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  1. Anyone got a line on in-stock 2 to 4 ounce spray bottles for a reasonable price? We had delivery promised for Monday and now it's next month.
  2. Great Job Dr D. This makes me breath easier. We're all just trying to help out and dissecting specs is not my long suit.
  3. Called several, this is what they used in the 1980's but not now. Called tattoo supply houses - they use something else as a sanitizer. Apparently not USP from what I could find. I'm posting the above for other folks. We lucked out and scored several cases with a local Drug Mart. The initial response I got was one per customer. But, when I talked to the manager and told him what we're doing he was more that happy to turn loose of most of what he had.
  4. You've misunderstood. That is not me, I simply gave you a contact to call to see if they would share their recipe. I saw it on FB and gave you the contact info. Call the number and see if the guy will talk to you.
  5. Saw this on Facebook Flatrock Distilling Company· We had a few questions about mineral oil in some distillery made sanitizers. Our hand sanitizer is made with Aloe Vera and essential oils. We do not add mineral oil to batches. (419) 868-8114
  6. Having great difficulty finding H2O2. We're in Ohio, anyone know any sources that have stock?
  7. Thanks, but I'd really like to know if USP is mandatory, I can't find that requirement in the spec
  8. Early on in this thread I had found some denatorium benzoate and I was asked if it was USP, it was not. I am searching the denaturing spec and I cannot find where it needs to be USP. Does it need to be USP? Please point me at the page.
  9. My Bad, the text above is from Part 27 CFR part 20. Dr. D has the correct info.
  10. I'm not a lawyer and I'm not a chemist. But, the spec says "95 parts by vol.; and Isopropyl Alcohol, 5 parts by vol." Therefore my answer is 80% since the WHO spec for Ethanol is 80%. I expect someone with a Doctorate in chemistry to correct this.
  11. Dave, is this what you're looking for? Supposedly this is the text The federal excise tax is waived on any distilled spirits used for or contained in hand sanitizer that is produced and distributed in a manner consistent with guidance issued by the Food and Drug Administration and is effective for calendar year 2020. Seems like the FDA is driving the bus.
  12. We were lucky to get 200 2 gallon jugs donated by a local packaging supplier. We asked and they were happy to help out.
  13. First, I'm not a lawyer. This is the newest FDA doc https://www.fda.gov/media/136118/download You will note that at the top of many of the pages there is text that says "Contains Nonbinding Recommendations" When you search on that text, you come up with several legal opinions, one of the opinions was written by the Attorney General of the United States. The question is, do you have to follow FDA guidance that includes this text. The answer is, it is not law. https://www.achesongroup.com/post/fda-guidance-do-i-have-to-comply
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