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  1. twrigley37

    Read this if you are new to commercial distilling

    This is such useful advice - I'm in the process of setting up a distillery in the UK so am currently scouting for suitable locations ahead of applying for various licences. I'm still hoping to do this on the side of a part-time job to make sure I still have a steady income for the time being. If you could go back and give yourself some advice when you first started out, what would it be? Are there any pitfalls I should watch out for?
  2. twrigley37

    Hello from London!

    Awesome - when the distillery doors open, you're more than welcome to visit!
  3. Hi there! After being fascinated by the brewing and distilling industries for quite some time, I'm looking to set up a micro-distillery in London within the next 12 months, predominantly focusing on gin distilling. I've always been a fan of the distillery culture in the US, so if anyone has any advice for the first-timer, or are thinking of producing their own gin too, please do say hello! Tom