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  1. Thatch

    Hot Water heater

    Our water temp is 47 now and will get lower. I guess it all depends on how much you want to mash. Our tun is 550 gallons and we are 100% barley malt. We use a grist hydrator and the flow rate is what we need to match the water flow with the malt flow and prevent clumping.
  2. Thatch

    Hot Water heater

    Happy with our A.O. Smith https://www.build.com/ao-smith-atio-910-an/s1329791?uid=3167497 Heavy Duty, industrial, really does the job.
  3. Thatch

    Barrel Head Space

    The people who write the codes were asked to justify the discrepancy between the fire code and the building code. The OP's original question was about avoiding H-3. Once you exceed MAQ you are H occupancy for barrel storage. We have all seen and/or read on this forum about the guy who has 100 barrels and is F-1. In that case the AHJ has only looked at the fire code and not at the building code. The OP's fire marshal has consulted both codes.
  4. Thatch

    Barrel Head Space

    Sorry, wrong link http://www.klausbruckner.com/blog/distillery-storage-dilemmas/
  5. Thatch

    Barrel Head Space

    You were not fully informed. You have many codes to consult, fire, building and electrical. The biggest determing factor is your AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) and his interpretation of the codes. It is very unlikely you will be able to avoid a H3 classification in your barrel area unless you have less than (I believe) 30 gallons of spirits. This link does a pretty good job of explaining the codes that affect distilleries. http://ferar.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/pub_Distiller_Winter2018.pdf
  6. Thatch

    Whey Fermentation

    Thanks Glen, I have talked to and written to Joe several times in hopes of procuring one of his creations. If you find it necessary to part with it let me know. thatchertm@gmail.com.
  7. Thatch

    Whey Fermentation

    Hey Glen, I don't want to hijack this thread. Can you start another post and tell us about your still? I would be great to have input from someone using a continuous as to the ups and downs. Who built it, how fast is it, how is it powered would be great starting points.
  8. Thatch

    Looking for a scale....

    Only if you want/need your local weights and measures agency to certify it as correct for trade. In Ohio they are only allowed to certify NTEP.
  9. Thatch

    Permit Process Guidance

    David Dunbar is the most recommended on this forum. dhdunbar1@gmail.com. We used him on our application which was rather complicated but he brought it home with ease. Dave is retired from the TTB. Highly recommended. David Dunbar <dhdunbar1@gmail.com>
  10. Thatch

    Distilling Area Classification?

    @SouthernhighlanderDid he quote the code he was applying or is this a done deal? There's nothing I can find in any code that refers to the drain on the still.
  11. Thatch

    Distilling Area Classification?

    As it has been said many times on this forum, the AHJ is the boss. As soon as the inspector told @Southernhighlander that the manway is a fill opening, this code became part of the discussion. NFPA 30 Table 7.3.3 Drum and container filling – outdoors or indoors – NEC Class 1, Div 1, Zone 1 within 3’ of the vent or fill opening, extending in all directions. NEC Class 1, Div 2, Zone 2 from 3’ to 5’ from the vent or fill opening, extending in all directions; also, up to 18” above floor or grade level within a horizontal radius of 10 ft from the vent or fill opening. Also, Div 1 for the trench below floor level.
  12. Thatch

    truck to grain/feed bin auger

    Good Company good equipment https://www.commoditytraders.biz/new-equipment/custom-built-auger/
  13. Thatch

    Continuous Column Distillation

    Hi Pete, I tried to PM you but your messaging is turned off. We are somewhat similar to you. I have a distillery inside a malt house and we deal directly with our farmers to grow a specific variety of barley for us. We also will be making whiskey. The 5 points you make are perfect for us. The 2000 liters in 8 hours is the number I am looking for but I would want to do it with 480 volt 3 phase electricity. Any idea who I could talk to about building such a still? Or, where can I get plans for such a still. Ferromit.com is not responding but I might purchase his plans online to get some ideas. Cheers, Thatch
  14. Thatch

    Continuous Column Distillation

    Who's plans are you using Pete? I am familiar with http://www.ferromit.com He's in the Southern Hemisphere as well.
  15. Thatch

    Dephleg hotter than column

    I've been following this thread. If Paul, Mike and Meerkat actually solve the problem for Jen they get my championship trophy. GREAT effort guys!