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  1. I am assuming this is not an outdoor tank. If this is an indoor tank you have to be able to secure your distillery and not the individual tank. The sentence says "or", it does not say "and"
  2. Ditto! por favor. I too would like to graduate to a continuous still some time in the future at least for stripping.
  3. How much are you storing? How are you classified, F-1 or H-3? What is your fire marshal's goal with the fire wall? Do you have sprinklers? You might need to draw a floor plan to give you any input.
  4. Thatch

    Barrel size

    You might be referring to the proposed rule from TTB. Search on this topic on this forum TTB seeking comment on using ONLY 53G Barrels---the end of small distilling in america (?)
  5. Thatch

    Barrel size

    120 gallons if not sprinkled and 240 if sprinkled. This can be increased significantly by adding control areas. You can have up to 3 additional control areas and if they are sprinkled you may have up to 960 gallons in storage and remain and F-1 facility. If you are classified as H-3 there is no MAQ
  6. Thatch

    Barrel size

    No, oak barrels are exempt in the fire code. The commentary in the fore code defers to the building code. Basically they are saying "we agree with the MAQ's in the building I disagree. They are included in the building code but not the fire code. The "general interpretation" is incorrect.
  7. Gotta agree with Roger. We currently Vorlauf but his statement has made me think about what we are doing. Here's the "official" reason we do it: Vorlauf is German for “recirculation.” When a mash is transferred to a lauter tun or when the mash rest has finished in an infusion mash tun, some particles of grain remain in suspension under the vessel's false bottom. ... These particles are therefore sent back into the grain bed so that they never enter the wort stream. I'm not sure how much we are keeping from our fermenters, if any, once we're through sparging.
  8. We tried to follow Bill Owens book as published by ADI but, like I said, we did not like the taste. From Bill's book: "You could also use the “set back” which is the wash that is left in your still after a run". You might want to give it a try yourself. We make our own malt and we like the taste best using our "Vienna" two row. It has a bit more character than using pale of Pils.
  9. We did and we stopped. I tasted bad to us.
  10. Follow @Silk City Distillers questions and advice. He'll get you going to the right direction. BTW, we do many stripping runs on our baine marie prior to doing a spirits run on our direct fire.
  11. You are likely correct but only the still manufacturer can tell you for certain. Our stills, one that is direct fire and the other a baine marie require at least a 1/2 charge.
  12. Hillbilly Stills calculator - you can use it in this way to determine your receiving tank size
  13. Hillbilly stills has a distillate to water calculator that will give you a good ballpark number. Keep in mind that the numbers provided are theoretical and assume you have collected 100% of you ethanol. https://www.hillbillystills.com/distilling-calculator-s/265.htm
  14. No, many do, we do. If you search on "chiller" or "glycol" on this forum you should see many questions and answers on this topic. @MG Thermal Consulting is a regular contributor to this forum and that is his business.
  15. No The space would need to be secure. Keep in mind that the TTB is interested in protecting revenue. As long as this space does not have easy entry by others there should not be a problem. We have our distillery inside a malt house. The malt house is within the confines of the DSP. There is also another company within the building but not within the confines of the DSP. The TTB may be your lesser challenge. You need to talk to your AHJ about what their requirements are based on how much storage of flammables you require.
  16. Sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of how to attract traffic. I think I understand rack cards. This would be as generally seen in a motel lobby, right? Where do you hang your posters? What sort of checkpoints are you referring, are these border checkpoint between the US and Canada? How do you get article mentions? Do you send out frequent press release? What sort of travel mags are you referring to and are you paying for ad placement in the mag?
  17. Looks like you might be able to but you should also check with your insurer. 1. What is the minimum age requirement for serving alcoholic beverages? Answer: Although it is unlawful for any person under the age of 21 years to have in her or his possession alcoholic beverages, this does not preclude the employment of any person 18 years of age or older in the sale, preparation, or service of alcoholic beverages in any establishment licensed by the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco or the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Generally, it is unlawful for any vendor licensed under the Beverage Law to employ any person who is under 18 years of age. However, there are certain exemptions that may be found in F.S. 562.13.
  18. Here are the names I would recommend you check for new equipment. Quadrel Ohio, CTM Ohio, LSI New Jersey, New Jersey Machine New Hampshire, Label-aire California There are many others but the ones I have listed have been around for over 20 years each and have always built solid equipment that needs little service. They all sell through a dealer network which are generally marking systems companies and pressure sensitive label converters.
  19. This is a fantastic price from a good company (Label-aire) that you would likely be able to get service from. This looks like it might meet your needs. Plus it's in Kentucky which is reasonably close in you. https://www.bid-on-equipment.com/packaging/used-label-printing-equipment/101142~label-aire-2115st-pressure-sensitive-labeler.htm
  20. Bid-on-equipment.com has hundreds of used app!icators. There should be a front back amongst them. They don't really wearout. I'll send you a list for who makes new this evening
  21. Most applicator manufacturers make what you need. The best starting point is your current label supplier if they are local. Most pressure sensitive label suppliers sell, install and service applicators. If your guy is clueless, let me know and I'll provide a list of names. Send them the video, it explains what you need.
  22. Sorry, I cannot come up with a way to keep the speed you need without doing two labelers. This would also require you having your back and front labels on separate cores. Like this:
  23. Then I have misunderstood. Apparently you want to put all your labels on simultaneously, is that correct? Is this two labels or 4 labels? Again, just tell me what you want to do, there is likely an applicator that will do it.
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