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  1. Thanks Silk, how would you define purity assuming you are coming off the still @ 190+? Does your definition of purity vary depend on raw materials? Perhaps the best question is, how do I determine if I have pure vodka?
  2. It would seem that slow proofing would be beneficial even with Vodka to prevent saponification. Is this correct?
  3. You're welcome. We are adding a float valve to our grant since we have to pump uphill.
  4. @Pour Decisions @38° is correct, any tasting room CANNOT be within the DSP. You cannot sell or having tastings within the bonded area. Does it happen, sure. I would call the TTB to ask if they want the tasting room and and General Premises on the diagram you submit. The information I provided is from the permits online tutorial https://www.ttb.gov/ponl/ponl-tutorial-part-1-dsp-page-2 You can either use the TTB website as your guide or the experience of what took place with @38°
  5. If applicable, show where the tasting room and/or retail store will be located
  6. Respectfully disagree. What I posted above is cut and pasted directly from the TTB website.
  7. @Pour Decisions Diagram of the DSP The diagram of the premises must: Indicate the dimensions of the premises in feet and inches Identify which areas are bonded Show where all doors are located Indicate which direction is “north” If applicable, identify any areas used as general premises If applicable, show where cased goods will be stored on bonded premises If applicable, show where the tasting room and/or retail store will be located
  8. Unlikely, we are in the same boat. You have to walk through a warehouse that is not part of the DSP to get to a restroom.
  9. Make sure you talk to these folks https://www.dalkita.com/
  10. Could you please explain what you want the SOPs on? I can't imagine it being on mashing, fermenting or distilling since you are working at a distillery. For additional background you might want to listen to the podcasts at dalkita.com and read all the back issues of Artisan Spirits http://artisanspiritmag.com/past-issues/ In both cases the content touches on most aspects of the craft distillery world. If this is about building and fire codes, I would read everything on the dalkita web site in their blog and then search on this forum for the term AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and read as many of those posts as you can handle
  11. Glass Thief http://oakbarrel.com/glass-wine-thief-economy/ @DrDistillationis the word you want pipette? This is what a wine thief is called in France.
  12. No room on the floor but plenty of room on the mezzanine. I'm probably going to have to go with the float switch.
  13. @Brewstilla @PeteB @adamOVD After thinking about this overnight I realize that I left off a key piece of information. The pump is ten feet higher than the lauter tun. Our fermenters are on a mezzanine. I guess I'm back to my original float switch idea unless someone has a better idea. I think I have to use the grant (milk can) to keep from pulling a vacuum and collapsing the grain bed. Any thoughts?
  14. Thanks for all the help guys, some really great suggestions. I did mention earlier that the pump is equipped with a VFD. If none of the suggestions work we'll wire a float switch to the VFD and be done with it. The pump works great with our milk can grant but manually turning the pump on and off is what we're tying to avoid. It seems possible that we might be able to solve this with a slower speed and more sparge water. The KISS principal from @PeteB and @adamOVD sounds like a winner as well. Thanks again. Cheers!
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