are looking for a quick ROI or a sure thing, they will be disappointed.
  12. A well-known example of a positive azeotrope is 95.63% ethanol and 4.37% water https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azeotrope
  13. I think this is over with. I sent two of our folks to what was supposed to be the "last" class. Also sent another person to iStills class which was quite comprehensive but mostly focused on iStill equipment.
  14. Never could find one when I looked but the folks on this forum and simply searching the forum were invaluable. You might want to tell us the type of equipment you have along with your location in Ohio, what type of spirits you wish to make and if you have been granted your DSP.
  15. We are an all malt distillery. We have both the stripping version which is a bain marie and spirits version which is direct fire. They are both 500 liter. We make both whiskey and Vodka. In our case it is not being accomplished in one run. The stripper is a bottleneck for us. We are thinking of removing the packing from the column and adding a larger condenser to increase throughput. You need to be aware that the throughput numbers on the Genio web site are for a 25% wash whereas ours is less than 10%. The stripping run takes over 10 hours with a 8-10% wash.
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